10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Pedalboard

Reasons Why You Should Have a Pedalboard

Pedalboards for guitars are basically boards that hold together a set of effects pedals for your guitar, so they are much easier to access and set up when you decide to play your guitar.

Ten of the many reasons to have a pedalboard for your guitar is that they are convenient, saves a lot of setup time, allows easy access for the effects pedals, lets you choose a power supply unit, protects your gear, can be do-it-yourself, gives your guitar a better sound, allows for higher amp supplies, it’s portable, and it makes you look professional.

Basically, the underlying reason as to why you should get a pedalboard for your effects pedals will help you achieve that level of sound you want to with your guitar!

This article will dive deeper into ten of the many reasons why you should definitely get a pedalboard for your guitar and effects pedals setup!



Pedalboards allow you to be able to access all your effects pedals in a single panel, letting you simply plug in your power supply and your guitar, and play however you like!

It helps you save so much on setup time, allows you to access your effects pedals, and do so much more with your power supply unit.


Get Set-up Faster

Individually setting up all your effects pedals can take so much time, what with all the needed individual power supply units and wiring all of them together to get a cohesive and perfect effect.

Opting to place all your effects pedals on a pedalboard allows you to have your effects pedals set up constantly to each other and possibly to a single power supply unit, reducing the time needed to connect all of them together individually.

Having a well-designed pedalboard will essentially let you have a plug-and-play experience, so you no longer have to stress about each pedal.


Easily Access and Tweak Your Pedals

Having your effects pedals all over the place makes your play space and stage much messier, and the messier your workspace, the harder it is to access individual items. 

Setting up all your effects pedals on a well-designed pedalboard lets you have access and control over most – if not all – of your pedals, as they will now be organized, and all that’s left for you to do is to find the proper space for your pedalboard so it can be easy to access and tweak your effects pedals.

guitar pedal board setup

Get the Power Supply Unit of Your Choice

Getting different pedals, especially the ones that come from different brands and are of different types, will require you to have a more extensive set of power supply units for each and every one of them.

Having a pedalboard for all your pedals will allow you to connect all of them to a singular power supply unit, which essentially works to supply ample power so all your pedals work without having to depend on individual power supply units.


Protect Your Gear

Leaving all your effects pedals on the floor of your stage not only leaves a mess, but creates a large electronic hazard as well, what with all those wires and power supply units lying around for anyone to kick or step on.

Having a pedalboard would usually mean that it also comes with a case for the board itself and all your pedals, so your gear will be protected from getting thrown and around or left behind when traveling.

Additionally, having a single panel to place all your pedals on will be beneficial as they won’t be lying around and leaving a mess with all that wiring.

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Can be Homemade 

Most people seem to avoid the idea of having a pedalboard because most pedalboards on the market can come at quite a hefty price, which, when added to the total expenses of guitar maintenance and the pedals, can be quite excessive.

However, thanks to modern-day technology and social media, you can now easily make your own pedalboard, especially with the right materials and equipment!

Many tutorial videos for do-it-yourself or DIY pedalboards can be found on various social media platforms, like YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and more!


Give Your Guitar a Better Sound

Effects pedals are known for their ability to help guitar players like you produce a much better sound, essentially bringing out the true potential of your guitar.

However, having too many effects pedals for your guitar comes with a cost, a cost in the form of noise distortion – especially when it comes from having faulty power supply units.

Having a pedalboard to unify all your pedals allows you to opt for a power supply for all pedals, and choosing high-quality power supply units lessens distortion and improves the performance of your pedals. 


Get the Amp Supply You Need

Not all effects pedals are created equal, each one of them will not only require various music-related information, but also varying electrical inputs.

Choosing the right power supply unit for your setup will not only reduce noise distortion, but allow your individual pedals to get the electrical input they need to function to their best capability.


You Can Bring it Anywhere

Leaving your pedals all over the place not only creates a mess while playing, but makes traveling with them much harder as well, as you would have to pack every single one of them to prevent any damage.

What’s more, there’s a good chance you’ll leave some of them behind if you’re in a hurry!

Placing all your pedals on a pedalboard lets you carry all your pedals at once, lessening the need for intensive packing and allowing you to worry less about leaving a pedal behind.


Pro Looks, Pro Feels

Admit it, seeing pro guitar players with their fancy-looking pedalboards gives them a major aesthetic boost, so it would also help you feel and play like a boss when you have the right equipment to show off what you’ve worked so hard for in the past few days.


The Bottomline

Pedalboards are definitely built for professional guitar players who like to keep their gear in a pleasingly accessible manner.

There are many more reasons as to why you should get a pedalboard for yourself, but those reasons are also for you to find out once you’ve experienced having one yourself.


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