21 Things You Should Know Before Buying an Electric Guitar

Things You Should Know Before Buying an Electric Guitar

Following our guide on the best electric guitars for beginners, we answered the FAQs by most newbies when it comes to buying their first guitar. Read on.

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What brand of guitar is best for beginners?

Brand doesn’t always guarantee that the guitar is beginner-friendly. However, there are few brands of guitar that might be best for beginners. These include Epiphone, Squier, Yamaha, Fender, and Ibanez, to name a few. Again, the brand is not a barometer, what matters is that you got everything you need.


Should I learn on Acoustic Guitar or Electric Guitar?

A lot of people say that it’s harder to learn on acoustic guitar than on an electric guitar. Physically, electric is easier to play and much lighter compared to acoustic guitar. But, for starters, learning acoustic guitar first is recommendable since you can play it outright without plugging into anything.


Can I learn Electric Guitar Before Acoustic?

Definitely, yes! You can learn electric guitar before acoustic. Some players even claimed that electric guitar is much easier to play than acoustic because of its thinner strings, smaller neck, and great versatility. It’s also enjoyable to play with additional controls onboard and the ability to amplify the sound produced.


What Kind of Guitar Should a Beginner Buy?

Practically, it depends. While electric guitar is easier to play, acoustic is more handy and can be played without the need to plug into an amp. No matter what kind of guitar a beginner buys, it’s his interest and dedication to learn that really made him craft his guitar skills.


Is a Les Paul a Good Beginner Guitar?

Most professional players recommend Les Paul as a good beginner guitar. It’s well-made with neck and body made of mahogany for best sound quality. Since it has a slim profile, beginners, even with smaller grasp can play it without hassle. It looks stunning and has price tag affordable for starters.


Is a Stratocaster Good for a Beginner?

Stratocaster might not be good for a beginner because it seems more complicated than Telecaster. It requires technical skills to setup everything outright and to tune it. However, if you really want a Strat, you should know that it’s definitely more complex than acoustic and requires more effort to learn.

best beginners electric guitar review

Is Stratocaster or Telecaster Better?

It’s really up to the users to decide whether Stratocaster or Telecaster is better. Both have been used by great artists and stood the test of time. Yet, these two are completely different in terms of look and feel. And, each of them produced distinct sound signature of their own.


How much does a beginner electric guitar cost?

Entry-level electric guitars usually cost around $150-$300. However, if you aren’t satisfied with a straightforward guitar, you can go up to $5000. For beginner electric guitar, the cost usually doesn’t matter because you are still learning. What’s important is, the guitar that you’ll buy will keep you playing and learning.


What is the best way to teach yourself Guitar?

The best way to teach yourself guitar is the way where you can practice and play more. There’s no single method to learn guitar since it depends on your pace – you can teach yourself or have a guitar teacher. What matters is you can practice more to learn quicker.


How much should I spend on my first electric guitar?

How much money should you spend on your first electric guitar really depends on your capacity to invest in the music gear that you can use for a lifetime. However, to give you an overview, you can buy a decent entry-level electric guitar for a budget between $200 to $500.


Should a Beginner Buy an Expensive Guitar?

No, a beginner shouldn’t buy an expensive guitar if he is still learning. It’s a bit risky to invest too much unless you know you can earn your money back through concerts and gigs. For starters, you can buy cheaper guitars. You can start small and earn your way up.


How much does an electric guitar and amp cost?

Cheaper electric guitar and amp cost you between $200 to $400. Better quality combos will cost you around $500 up to $2000 for intermediate players. But, if you are really going to a professional level electric guitar with amp, it will go higher than $2000 to even $5000 or more.


How much does a Decent Electric Guitar Cost?

Finding a decent electric guitar is cost-independent and really depends on the user’s perspective. Depending on your budget and your preferences, you can find a good electric guitar that costs only $200. However, if you’re an intermediate or a professional performer, maybe a decent guitar for you costs around $1000.


Are Expensive Guitars Worth It?

Expensive guitars are worth it if you add quality to it. Yes, there are guitars that are only high in price. But, if you are looking for quality guitars – though pricey – longevity is guaranteed. Even though you spend your hard-earned money, the return is a lifetime of playing the guitar.


Can an Electric Guitar Be Played Without an Amplifier?

Yes, an electric guitar can be played without an amplifier by plugging in headphones. Electric guitars are too quiet to play without connecting to an amp. The amp is integral to the sound of the electric guitar. Without an amp, you’ll just get an acoustic sound, not an electric sound.


Is learning to play the guitar hard?

Just like learning other stuff, learning to play the guitar might be hard. There is a steep learning curve for playing guitar, especially for beginners who are just starting out. However, the progress and the pace depend on how dedicated the player is to learn and grow as a guitarist.


Is it ever too late to learn guitar?

If you really want to be a guitarist, there is no ‘too late’ to learn guitar. Whether you are in your 40s or 50s, you can always learn a new instrument. Some guitarists succeed even when they’re starting late in their career. So, you too can be a great guitarist.


Can I learn guitar online?

Absolutely, yes! Many successful self-taught guitarists learn guitar online. You can take online guitar lessons or courses, watch YouTube videos or download guitar apps with tutorials. In fact, with video tutorials, you can easily learn chords, develop strumming patterns and eventually progress to play a complete song on your guitar.


Which online guitar lessons are the best?

There are lots of online guitar lessons that are best in providing everything for a player to learn guitar effectively and efficiently. Among them are Guitar Tricks, JamPlay, Fender Play, ArtistWorks, and TrueFire. They offer free trials and free lessons, so you can check if it’s the best for you.


Are Guitar Lessons Effective?

This really depends on the players’ ‘will to learn’ and determination. There are disadvantages and advantages of guitar lessons. Since it’s self-paced, no one is there to push you harder, yet this provides you flexibility. So, whether guitar lessons are effective or not, depends on the player’s preferences and dedication.


Should I Buy Used or New Guitar?

After you’ve decided what you want, next thing you’ll be asking is whether to get a used or new one. I admit, getting a pre-loved guitar does sound like it has a lot of perks.

You might be able to snag yourself one of those big name brands for a lower price. Also, just the feel of a vintage guitar might be enough to get you playing.

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As a beginner though, it might not be such a good idea. For one, you might not be experienced enough to distinguish the good from the bad.

If you’re buying used online, you can’t guarantee that it’ll get to you in good condition and really, it’s still better to test it out in person before actually buying one.


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