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Our Mission

TheGuitarJunky.com aims to provide unbiased reviews that will help you choose from among the wide range of music gears available online. We offer you sound advice and recommendations on picking the right guitar, guitar accessories, amplifiers, and other music gears based on in-depth research and thorough comparison.

What We Aspire

We envision becoming a community of expert musicians that will help other musicians pick the right instrument that will give them a pleasant playing experience, whether they're beginners or seasoned musicians. Our vision is to be your trusted team for music gear advice, recommendations, and insights.

The Team

The original Guitar Junky, Charles’ passion for playing the guitar and musical instruments started when he was 10. He knows how to play the guitar, the piano, drums, and a little bit of violin. He likes classical music, alternative rock, avant-garde, and jazz music. He's a songwriter and the lead guitarist of the Baseline Band.

Charles built The Guitar Junky to share his knowledge with the world and fellow musicians who want to improve their guitar playing skills and find the right music gears for them.

Charles Vallena

Founder, Managing Editor

Sarah manages and plans for the website's content. She's responsible for content proofreading and editing. She's a confessed workaholic and a frustrated guitarist. She loves alternative rock, dance, new wave, and classical music and dreams of becoming a travel guide/documentarist one day.

Sarah Reyes

Content Manager

Shane is the editor who ensures that the website is always up and running. She's the go-to gal for the technical aspects of the website, including its editing and design. Shane is into KPOP and gospel music and loves binge-watching on Netflix and reading about the latest technology news.

Shane Maranan

Staff, Rockstar WordPress Editor

Expert Contributors

Isaiah is a seasoned song writer, producer, and frontman of Wind and Colors, a Georgia-based band. He specializes in marketing for musicians, in-depth tutorials on recording, music production, and other techniques, as well as reviews of recording-related instruments and gear.

Isaiah Ram

Artist, Music Producer

Owner and author at guitarsforidiots.com and contributor at Ultimate-Guitar.com, Matt is a journalist from southern Rhode Island. He's been playing guitars since 14. In 2019, he began his music journalism and guitar career when he started writing for the Ultimate Guitar, where he still writes articles and reviews. Matt focuses on gear reviews, DIY guitar mods, and editorials.

Matt Dunn

Author, GuitarsforIdiots.com

“Stop wishing, start playing." He firmly believes that every aspiring jazz musician can play and develop their guitar playing skills with a dedication to it. Marc turned his passion for jazz guitar playing into helping aspiring jazz musicians reach their goals and improve their playing skills. He shares blogs and videos with sheet music to pass on to anyone who wants to learn playing the jazz guitar.

Marc-Andre Seguin

Author, JazzGuitarLessons.Net

What we Do

TheGuitarJunky.com offers well-researched and unbiased reviews, guides, and advice on music instruments, accessories, and gears for musicians looking to buy a guitar, piano, amplifier, or any music gears. We also write and publish tutorials, blogs, and the latest updates in the industry.

Our Review Process

We understand how confusing it is to select a music gear from a wide range of choices, brands, and models available. We also recognize how challenging that is to weigh the different options and figure the most important factors to consider in the selection process.

TheGuitarJunky.com is here to help you out! Our product reviewers use a systematic process in coming up with every review. First, our team scours different sources like forums and authority websites to learn as much as we could about the music gears we’re reviewing.

Then, we look up for top products and customer reviews for their feedback and experience. After hours researching and reading about different products and customer reviews and consulting industry experts, we come up with a ranking based on the most important criteria in choosing a music gear. And from there, we write the reviews – unbiased and based on in-depth research and study.

Review Disclosure: All product reviews are unbiased. Our team is composed of independent reviewers who are not compensated for any featured product on this website. We ensure no conflict of interest.

Earnings Disclosure: We may earn a commission from purchases made through some links on our site.

Your Feedback is Important to us

The Guitar Junky is mostly supported by readers like you, and your feedback is super important to us. Are there some inconsistencies with our reviews and recommendations?

Do you want to suggest some products added on our guides? How about gear recommendations? Let us know by dropping us an email at charles@theguitarjunky.com. Or you can contact us here.