10 Best Guitar Tab Websites (Free) in 2024

10 Best Guitar Tab Websites

Some people have the natural gift to play the guitar, needing only to listen to songs to play the melody and rhythm.

However, most beginner guitarists do not know how to position their fingers on the fretboard, let alone play or pick the correct strings.

If you are like these people, it would be best to learn to play your favorite songs using guitar tablature. 

Thankfully, learning to play the guitar with tabs is no longer as challenging as during my time.

You can learn the guitar tabs of your favorite songs from online resources.

Unfortunately, not everything you see on the Internet is as accurate as what you can get from an official music sheet.

That is why you need this list of the ten best guitar tab websites you can learn from for free.

You can trust my 15+ years of tab-reading experience when I say these online resources are the best.

Ultimate Guitar tops the websites I reviewed because it has the most extensive guitar tab collection from guitarists, musicians, and other guitar professionals.

I also included other resources for you to check out.

Let us look at them, shall we?

10 Best Guitar Tab Websites (Free)

  • Ultimate Guitar – Best Overall Guitar Tab Website
  • Songsterr Best Guitar Tab Website with Built-in MIDI Player
  • Guitar Pro Tabs – Best Guitar Tab Website for the Guitar Pro Multitrack Editor
  • YouTube – Best Video Guitar Tab Website
  • GuitarTabs CC – Best Text-Based Guitar Tab Website 
  • Class Clef Best Guitar Tab Website for Classical Guitars
  • Country Tabs – Best Guitar Tab Website for Country Music
  • Guitar CH – Best Guitar Tab Website for Beginners
  • 911 Tabs – Best Guitar Tab Search Engine Website
  • Guitar Hub – Best New Guitar Tab Website for Acoustic Guitars

Ultimate Guitar 

Undoubtedly, Ultimate Guitar is the best guitar tab website on the planet.

While the website has free offerings, its paid version – the Ultimate Guitar Tabs Pro – has the best features any guitarist will love.

Although the paid version has all the bells and whistles you could ask for from a popular guitar tab website, its free version does not disappoint.

Getting your free guitar tabs from this website is never an issue because it has more than 1.1 million free guitar tablatures for you to download.

It is essential to point out that Ultimate Guitar is not only for tablatures and chords.

It is also an exceptional community for musicians, aspiring artists, beginner guitarists, and everyone in between.

There are News, Articles, Lessons, Shots, Forums, and many more. 

People from all over the world can also publish their guitar tabs on the website, sharing their work with everyone else.

Unlike other guitar tab websites, Ultimate Guitar also has a smartphone app on iOS and Android.

You can always turn your break times into guitar learning sessions wherever you are – on the train, at the airport, at the park, or the beach.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to having an extensive guitar tab collection for any given song – determining the most accurate can be challenging.

Typing the song title on the search bar gives you hundreds of results, making choosing the right song to learn a little intimidating.

As such, it would be best to consider the transcription type you need – Tabs, Power, Chords, Guitar, and others.

Only paying subscribers to have access to official, licensed guitar tabs.

Hence, your choices are Chords, Tabs, and Guitar Pro.

If you have the Guitar Pro software, you can check the website’s Guitar Pro tab and download the file to your computer.

The Tab section provides users with guitar tabs, mostly in text form.

However, newer transcriptions now come with interactive guitar tabs.

The Chords section is a simplified lyric and guitar chords sheet, making it the go-to file for guitarists who prefer playing their favorite songs with the chords.

Sadly, many people find pop-up ads annoying.

Regardless, this website is worth visiting if you are into guitar tabs, chords, news, communities, and more.


  • More than 1.1 million guitar tabs, including 7,000 official (licensed) tabs
  • Multiple guitar song file formats
  • A comprehensive guitar community
  • With rhythm and standard notation
  • iOS and Android app


  • Challenging to determine the most accurate guitar tab from the extensive collection
  • Too many ads



Many guitarists love Songsterr because of its built-in MIDI player, allowing people to listen to how the tabs play out before deciding to learn the song.

It is an ingenious feature, knowing how guitar tabs do not include the song’s time signature, making it impossible to figure out the rhythm.

Listening to the song before downloading gives you an idea of its rhythm.

The MIDI player also has volume, play, pause, loop, and slow-down controls  – features that many people find pleasing in learning how to play their guitar songs.

The website is also more ‘immaculate’ and pristine than others, without annoying pop-ups that get on the nerve.

Users get the whole screen for playing and following the tabs of more than 90,000 songs.

It is a music playback unlike any other.

Like Ultimate Guitar, users can also submit their guitar tabs for the rest of the community to learn, play, and share.

Although its tab collection is not as extensive as Ultimate Guitar, half a million is no easy feat.

One can get the classics, contemporary hits, and other popular songs ready for one’s enjoyment. 

The iOS and Android apps are as robust as the desktop version, giving anyone the chance to learn their songs wherever they are.

The website also has a paid version – Songsterr Plus – with more playback controls.

However, most people find the free version more than adequate.

The only issue is not every tab is as accurate as one can imagine (after all, some tablatures come from ordinary guitarists).

It also does not help that Songsterr does not have a rating system to guide newbies in determining which files have the most accurate transcription.

Regardless, Songsterr remains a favorite of seasoned and aspiring guitarists because of its clean interface and admirable song tab collection.


  • Built-in MIDI player
  • Loop, slow-down, and other audio play features
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • Free and paid, desktop and mobile versions
  • More than 500,000 tablatures


  • Some tablatures are inaccurate
  • No tab accuracy ratings


Guitar Pro Tabs 

Another guitar tab website worth considering is Guitar Pro Tabs.

This online resource’s most crucial advantage over other similar websites is its high-fidelity, high-quality, and highly accurate guitar tablatures.

As one might guess, the website only features songs for the Guitar Pro multitrack music editor, giving beginner guitarists exceptional control over how they want to learn to play their favorite songs on the guitar.

The tablature accuracy makes guitar learning more consistent.

Every song you learn to play on the guitar is as accurate and consistent as the next one.

The user interface is also similar to Songsterr – zero-clutter without the annoying ads that can take away the rhythm and joy of learning. 

Beginner guitarists will also appreciate the website’s Lessons, particularly Jamplay and Guitar Tricks.

Unfortunately, the website does not have a built-in media player, prompting users to download the files and open them in the Guitar Pro software or a similar program.

It is a minor inconvenience for people with compatible software but a nightmare for those who don’t.

The only way one can learn the guitar tabs is by downloading and installing an app that accommodates Guitar Pro files.

The good news is that Guitar Pro has a 30-day free trial version.

Guitarists who do not want Guitar Pro can also pick TuxGuitar or other free Guitar Pro alternatives.

I recommend getting the Guitar Pro if you can envision yourself as a legendary guitarist.

You will get access to thousands of official tablatures to get your guitar-playing career on the right track.


  • Best for the Guitar Pro multitrack editor
  • Highly accurate, high-quality tablatures
  • With lessons
  • Simple interface


  • Download-only files



Some people might disagree that YouTube is an excellent site for free guitar tabs.

I am proud to say I learned some of the newest songs on this website.

Not only is this website a treasure trove of noteworthy guitar tabs, but it also offers invaluable guitar lessons.

The most exciting part about YouTube is that you get to synchronize your playing with the video.

You can grab your guitar and follow the YouTuber as he demonstrates how to play a song.

Many YouTube videos have a split-screen – one displaying the guitar tabs and another one showing a guitarist playing each note.

Most YouTubers also provide introductory videos on how to read guitar tabs.

The best part is learning about guitar playing techniques, including vibratos, slides, bends, and timing.

One cannot see these techniques in ordinary tablatures, contributing to a guitarist’s knowledge and skill growth. 

Moreover, these techniques allow newbie guitarists to build confidence in their playing.

You also do not have to limit yourself to using a desktop to learn how to play the guitar.

YouTube is playable on smartphones, enabling you to keep on learning the tablatures wherever you are.

Sadly, today’s YouTube has many five-second pop-up ads that can disrupt viewing and guitar-playing enjoyment.

Some guitar tabs are also inaccurate, prompting viewers to look for alternatives.

One can always look at the viewer ratings for each video before attempting to open the link.

Many guitarists with tablatures have their YouTube channels worth subscribing to so that you will not miss out on any new video.

Still, this website is a popular choice for beginner guitarists, particularly those who prefer learning by watching how seasoned guitarists play their favorite songs.


  • Good visuals for learning how to position and move the fingers
  • Video and audio synchronization
  • Limitless collection
  • Mobile app


  • Some songs with inaccurate tabs
  • Pop-up ads


GuitarTabs CC 

GuitarTabs is one of the oldest guitar tab websites in the business.

Unsurprisingly, many old-school musicians still use this platform for their tablature needs.

It might have an outdated text-based tablature presentation, but its collection is extensive.

Many guitarists love this website’s unpretentious layout, opting for a simple two-column landing page without any tabs on the side.

The two columns represent the website’s current Top 25 tablatures and Recent Updates.

Clicking on any song title opens to another page displaying the song’s guitar tablature in text format, complete with guitar chords.

Beginners will appreciate the guitar chord diagrams embedded into each song, allowing them to click a link to display the correct positioning of the fingers on the fretboard.

The search bar has two entries – Artist and Song – allowing users to look for their favorite titles in a flash.

Although the tablature presentations look primitive, they are fairly accurate.

I learned many songs using the tablatures from this website, and I am sure the new generation of guitarists can also find what they are looking for.

The free version is as basic as it can get.

However, if one needs more robust tablature management, the GuitarTabs Pro is worth considering.

The Pro has many tools that rival other popular guitar tab websites, including Ultimate Guitar integration, Tempo control, Metronome, and Show Fretboard features.

Regardless, the free version is sufficient for many guitarists because it already comes with a pop-up YouTube video on playing the chosen song.


  • Clutter-free, uncomplicated user interface
  • Extensive song collection
  • With chords and chord diagrams
  • More accurate tablatures than other websites


  • No standard or rhythm notation
  • Limited features on the free version


Class Clef 

If you are a fan of Andres Segovia, Julian Bream, John Williams, Francisco Tarrega, Pepe Romero, and other classical guitarists, Class Clef is the perfect website for getting classical guitar tabs.

Although the website does not have a collection as impressive as the Top 5 in this list, its emphasis on classical guitars makes it the undisputed leader in the genre.

The website has a straightforward user interface of more than 5,000 songs for the classical guitar.

It arranges the songs by artist alphabetically, complete with at least three links to the song’s file formats.

For example, one can click on MIDI to play on an audio device or PDF for a document reader.

Many songs also have the GPX file extension, making them compatible with the Guitar Pro multitrack editor.

The INFO tab for each song is also noteworthy, educating users on the musical piece’s history, composition, and other pertinent facts.

One can consider it a miniature Wikipedia within the guitar tab website.

While the collection is not as extensive as other websites, its tablatures are highly accurate and high-quality.

Learning the way of the classical guitar is a breeze with the tabs from this website.


  • Multiple file options for each song
  • Highly educational interface
  • Clean user interface
  • Accurate and high-quality tabs


  • Tablature collection is not as extensive as other websites


Country Tabs 

Anyone aspiring to follow in the footsteps of Chet Atkins, Albert Lee, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Reed should consider learning the guitar tabs from Country Tabs.

Like Class Clef, Country Tabs is a genre-specific guitar tab website for country music.

The good news is that Country Tabs does not only feature country music as we know it, but also other country-style songs, such as Christian, Aussie, and Country-Rock.

The uncluttered user interface has three sections: New Submissions, Billboard Top 25, and Texas Music Top 25.

One can click on the songs to look at the lyric sheet with guitar chords.

The songs do not have tablatures, but you can request them by opening a free account.

Doing so gives you access to thousands of country songs.

Subscribers also get free video lessons, something newbie guitarists will appreciate.

Users can also submit their musical interpretations, either in chords or tabs, or both.

It is one way the website grows its collection.

The tablatures are as accurate as one can hope for from a free guitar tab website, making this online resource a favorite of guitarists across genres. 


  • Extensive collection of country music guitar tabs
  • Accurate guitar chords and tablatures
  • Clean user interface
  • Free video lessons


  • Tablatures only on request


Guitar CH 

Guitar tablatures are only a part of Guitar CH’s charm.

Its real magic is the wealth of knowledge – tricks, exercises, techniques, and other resources – a beginner guitarist needs.

For example, it has a Guitar Encyclopedia for brushing up on terminologies.

It also has a guitar-playing reference guide for harnessing different techniques, including tuning, guitar licks, riffs, and more.

The website groups tablatures under All About Guitar Playing together with Music Paper, Sheet Music, and Jamtrack.

Clicking on the Guitar Tab link, one lands on an uncluttered website with a two-column format.

The first column lists the artists with their respective songs on the second column.

All songs are downloadable in PDF format, while the music note icon next to each song title links to the actual audio file.

Unfortunately, it only opens on iTunes, which is not a problem if you already have an account.

Not only that, the song collection is not as extensive as other guitar tab websites.

The website also supports multiple languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Swiss.

It might not be as robust as Ultimate Guitar, but Guitar CH can be an excellent alternative, especially for absolute beginner guitarists.


  • An excellent resource for beginner guitarists
  • Downloadable PDF guitar tab files
  • Accurate and high-quality tabs
  • Multi-language options


  • Limited song collection


911 Tabs 

You can always search Google for the best guitar tab for your favorite song.

Or, you can log into 911 Tabs and use it like Google to search highly-accurate guitar tabs.

This website is not a guitar tab online resource but an aggregator or search engine specifically for guitar tabs.

Unlike other websites with so-called uncluttered layouts, 911 Tabs’ interface has the most straightforward look.

One gets the 911 Tabs logo in the center of the page and a large search bar underneath.

People only need to type the song title or the artist they want to search, hit Enter, and the website automatically returns with the best results.

The search results have star ratings, making it easy for users to look for the best match to their query.

Alternatively, one can refine the search to include only guitar tabs, Guitar Pro files, video files, or other search parameters.

Although some people find the whole process tedious, most consider it intuitive.

It might not be a dedicated guitar tab website, but 911 Tabs serves its purpose splendidly.


  • Guitar tab-specific search engine
  • Straightforward user interface
  • With tab ratings
  • Multiple file options


  • Some people might find it time-consuming


Guitar Hub 

With its clean user interface, Guitar Hub is one of the fastest-rising websites for getting high-quality and accurate guitar tabs.

Although it focuses principally on acoustic guitar, there are a few surprises along the way. 

One can use the search bar looking by songs, artists, or genre, and the website does the rest.

A better approach is to use the Browse menu to get a glimpse of what the website offers.

Opening a song link is a joy because it includes an easy-to-read guitar tablature, a YouTube video for playing the song, and a lyric sheet for singing along.

The tablature also shows information on guitar tuning, skill difficulty, and capo requirements.

The website strives to update its collection regularly, excellent news for people who want a better alternative to mainstream guitar tab websites.

Until that time comes, users must content themselves with the website’s limited song collection.

Overall, this website remains an excellent choice for getting acoustic guitar tabs, especially for people who want to support Indie artists.


  • Clean, easy-to-use interface
  • Regular updating of curated content
  • High-quality tablatures
  • With video lessons and lyric sheets


  • Limited collection 



These ten best guitar websites can provide you with accurate tablatures to make your guitar-playing lessons more worthwhile.

Of course, you can always go to paid sites to get the licensed guitar tab versions of your favorite songs.

However, most paid websites have a limited song collection, while some might have dubious ‘licensed’ tabs.

The same is true with music sheets; there is no guarantee the guitar tabs book you buy has as accurate a guitar tab as the original.

Hence, if you are unsure about the veracity of paid guitar tab sources, would it not make more sense to take your time and search on free guitar tab websites instead?

You can share your thoughts if you like. 


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