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greatest rock bands ever

Top 10 Greatest Rock Bands Ever

Rock and roll is a cultural force that has influenced our fashion sense, our behavior, and different cultural norms. From the hundreds of rock bands that have mushroomed since the birth of the genre in...
Most Popular Raspy Voice Singers

10 Most Popular Raspy Voice Singers

A raspy voice is a breath of something unique with the right style of music. The sound of a raspy voice gives off a cool and at the same time, a sexy tone in...
most famous female guitarists

15 Most Famous Female Guitarists of All Time

Most people will never believe that guitar playing is not just for cock-rock grandstanding and phallic fretwork. Female guitarists can produce equally electrifying and soul-reaching music that bombard the senses and stir emotions. Check...
beatles magical mystery tour

10 Greatest Beatles Songs, Ranked

It is almost impossible to imagine contemporary music without the Beatles, period. They were part of the British Invasion that included other UK influential greats such as The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, and The Animals,...
Guns n' roses slash best songs of all time

Top 10 Guns n’ Roses Songs of All Time

Very few rock acts can come close to the raw honesty and fidelity of the songs of Guns N’ Roses. Axl Rose has always been very straightforward about the issues that matter to him...
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