Guitar Tricks Review 2023 – Is It Worth It?

guitar tricks review

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For many people, learning how to play the guitar is a fulfilling hobby, and it could even be a viable career for some. But as a beginner, taking the first few steps may be a high hurdle to jump over – as if purchasing a guitar for the first time wasn’t nerve-wracking enough.

One of the best ways to learn how to play guitar is to get a mentor or a teacher. But in today’s busy world, not all of us have the luxury or the time to attend classes. The good news is, there are now plenty of online programs that can provide the same level of guidance as an in-class type of learning program.

When talking about the best online guitar lessons online, Guitar Tricks is a program you’ll come across many different times. It is best suited for beginners who have little to no experience at all but more experienced players can also benefit from its more advanced classes.GuitarTricksLogo

And best of all, classes at this program come at a super affordable monthly fee. Not only are they more accessible to beginners in terms of price, anyone can now begin their lesson anytime and anywhere they wish.

But why this among all the other platforms? Read on below for our Guitar Tricks review and find out why we think that Guitar Tricks is one of the best online music lesson platform today.

Quick Course Impressions

Guitar Training Course

Upon visiting the official website, you’ll find yourself on a clean and modern page. Its design is simple and free from distractions – exactly how any professional-looking website should look like. At first glance, this program already looks efficient and promising, here’s why:

It’s Highly Acclaimed

GuitarTricks Quick Impression

It doesn’t take long before you find the impressive honors this online guitar lesson program has garnered throughout the years: a Gold Player’s Choice Award from Acoustic Guitar, a gold award from Davey Awards, and another gold from W3 Awards.


It’s Useful &Informative

Useful System

Additionally, their homepage contains detailed information about their online lessons, with a brief introduction of their esteemed faculty and samples of popular songs available in the program.

Guitar Teacher

The information is laid out in a simple, easy-to-read way which makes as a great basis of what you could expect from their lessons in the paid membership.


It Has Well Organized Lesson Sections

Lesson Sections

Guitar Tricks is well-organized and easy to navigate – another great indicator of an efficient online learning platform. If you would take a look at their song collection page, you’ll find that each song is categorized into different styles and genres.

That being said, it’s not hard to understand how they have over 3,000,000 students. And judging from the looks of their website, it won’t be surprising if the platform itself is even better.


What’s In Guitar Tricks Course Membership?

Membership to Guitar Tricks will give you access to a full suite of course and tools that will help you develop your guitar playing skills. Most people who are searching for the best online guitar lessons tend to focus too much on getting results first above everything else.Instructions Lesson


But the truth is, most online guitar lessons are self-paced and your progress depends on your participation and hard work. And your success is dependent on how you apply the lessons you’ve learned during your practice.

So instead of looking for courses that promise to make you a pro in 30 days, you might want to enroll in a course that will equip you with good foundation skills – and that’s exactly what this online guitar lesson is all about.


Impressive Interface

Perhaps the most important feature of Guitar Tricks program is its streamlined interface. Each lesson features a video player with an adjustable video quality controller. Students can choose from 224p to a crystal clear 4K for best viewing. This way, they get to enjoy the best quality video no matter if they’re using their computers or a big screen TV.

Beginner Lessons

The video player also comes with a handy A/B looping system which allows users to repeat certain snippets of a video or the whole lesson over again. This feature is especially useful when learning more difficult songs and playing styles. Students can also adjust the speed down to 0.5x without having to worry about pitch changes which are great for those who need a bit more time to catch up with the lesson.

GuitarTricks Video

Moving on, you’ll also find the song’s TAB/notation right next to the video player – a perfect intuitive spot for easy learning. This way, students don’t have to continuously scroll down to view the notations and scroll back up to watch the video. Moreover, the TAB scrolls automatically along with the video for seamless playing.

Online music sections

Right below this, you can also find the lesson information as well as song lyrics. It’s important to note that lessons come in various lengths and that most song lessons come in different individual segments.

Songs Lyric

Having bite-sized lessons allows students to apply and practiced what they have learned before moving on to the next step.


Learn According To Skill Level

Guitar Tricks is a great program for beginners to start with, but just because it is better suited for the newbie doesn’t mean that more advanced players can’t take advantage of their lessons. They offer lessons according to the level of experience.

Online Guitar Course Overview

They have a Beginners Level portion which focuses on the fundamentals such as tuning and learning how to play basic chords. Guitar Tricks has dedicated instructors per level and it has successfully employed instructors whose motivational approach makes learning fun and easy.

The Advanced Level category is where students further develop their skills and progress on to more complicated styles of playing. The Advanced Level is the gateway to learning how to play different music genres. It is also where students get professional advice on different tools that will help players get the correct tone.


Comes With Complementary Tools

The membership doesn’t just come with lessons, a huge song collection, and the guidance of professional instructors, it also has numerous tools and resources for students to consume.

online music lesson Toolbar

First, the program comes with a toolbox containing a number of useful web apps. The tools include a metronome, a jam station, a fretboard trainer, a reference tuner, and a scale and chord finder. Recently, they’ve has also added chord charts, a tab guide, and a glossary for easy and convenient learning.

Moreover, the membership also grants students access to an exclusive community. Any time students have a question, they can post their concerns onto the forum and interact with fellow members.


And if more guidance is needed, they also offer one on one coaching with its instructors as a bonus feature. Each session is 30 or 60 minutes long which gives students ample time to address their concerns. However, this feature is not included in the monthly fees so additional payments may apply.

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How Much Does GuitarTricks Cost?

One of the best thing about the GuitarTricks’ program is its affordability. The membership comes in at only $19.95 per month or an annual fee of $179.99, saving you $60 in comparison to the monthly payments. While it isn’t the cheapest online program, it is the most affordable professional training available.

online lesson Cost

Is Guitar Tricks Worth It?

Yes, definitely. Guitar Tricks is a robust and efficient program that does not only provide you with the right skills to play guitar but also helps you boost your confidence in playing. This program is best for beginners but also provides plenty to learn for advanced players. However, this program requires your involvement and continuous participation in order to work. Discipline is key to success in any online guitar lesson program.


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