Squier Short Scale Stratocaster Review (2024) – A Beginner’s Ideal Electric Guitar?

Squier Short Scale Stratocaster Review
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Fender Squier Short Scale Stratocaster

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If you are one of the many people looking for a short-scale guitar, then, Squier Short Scale Stratocaster might be the thing that you need. It’s a good guitar, especially for beginners, as it’s fairly easy to play. It has great construction, nice fit and finish, versatile and a very reliable ax.

The Squier Short Scale Stratocaster

Short-scale electric guitars are all over the market for some reason. It’s highly in demand, especially for kids and beginners.

Whether you are more comfortable playing with smaller guitars or you got small hands, this Short Scale Stratocaster by Squier could be just the thing for you.

It might be shorter and smaller, but it is equally powerful with the full-scale guitars. So, you are sure, you’ll enjoy it as much as other people do.

On a different note, Squier might be producing low-cost guitars, but it takes extra effort for the Short Scale Strat.

It’s not compromising the quality nor wasting the money of their customers. So, check out why this Strat is more preferable for beginners than other Strats, in general.

A Nice-Looking Guitar

It comes with a poplar body with gloss polyurethane finish. It has a “C” shaped maple neck with a natural satin finish.

Poplar is a softer hardwood gives you nice resonance and heavy tones.

The shape is, of course, a Stratocaster, because it is. It has that highly contoured body shape from the 1954s Strat.

Likewise, it has the polyurethane finish from the 1969 Stratocaster, and a lot more.

Comfortable Playing Feel

It has a 24-inch scale length and 20 medium jumbo size frets with cream dot inlays.

Got that wider, but thinner fretboard, which makes your hand play in perfect position. And, the shorter scale makes it easier for string bending.

The satin finish eliminates that sticky feeling you’ll get with a glossy finish. Hence, the neck feels very comfortable even playing for long hours.

Very Basic Electronics, but Functional

It has the SSS pickup configuration, with a single-coil pickup each at the bridge, middle and neck. These are all wired to a master volume and master tone knobs.

Instead of a tremolo bar, it comes with a hardtail six-saddle bridge. This makes the strings more stable and more secured in place.

The tuning machines, on the other hand, are the standard die-cast, which work fine. The hardware system comes with a chrome finish.


Classic Strat Tone

For Strats, Alder is usually the material used for its body. This is because it can give a full and rich sound with warmth and great sustain.

However, in order to offer an affordable Strat, Squier uses Poplar wood. This is the most popular substitute to the alder wood.

Hence, even with poplar body, this guitar can still give that classic Strat tone, with the pups and correct tuning.

Worth the Price?

The price is usually for guitar, plus a Frontman 10G Amp and more extras.

Given that you can only buy a guitar for the price of this package, this is more than worth it.

Furthermore, since the amp is powerful and versatile, it can be used in vast applications.

This guitar is great for practice and jamming sessions, especially for beginners and students.

Not only that, it’s also very useful for school recitals and even larger room performances.

Best Bargain with the Amp + More Extras

There’s nothing fancy in the guitar, and it’s even shocking that it doesn’t have a pickup selector switch. Most Strats have either a 3-way or a 5-way toggle, but why is it not here?

But with the amp and all the accessories included in the bundle, I might have a reconsideration.

It might be the best bargain for the price, but, surely not that good with return on investment.


  • Lightweight body, great for kids
  • Wider neck for a nice grip
  • Great starter guitar


  • Cheap tuning keys
  • Strings are buzzing
  • Guitar may not stay in tune well


Since the guitar comes with a useful amp, strap, tuners, pickups and all, it’s a good deal. But, if we look into the guitar alone, this may not be the best.

For me, I preferred its mini brother – the Squier Mini Strat.

It doesn’t have a pickup selector switch that gives more tonal variety.

So, you got to stick on the classic Strat tone, which other guitars can offer, plus a lot more.

But, if you really love the classic Strat and you want to play it all day, this might be a good buy with the amp bundle, of course.

That’s just my personal idea. I hope this helps!


If you are a beginner or with small hands and want shorter necks, this Short Scale Stratocaster is perfect for you.

Honestly, it’s like almost any other short scale guitars. But, the good thing is, it delivered a Strat tone clearly from its low-cost build.

Best value for the buck?

It is, with the amp bundle. But, if it’s the guitar alone, there might be other alternatives that are more preferable and cheaper.

But, do keep in mind that the amp goes well with the guitar in this package.

Do you agree with this review? Let me know by leaving your comments below!

Body and Neck
Sound Quality
Value for Money
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