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Playing the G guitar chord the right way is a crucial skill that all beginner guitarists need to master. But do you know how to play it properly?

In this lesson, we go down the memory lane and learn the history of recording history. View more here.

The initial purpose of the MIDI protocol was to provide a means for connecting different synthesizers. Today, the protocol aims to replace conventional media for delivering high-fidelity sounds. MIDI can also supplement digitized sounds in multimedia applications and games.

So, when did jazz start anyway? I’m glad you ask. We’ll stroll down memory lane to learn more about the colorful, and sometimes sad story of jazz.

Learning how to play a musical instrument or even sing a song requires a basic understanding of the different terms that are fundamental to music. The following are the most important terms you need to know.

Music admittedly plays an integral part in our lives. In every melody are feelings of the musician. In every line are the stories that unfold. In jazz music, the tune reflects racial and social segregation suffered by Black culture.

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