Is it Hard to Learn Acoustic Guitar?

Is it Hard to Learn Acoustic Guitar

Quick Answer: It depends on the willingness of the player to learn. Generally, with acoustic guitar, you need to exert effort fretting chords. But, if you choose an electric guitar, it’s easier to play. However, it always boils down to the devotion and dedication of the person.

Playing Acoustic Guitar, Explained

There are two types of acoustic guitar, steel-string and nylon-string guitar. If you want to play classical or folk music, get a nylon-string or classical guitar.

However, if you want to play country or blues, go for a steel-string or the modern acoustic guitar.

Nylon strings are softer, hence, lesser tension. So, you can easily fret the chords without excruciating pain.

In terms of size, classical guitar is smaller compared to acoustic guitars.

They have thicker necks, which might demand your hand to stretch more to accommodate the neck.

The steel strings on the common acoustic guitars are heavier and have greater tension.

Therefore, it really takes more effort to a chord, especially the barre chords.

You have to endure the pain of your fingers for several hours of practice before your fingers get stronger.

You also need to pick the right size of the acoustic guitar. Since they come in various shapes and sizes — dreadnought, parlor, auditorium, jumbo and more — it’s important to choose the perfect size for your profile.

If you’re uncomfortable with the acoustic guitar you have, the harder it is to learn and engage in playing.

However, the good news about playing an acoustic guitar is, once you learn the basic chords and know how to strum, you can play a song on it already.

The hard part is the first part only — when you’re still learning the chords and your playing styles. Once you get the hang of it, playing an acoustic guitar is easy.

Comparing to an Electric Guitar

A lot of players say that electric guitar is easier to play. Why? Primarily because of the light strings and lower string action.

Like the classical guitar, you don’t need to press the strings down harder to the fretboard when making chords.

In addition, it also has a smoother neck for the ease of surfing up and down the fretboard.

How Long Does it Take to Learn an Acoustic Guitar?

Quick Answer: It’s different for every person. One may be good after several months, another may take years. However, if you keep on playing an hour a day or 1-2 hours a week, then, you’re more likely to get faster results than practicing just anytime you want.

You can’t become an instant rock star. It will take years. And, remember, the best results are achieved if you do it right from the start.

So, if you’re willing to learn on an acoustic guitar, devote your first three months learning the basic chords and start to develop your own technique.

If you are still strong until six months, you’re serious about learning the guitar.

So, playing for the next 18 months will surely help you master the simple chords and the progression.

But, that doesn’t mean you’ll stop playing. There’s just too much to learn.


Learning acoustic guitar is not that easy, especially if you are just starting out. However, it doesn’t mean that it’s not learnable.

It’s only physically challenging, but it’s just in the first few months.

If you’re that dedicated to practicing every day or every week, it’ll surely pay back in time.

Though electric guitar is much easier, if your heart is set to play an acoustic guitar, it’s worth the sacrifice.

After all, no matter how easy an electric guitar is, it’s not a guarantee that you can learn.

So, it’s better to start the hard way and succeed than start easy and not progressing at all.

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