7 Best Guitar Wall Hangers in 2024 (Reviews)

Best Guitar Wall Hangers

If you are looking to display your guitar, there are two widely available options: hanging it suspended on your wall or opting to have it displayed on the floor with the use of a guitar stand. 

There are many benefits and drawbacks to each, and we will be talking about more in this article. 

But if you are looking at guitar wall hangers and probably looking for the best that money could buy out of the many available options, you are in the right place. 

Here we will discuss our recommendations for guitar wall hangers, listing every feature and telling you what makes each special and what its drawbacks are. 

Ready? Let’s get to it!

The Best Guitar Wall Hangers

String Swing CC01K OAK Hardwood Guitar Hanger

We Recommend
String Swing CC01K OAK Hardwood Guitar Hanger

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If you are looking for a guitar hanger that is well-loved and popular among guitar players, one that is not only the best out there but also one of the most affordable, then the String Swing CC01KOAK Hardwood Home and Studio Guitar Hanger is for you. 

This String Swing Guitar Hanger will be excellent, especially for guitar players and enthusiasts looking to buy multiple hangers for their entire guitar collection.

The good thing about the String Swing Guitar Hanger is it is pretty much straightforward and unassuming; it will display your guitar efficiently but won’t stand out when you’ve taken the guitar out. 

The String Swing Guitar Hanger comes in a natural or a black walnut finish that would easily blend in with any interior design, and it has dimensions of 4 inches in height, a width of 3.75 inches, a depth of 5.5 inches. 

This guitar hanger can carry your guitar that is up to 15 pounds. 

The String Swing Guitar Hanger has a pivoting yoke, and because of this, it will cradle your guitar’s headstock easily, no matter how uneven it is. 

With its versatile yoke, the Swing String will not only display an electric guitar, a bass guitar, or an acoustic guitar, but it can even hang your mandolin! 

All in all, the String String Hardwood Guitar Hanger is a pretty solid guitar hanger that packs a bang for your buck. 


  • Very affordable price tag
  • Versatile guitar hanger for all types of guitar
  • Rotating yoke can hug any headstock shapes
  • The guitar hanger is made of high-quality materials
  • Simple and effective designs


  • The wood finish might be different from the pictures


Gator Frameworks Wall Mounted Guitar Hanger

Also Great
Gator Frameworks Acoustic/Electric Guitar Wall Hanger

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The Gator Frameworks Wall Mounted Guitar Hanger is the one for you for all guitar players and guitar enthusiasts alike looking for a minimalist yet sleek-looking guitar hanger for their more understated interior design. 

This Gator Frameworks Guitar Hanger lets you pick from its wide array of colors: mahogany, maple, black, satin chrome, and our favorite cherry, so matter how modern or how traditional your room design is, there is a guitar hanger for you. 

This guitar hanger has dimensions of 3.75 inches for the height, a width of 2.5 inches, a depth of 6 inches, and it can hold your string instrument anything 15 pounds and lighter. 

The Gator Frameworks Guitar Hanger features a yoke that swivels to accommodate any shape of guitar headstock you have, whether straight or angled, from acoustic, electric, to your bass guitar and other string instruments that would fit. 

Another great thing about this guitar hanger is that the mount’s depth is thicker, thus providing more space between your guitar and the wall; thus protecting your guitar from accidental drywall knocking and scratching. 

This metal guitar hanger is one of the best in the market and surely won’t disappoint you!


  • Versatile guitar hanger for any guitar
  • Sleek-looking, stylish yet straightforward guitar hanger
  • Foam wall padding for more space 
  • Guitar hanger build hides mounting hardware
  • Includes mounting screws and hardware


  • Some scratchings are reported 


Top Stage Wall Hanger with Hardwood Base Wall Mount

Top Stage Hardwood Home & Studio Guitar Hanger

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If you are looking for extra protection on your guitar hanger, the Top Stage Wall Hanger with Hardwood Base Wall Mount will give that to you with the addition of two pieces of discs on the hanger as additional protection for your guitar. 

The Top Stage Wall Hanger also has a padded tubing structure that will give extra protection to your guitar’s headstocks. 

It’s inexpensive yet an efficient and good-quality guitar wall hanger. 

It also has a rotating yoke that will adjust to carry your stringed instrument from your electric or acoustic guitar to your banjo and even your ukulele. 

This Top Stage Wall Hanger has a dimension of 5.5 inches in length, a width of 3.75 inches, and 3.75 inches in depth when installed. 

You can never go wrong with this guitar hanger.


  • Very affordable guitar hanger
  • has a padded hook for extra protection
  • has two rubber disks on the ends to keep the guitar from slipping
  • versatile guitar hanger for different instruments
  • sturdy once installed


  • The hardware that comes with the guitar hanger is flimsy


Hercules GSP38WB Mountable Guitar Wall Hanger with Auto Grip System

Hercules GSP38WB Mountable Guitar Wall Hanger with Auto Grip System

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If you are looking for a guitar hanger that is leaps and bounds above a simple wooden guitar wall hanger, then the Hercules Mountable Guitar Wall Hanger with Auto Grip System is the one you are looking for. 

You will see that the Hercules Guitar Wall Hanger has a more mechanical look than all the available guitar hangers listed in this catalog of guitar hangers. 

The differences do not end there since the Hercules Guitar Wall Hanger has adjustable claws that will allow you to fasten and secure your guitar, whether an acoustic or electric guitar, to prevent your instrument from dropping from its place on the wall. 

This feature can even be called by other buyers’ too secure’, so it will be great to be hung on places where there are a lot of activities. 

As an added protection, the claws will prevent your guitar from falling from the wall hanger in case of accidental bumping. 

This wall hanger has a Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment that will accommodate any of your stringed instruments, from your classical violin to your electric guitar to your acoustic ukulele. 

The Hercules Mountable Guitar Hanger with Auto Grip System is truly a bang for your buck!


  • Auto Grip System for extra protection
  • It fits any narrow neck instrument making it versatile
  • The guitar hanger yoke automatically adjusts to accommodate the instrument
  • foamed as not to damage instruments’ finish
  • higher weight accommodation than other guitar wall hangers


  • The guitar wall hanger might look bulky for some


SnigJat Guitar Wall Hanger

SnigJat Guitar Wall Hanger

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If you are looking for a guitar wall hanger that could display your instrument a little bit heavier than 15 pounds, then the SnigJat Guitar Wall Hanger is what you have been looking for since this guitar wall hanger can display and hang instruments up to 20 pounds. 

The SnigJat Guitar Wall Hanger is made of solid wood with sturdy metal steel hooks that are padded with a soft rubber sleeve to protect your favorite guitar’s headstock. 

It also has V-shaped padded hooks that are unique to this brand of guitar hanger; what it does is securely hold your instrument, and at the same time, it leaves a more expansive space between the instrument and the wall to protect your guitar from bumping on the wall to protect it from wearing. 

The SnigJat Guitar Wall Hanger also has a rotating yoke to accommodate any headstock shape and size, even your non-asymmetrical guitar headstock. 

The best thing about this particular guitar wall hanger is the hardware that comes with it; the tools to fasten your guitar wall hanger into a wall securely are sturdier than other brands meaning that there’s no need for a quick hardware shop trip because the hardware this guitar wall hanger comes with is adequate for wear and easy installation. 


  • Versatile wall hanger not just for your musical instruments
  • Very affordable guitar wall hanger
  • Unique design for added protection
  • Padded hooks to protect guitar headstock 
  • Adequate hardware included


  • Reports of collapsing hooks from reviewers


Ultimate Support GS-10

Ultimate Support GS-10 PRO Guitar Hanger

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If you are looking for a more industrially designed guitar wall hanger to help display your guitar in your room, your home recording studio, or even your music store, the Ultimate Support GS-10 Pro guitar wall hanger is for you. 

To accommodate a wide range of neck measurements, the Ultimate Support GS-10 has an adjustable depth to carry every guitar neck, plus your basses and your banjos. 

This guitar wall hanger is not just perfect for music with the inclusion of a 4 inches adapter for slat walls, but it also has a 180 degrees rotatable neck so you can display the guitars you sell however you want it. 

As an added protection from falling, the Ultimate Support GS-10 Pro has a patent-pending self-closing security clasp and an innovative headstock well; not only does this secure your guitar in place, but it also keeps it from wearing by banging on the wall accidentally. 

This guitar wall hanger’s overall dimensions are five by five inches, while it has an adjustable depth of 7.75 inches or 19.69 inches to 10.5 inches or 26.67 centimeters. 


  • Not only for home use but can also be used in businesses
  • The guitar wall hanger has added a security feature in the self-closing clasp
  • Very accommodating depth as it is adjustable
  • Versatile guitar wall hanger
  • Very sturdy and high-quality


  • Lower quality anchors for drywall included


Ohohu Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

Ohohu Guitar Wall Mount Hanger

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The Ohuhu Guitar Hanger is our pick for the best value guitar wall hanger because, for the price, you get a guitar wall hanger to use for your guitar collections; the price is relatively low, so you get to get a deal no matter what angle you look at it. 

This guitar wall hanger has a cradle design similar to the String Swing, and it will hug any of your instrument’s headstock, might it be a guitar, a ukulele, or your bass or banjo. 

You will be sure that the instrument would stay in place, especially since the hooks have a padded rubber sleeve that would not let anything slip. 

Two adjustable wheels will let you fine-tune and alter the width of your guitar wall hanger to accommodate the wideness of your instrument as an added protective measure for your guitar. 

The Ohuhu Guitar Wall Mount Hanger is also easy to install, there is hardware to install it to drywall that is included, but we recommend changing this for a sturdier screw to add protection to your ax. 


  • Two for one deal 
  • Very affordable guitar wall hanger
  • Great build quality and very sturdy 
  • Adjustable wheels feature
  • Padded sleeves would not scratch your guitar


  • Hardware included feels flimsy 


Guitar Stands vs. Guitar Hangers- Which is Better? 


Every guitar owner and guitar collector loves to see their ax hanging from the wall. 

Although it is not always practical to keep mounting your guitar to a wall, hanging them will add to the vibe in the room, especially if you’re planning to fix them in your bedroom or your music room. 

Keeping your guitar standing on one side of the room would also look great, so all in all, you cannot go wrong with both, but the wall mounting option wins slightly because of its ability to take less space, and it looks excellent seeing your guitar up the wall. 


A massive advantage to the wall-mounted guitar is that it will keep your prized ax away from everything happening on the ground, like your kids, your pets, and the occasional accidental bumping. 

Using a guitar wall hanger has less risk of damage than having it stored on the floor. 

Guitar stands like the simple tubular stands have a significant risk of tipping over as they can sometimes not carry the weight of a much heavier guitar. 

However, there is also the A-frame that could do a much better job supporting an acoustic guitar. 

Stand Rash

You store a guitar on a guitar stand by having it lean against it, and the stand material in due time can cause damage to the finish of your beloved guitar. 

Damages like this can happen on guitar stands with no soft covering, so if you are adamant about using a guitar stand, make sure that the steel frame has a soft shell-like rubber or a foam sleeve. 

Although sometimes, even paddings can damage your guitar, especially for vintage ones, as the padding material can break down and discolor your guitar in the long run. 


A guitar hung on guitar wall hangers can be pretty accessible if you mount the wall hanger not too far from the floor, there will be a need for a booster just as long as you can conveniently take it back and off with ease. 

This accessibility is also the same for guitar stands; the guitar will be pretty easy to put back and take out of its home just as long as it is placed somewhere easy to access. 


The guitar wall hanger will take effort to install, but you can guarantee that once you mount it correctly and tightly, you won’t be having any problems soon. 

The guitar stand also has this advantage because all you need is to take it out of the box, and it will be ready to use. 

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Reasons why you need a wall hanger for your guitar

The installation of guitar wall hangers is pretty much it’s only hang-up, and the effort in the installation will be worth it because of how finished and how professional a guitar wall hanger will look, especially for music rooms. 

There is also the benefit of keeping your guitar, whether acoustic or electric, from the ground and thus limiting the accidents and activities that could be done by having it be hung on your walls. 

Guitar wall hangers also have the benefit of being fixed in one place, thus decreasing the likelihood of any chance the guitar might fall due to rickety guitar stands. 

Guitar wall hangers are also a long-term option when you’re planning to display your guitar for longer as they are fixed to the wall and would look great, especially if you are a guitar collector. 

If you own a music store and decide whether to go for guitar stands or guitar wall hangers for your display, the safest bet to utilize every available space in your store is going for guitar hangers. 

Not only will the guitar wall hanger save you essential floor space and walkways, but it will also lessen the clutter by displaying your products on the wall; it will also be safer for the guitar since being hung on a wall has fewer risks than having it standing on the floor. 

Do guitar stands damage guitars? 

There are benefits and drawbacks to using a guitar stand to store your precious ax. 

It’s essential to know them, so here are some potential damages that could happen if you choose to go for guitar stands. 

If you are looking to store your guitar for more extended periods, it is better to opt for a guitar hanger or even your guitar’s case itself since prolonged pressure on the surface of the guitar leaning on the stand can damage its finish. 

This damage is especially true for guitar stands that do not have padded surfaces. 

The reason is that the nitrocellulose finish gets in contact with the unpadded guitar stand; most of the guitars, especially Gibson ones, have this finish. 

Having your guitar rest on a guitar stand also has a higher risk and damages compared to having it suspended on your walls. 

Damage related to human activities: your child’s absentminded play, a guest’s good-natured clumsiness, or even your dog’s tail wagging can affect a guitar when it is kept in a guitar stand. 

There is also the risk of having your guitar stand topple over, which many of them sometimes do, especially if you are looking to use one for your heavier bass or electric guitar; the toppling can result in scratches or worse, even a broken headstock or neck. 

Keeping your guitar on the floor can also expose it to elements such as dust, water, and humidity. 

Humidity can be the cause of many other new problems, such as molds or your guitar’s discoloration. 

Are Wall Hangers bad for guitars? 

There are many assumptions to having your guitar displayed on a wall hanger, and one of them is the assumption that the guitar wall hanger can damage your guitar’s headstock. 

So, can a guitar wall hanger damage the headstock? 

The answer is no. 

Putting your instrument in a wall hanger is one of the most effective and safest ways to display your guitar. 

The reason is that the downward position isn’t as trying as pulling the strings in the opposite direction of the guitar. 

Just be sure that the headstock of your guitar will fit perfectly in your guitar hanger, and with all the great guitar hangers we recommended, we’ll be sure that you’ll find a suitable one. 


We Recommend
String Swing CC01K OAK Hardwood Guitar Hanger

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Guitar collectors, enthusiasts, and even luthiers have vouched for the effectiveness of using a guitar wall hanger as the safer and more reliable option in displaying your guitar. 

This would not only work for your home but also for business too. 

In the end, it’s all going to be about what you need. 

If you are looking for a convenient way to display your guitar, both win. 

If you are looking for ease in installation, the stand wins. 

But if you are looking for the best overall that keeps your guitar safe and displays your prized possession beautifully, then the guitar wall hanger wins by a long shot. 



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