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vinyl records making a comeback

Why are vinyl records making a comeback in 2020?

Vinyl records have been making a huge comeback in the last decade especially in the last five years because people are buying vinyl records again like it’s 1988. As the owner of Unified, a company...

History of Jazz Music – A Detailed Timeline

Most musicians simply follow trends or create songs based on what is currently popular. They may be skilled, but I don’t see any imagination and creativity in that. Only a musical genius can create...
complete list of digital service providers

Complete List of Digital Service Providers

Digital service providers are one of those terms that can be confusing to some people. Knowing what its is should give you a better chance of optimizing your use of digital technologies, especially in...
how musicians can stay healthy covid

How Musicians Can Stay Healthy During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has made our lives screeching to a halt. And while all of us are deeply affected by this global health concern, musicians and other artists bear most of the brunt. Musicians...
irish music fest

Top 10 Best Annual Irish Music Festivals in Minnesota

The Irish culture is still very much celebrated today. Minnesota has been annually having music festivals and other activities to give honor to the ones with Irish roots or by simply loving Irish music....
most notable autoharp players

10 Most Notable Autoharp Players

Who are the most notable autoharp players in the world? But before diving into this topic, let’s have a bit of fresher about the autoharp. Is it an actual harp? No, it isn’t.  This...
musician holding an online workshop

10 Creative Ways Musicians Can Earn Money from Home During COVID-19

If there is one sector affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, it must be the music industry. Many artists are displaced, lost their gigs, and unable to play for an income.  And due to social...
what you need to know about guitar action

7 Things You Should know About Guitar Action

It is important to understand guitar action because it affects how you play great music and the comfort you’ll get while playing. Guitar action also influences guitar intonation, but what is it, exactly?  Let...
What Do I Need to Start Playing Guitar

What Do I Need to Start Playing Guitar?

You need to have a guitar, of course, and the necessary accessories that you might need. Then, start with the basics. You can hire a guitar tutor or simply browse for guitar lessons online....
How Long Does it Take to Learn Acoustic Guitar

How Long Does it Take to Learn Acoustic Guitar?

It depends. There are those talented musicians who need decades, while others need only a few years. With diligence and practice, playing for 1-2 years allows you to master most guitar technicalities. However, with...