21 Important Things to Know Before Buying a Digital Piano

Important Things to Know Before Buying a Digital Piano

Buying a digital piano soon? Wait up! Perhaps you’ve been looking for some tips on which digital piano to buy.

Make sure to read this article first before you hit that “buy” button.


Which Brand of Digital Piano is The Best?

Speaking of the best, Yamaha is the leading brand of digital pianos. However, you cannot just forget about Roland, Casio, Korg, and Kawai – brands of digital pianos that people also claim the best. Depending on your budget, application, and preferences, you are safe to buy a product from these brands.


Why are Digital Pianos So Expensive?

Great digital pianos are so expensive because you get more from them. It’s that simple! For cheaper digital pianos you only get basic sustain, while from expensive ones you get better pedal mechanisms, wide range of tones and better build quality. Mostly, better is expensive, but not all the time.

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Do Digital Piano Sound Like Real Pianos?

Digital piano almost sounds like real pianos. Actually, digital pianos can mimic the sound of the acoustic piano, but since it’s stored in digital files, it can’t have the same acoustic nuances of the real piano. However, a good digital piano is really way better than a bad acoustic piano.


Is a 61 Key Keyboard Good for Beginners?

A 61 key keyboard is good for beginners, especially if you are just starting out. However, if you want to be a bassist and play more left notes, this might not suffice. Otherwise, complete beginners can learn the basics– chords, note values, key signatures, rests – even on a 61-note keyboard.


Should I Get a 61 or 88 Key Keyboard?

Usually, musicians opt for a 61 key rather than 88 key keyboard. You get the 61-key because it’s portable, cost-effective and versatile. So, a 61-key is enough and can cover a lot of songs already. But, if you are doubtful, you can have the 88 keys to enjoy more octaves.


How Many Keys Should a Beginner Piano Have?

The more the keys, the harder it is to learn piano. Most piano teachers recommend the 61 keys for a beginner piano. With the full-sized 88-key piano, the top and bottom octave might not be of use at first. But, if you need more keys, go for a 76-note piano.


Which Piano Is Better – Digital or Acoustic?

Your choice depends on your preferences. Acoustic pianos are really better in any aspect, but they are way expensive. Digital pianos, on the other hand, are less expensive and are versatile and portable. Some players may still prefer acoustic for their sound, while others love digital pianos for their versatility.


Can You Teach Yourself to Play Piano?

Yes. You can teach yourself to play piano. You just need to have the basic knowledge of the keys, notes and chords – with lots of practice. However, if you want to progress faster, maybe you need a piano teacher. But, it’s your consistent practice that makes you a real pianist.


Is Piano Hard to Learn?

With only white and black keys, you might think that piano is straightforward to learn. However, the opposite is true. Many musicians say that piano is hard to learn. Just like learning new things, your muscles need to adapt to the new movements and requires more time to progress swiftly.


Should I Get 76 or 88 Key Piano?

If you want to progress to a real pianist, choosing between 76 or 88 key piano is something that you need to face very soon. These two don’t differ much, especially on the price. However, it’s wiser to get the full-sized piano if you want to be a professional pianist.


Do I really Need 88 Keys?

No, you don’t really need 88 keys. In fact, a 61-key keyboard is just right enough for you. If you think you’re short of keys, you can get the 76-key. But, if you want to play more of the lower left notes for a bassist, you’ll need the full-sized keyboard.

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How Much is a Good Keyboard?

For kids, you can get a good keyboard even under $100. Beginners and hobbyists can get a good keyboard for $200 to $500 budget. However, for musicians who want to level up with their skills a $1000 keyboard is really more than good, especially when you can use it longer.


Is Keyboard and Piano The Same?

No. Keyboard and piano are not the same. Keyboard is an electric instrument, which requires a power source to produce sound by way of a synthesizer. Piano is an acoustic instrument, which technically has real strings and real wooden hammers that strike the strings to produce wonderfully rich piano sounds.


What Kind of Piano Should a Beginner Buy?

The most recommended piano a beginner should buy is the digital piano. It’s budget-friendly, versatile, portable and the closest you get to an acoustic piano. But, if you have lots of budget, you can go straight for an acoustic piano. Or a keyboard if you are really short on budget.


How Much does a Decent Piano Cost?

A decent piano costs much as the musician’s budget. For a budget of $500-$1000, you can get a decent digital piano. A budget between $3000-$5000 gets you a good upright piano. But, if you need a grand piano, you need at least $5000 or $10,000 to get a decent one.


How Long Does it Take to Be Good at Piano?

A lot of factors affect the length of time it takes for a beginner to be good at piano. If you are just a hobbyist, it’ll take you 2-3 years to play songs with 30 minutes of daily practice. For professional pianists, it takes decades to really master the instrument.


What’s Easier – Piano or Guitar?

Both the piano and guitar have learning curves. Guitar allows you to play a song without the need to read a music sheet. While, piano lets you learn the basics of music theory and helps you develop your skills gradually. But, for some musicians, playing guitar is easier than piano.

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Is Digital Piano Good for Beginners?

Yes. Digital piano is good for beginners. In fact, most professional pianists and piano teachers recommend digital piano to beginners, primarily because it’s cost-effective.  Additionally, if one wants to progress to acoustic piano, digital piano is a good start with its weighted keys that feel like those in real pianos.


How Many Key Should a Beginner Piano Have?

There is no rulebook that says a beginner piano should have this number of keys only. You can opt to start with a 25-key keyboard if you’re short on budget. The full-sized 88-key piano can be confusing for beginners. So, a 61-key piano is just perfect for most starting pianists.


How Long Does a Piano Last?

If well-maintained, and you bought a high-quality piano, it can last a lifetime. A grand piano, which really costs a fortune, can last up to 50 years. An upright piano can be of use for 20 to 30 years. While a digital piano lasts for about five to 10 years.


Should Piano Keys Be Covered?

Yes. Certainly, piano keys should be covered to keep liquids or dust from getting into the piano keys. It’s recommended to just have a simple cloth cover or a cover made of felt. A simple covering of keys can prevent factors that can damage your piano, thereby prolonging its life.

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