Fender Standard Stratocaster Review (2024)

Fender Standard Stratocaster Review

When you’re planning to take music to the professional level and want to upgrade your guitar, then the Fender Standard Stratocaster is the ideal choice.

With its wide array of features and the classic name to back up its quality, there’s no reason why this legendary instrument is sought after by many.

Fender Standard Stratocaster review
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Great Hardware for Versatility

When you look into the hardware of the Standard Stratocaster, you can see that it has the standard configuration. The guitar has a vintage-style neck, a synced tremolo design.

This is the vintage and classic Fender that’s been installed on Stratocasters since the 50s!

Furthermore, it has six saddles, which are adjustable, and a quality bridge with a steel block for the sustain you need when playing.

As for its electronics, it has the Triple Single Coil Configuration, which lessens the coil buzz.

The SSS also offers more isolation, meaning that the sound will be heard with more clarity and crispness.

Amazing Sound Quality for Performances

If you’re looking for something customizable according to your taste and preference, then the Standard Stratocaster is for you.

It comes with a five-way selector switch which provides a wide range of sonic possibilities.

Fender Standard Stratocaster
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You will appreciate the straightforward construction which makes it easy to upgrade when needed.

It doesn’t matter what’s played with the electric guitar. Whether you want something in the blues down to a bright genre, the Stratocaster can offer it with clear and clean sounds.

You can change the settings quickly and have a balance of bright and crisp sounds!


Attractive and Strong Body

When you receive the guitar, you can see its excellent quality right away. Plus, you’ll appreciate its attractiveness which looks great onstage.

The Standard Stratocaster’s neck joint is flush and clean without any gaping holes or signs of pressure and glue marks. Fender pays attention to detail, ensuring its craftsmanship for durability and beauty.

Fender Standard Stratocaster guitar
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While made in Mexico, it has the same hardware and tuners just like other guitars made in America, such as this Fender American Standard Stratocaster.

Also, it comes with a flawless finish, which makes the guitar extremely durable and built to last. But do take note that it’s still prone to scratches when you put too much pressure on it.

Excellent Playability for All Musicians

The feel and playability of the guitar are amazing. While it may not be the best for beginners, those who can consider themselves as intermediate players will enjoy the many lessons they can learn with this guitar.

Advanced guitarists will also love how it sounds and plays whether it’s for practice or performances.

But do take note that the guitar has a C-shaped neck, which some may not prefer as most musicians are used to U or V-shaped necks.

Fender Standard Stratocaster headstock
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However, the frets feel great, without the feeling of discomfort or any sharpness that may jab as you play.


Impressive Manufacturing From Fender

Last but not the least, you don’t expect any less from Fender with their quality manufacturing and experience in crafting the quality guitars everyone loves.

For over half a century, the Fender Stratocaster has been a respected series by many budding and professional guitarists. And that reputation isn’t about to die down soon!

As the Fender Stratocaster models continue to improve over time, the Standard Electric Guitar is still one of the most notable ones. Though coming at a costly price, it’s worth every penny paid for.

  • Excellent craftsmanship built to last
  • One of the most customizable guitars on the market with a five-way selector switch
  • Comes with a bright sound on its single-coil setup
  • Crisp and clear sound for the blues
  • Crisp and clear sound for the blues
  • The single-coil pickups might be prone to interference and you might hear a bit of a signal hum
  • C-shaped neck some people won’t appreciate



With all these amazing features, the Fender Standard Stratocaster proves to be one of the best electric guitars out there.

Fender Standard Stratocaster back
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However, there are a few points I would like to mention, as there are some things that Fender could improve on.

For starters, there is the pricing. The asking price may be over the top for some musicians, particularly beginners who are looking for an upgrade.

But besides its price, there are no complaints about the guitar. It’s well worth what you pay for and will give you the amazing sound quality and feel you expect from a Fender.

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My Verdict

The Fender Standard Stratocaster is considered to be a special guitar, made by one of the best manufacturers in the industry.

Known as a legendary instrument many musicians want, is it worth the investment for you?

Though it comes at a price higher than one would expect, it truly lives up to its name as the legendary electric guitar available for budding or professional guitarists.

However, it may be too steep for some and if you are on a budget, you might want to consider other options with similar features.

But don’t expect it to have the exact same specs as the Standard Stratocaster!

Do you agree with this review? Let me know by leaving your comments below.

Body and Neck
Sound Quality
Value for Money
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