14 Important Things to Know Before Buying an Acoustic Guitar

Important Things to Know Before Buying an Acoustic Guitar (2)

Buying an acoustic guitar soon? Wait up! Make sure to read this article first before you hit that “buy” button.

Is Acoustic Guitar Good for Beginners?

Definitely, the answer would be “it depends,” because players have different preferences. However, comparing acoustic guitars with electric guitars, the former is advantageous for some reasons. Acoustic guitar might be good for beginners since you can play it outright, handy and can be played without an amp and other music accessories.

Is it hard to learn acoustic guitar?

Yes, it’s hard to learn acoustic guitar, especially for beginners who have no background on playing any guitar. However, once you learn the basics – chords and picking style. Once you’ve developed crafted your style, playing songs and making music will just be effortless. Just the beginning is a bit challenging.

learning guitar

Can You Teach Yourself to Play Guitar?

Of course, yes! If you are willing, you can teach yourself to play guitar in a lot of different ways. You can take online courses like Fender Play, watch YouTube video tutorials or download guitar apps. You can also buy a song book with chord guide to get aid your learning and practicing.



Is it better to learn guitar on an acoustic or electric?

For complete beginners, it’s better to learn guitar on an acoustic than electric. Acoustic guitars are easy to use, straightforward and have everything you need to get started. However, if you are already starting out and want to explore more possibilities with your signature style, go for an electric guitar.


What is the best way to teach yourself guitar?

The best way to teach yourself guitar is they way you’re more comfortable with. You can find a teacher, get online lesson programs, watch YouTube video tutorials or find a practice partner. Learning the basics – chords and strumming – before jumping in learning to play one full song on your guitar.


What makes a good acoustic guitar?

Depending on your preferences, there are factors that make a good guitar. The most common ones are the action, neck width and body size. An acoustic guitar is good if these three gives comfort and ease when playing. You can add the construction and materials in the consideration, as well.


Acoustic Guitar body Shapes


Are Small Guitars Easier to Play?

Sometimes. It’s not always true that small guitars are easier to play compared to large-bodied guitars. There are other factors that make a guitar easy to play and that include low action, fretboard, neck width, string gauge and so much more. Don’t pick the small one, pick the right one.


Is bass easier to learn than Guitar?

Bass guitar has longer neck with thicker string, so it’s heavier and needs greater effort to fret notes correctly. Guitar, on the other hand, is easy to use, lightweight and requires lesser effort to fret notes accurately. So, for most players, bass isn’t easier to learn than guitar in general.


How to Tune a Guitar String?

Tuning a guitar string is an important skill that every guitarist should master. There are many ways to tune a guitar string. You can do it with a chromatic tuner or pitch tuner, tuning app, matching pitch with keyboard or the fifth fret method (lowest E string should be in-tune).


Which Is Better – Classical Vs Steel-String?

Classical and steel-string are both acoustic guitar, yet they differ in a lot of things. These two prominently differs in strings and sound. Classical guitar has nylon strings and produce mellow and softer sound. While steel-string guitar has steel strings, so it makes bright and twangy sounds that resonate longer.


Which Is Better – Electric VS Acoustic Guitar?

Probably one of the most commonly asked questions, electric and acoustic guitar has lots of similarities and differences. While both are easier to play, acoustic guitar doesn’t need to be plugged into other music equipment. Additionally, electric guitar comes with a lot of electronics onboard, which acoustic guitar doesn’t have.


What do I need to start playing guitar?

The very first thing you need to start playing guitar is having a guitar itself. When taking guitar courses, it’s better to apply what you’re taught. Learn the chords and develop your strumming style before trying to learning a song. Yet, nothing beats a good instructor or a practice partner.

playing guitar posture

How long does it take to learn acoustic guitar?

Learning to play acoustic guitar really depends on your determination, interest and the time you spend practicing every day. If you’re taking this endeavor seriously, it doesn’t take long to learn acoustic guitar. Perhaps, in six months with daily practice, you can learn to play a lot of things already.


Is it easy to learn piano after guitar?

No. In most cases, it’s not easy to learn piano after guitar. When you play guitar, you fret one hand and strum the other. Yet, with piano, you’ll use both hands. Aside from this, the fingering of the guitar is the index finger, while that of the piano is thumb.

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