Fender American Standard Stratocaster Review (2024)

Fender American Standard Stratocaster Review

The Fender American Standard Stratocaster

If you have all the money, you can invest in the finest Fender American Standard Stratocaster. There is no stopping you from welding and forging your success in the industry.

Fender American Standard Stratocaster
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This mighty ax comes with elegance and the gorgeous look of the iconic Strat. Not only that, the manufacturer’s unmatched expertise is engraved in every part and feature of this guitar.

It offers more than you could imagine at the price you can save for a year. And, definitely, this thing can last a lifetime.

Crafted by Real Pros

If there is a thing called “super perfect,” this might go well with the craftsmanship of this fella. Like many Fender guitars, this comes with an alder body as well and a sexy-looking urethane finish.

It has that bolt-on C-shaped maple neck with a 25.5 scale length. The maple fretboard is heavenly. It’s got those 22 medium jumbo frets decorated with white dot inlays.

Rolled edges of the frets are amazing. It seems to be well polished, like being used for years.


Feels like the Old Strat

If Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck would have felt a single flaw with this guitar, wouldn’t they gave up the Strat?

Of course, yes. However, these two are just among the first Strat players, so, they might have seen something from it.

Fender American Standard Stratocaster eg
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Fender continues to pass down that feel and comfort felt by Clapton to the modern Strats and to the American Standard Strat, as well.

Just to mention a few, the neck and the fretboard are two of the best features these Strats are hailed for.

The neck is very smooth which makes players comfortable to play. The fretboard comes with a smooth and glossy finish, which allows you to bend strings to easily.

Another great thing about this guitar is its weight and balance. Not only does it feels like the old Strat, it also sounds like the old Strat.

Modern Electronics

What makes it more interesting is the modern optimization of electronics and advanced hardware. These modern advancements are incorporated into its legendary design and body.

This combination makes the guitar perfect!

Like any of the American Strat, this comes with three Custom Shop pickups – a single-coil pickup for the neck, the bridge, and the middle.

This configuration is connected to the five-way pickup selector switch and a master volume knob and two tone knobs.

The chrome hardware is also of high-end quality. The guitar has six strings rounded off to the classic wooden headstock with easily adjustable tuning machines.

It may be a common look for an electric guitar, but it looks sexy with the finish it had.

Fender American Standard Stratocaster headstock
Photos provided by FMIC

Extremely Versatile

It’s like an all-around guitar. Very reliable and can treat you to a lifetime of wonderful tunes.

The smooth maple neck makes you play just anything you can think of. Not only that, its fast action and pickup selector allow you to jump from one music style to another without delay.

The body shape and flawless finish continue to offer comfort and fit. It’s relatively lightweight than older Strats.

Top-Caliber Sound

Combined with its versatility, this ax can play almost any style you can think of. Not only is it flexible when it comes to the hardware, it’s also offering an array of playable genres – from classic to modern.

Thanks to the bridge pickup, you can get that trebly sound with clarity. The maple neck is a great game-changer, allowing players to produce great sounds.


A Worthy Investment

Judging the worth of your investment purely depends on how this thing of use to you. So, before making an investment, it might be wise to think if you really need this thing.

Fender American Standard Stratocaster review
Photos provided by FMIC

If you want a toned-down version since you’re a hobbyist or want a more expensive Strat since you are the lead in a band, this is a good guitar.


  • Feels lighter than other Strats
  • The neck is very comfortable
  • Unparalleled craftsmanship
  • Rolled edges feel very nice


  • Got some fret buzz



It’s just too good to be true. The guitar may have everything you need as a player. But, do you think this guitar can really stand the test of time?

More importantly….

Is this really worth your hard-earned money?

This guitar might not be of great interest to advanced professionals. They might have a better one or they are looking for the best Strat.

But, this may not be a wise investment for beginners as well – as it may be more expensive.

Choose this Squier by Bullet Stratocaster instead.

But, these are my thoughts. It doesn’t mean to be your reality. If you want it, take it!


A true American classic with excellent workmanship and sound quality.

Everything is perfect – from the design to construction and from electronics to hardware. You really can’t ask for more from Fender American Standard Stratit’s definitely worth buying.

Do you agree with this review? Let me know by leaving your comments below!

Body and Neck
Sound Quality
Value for Money
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