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10 Best Digital Piano for Beginners 2021 (Reviews)

Even though you are getting a piano for the first time, it’s wise to pick the best digital piano for beginners.

This will help you learn faster and easier. Most beginner digital pianos have a simple design with limited buttons and effects allowing you to focus on your playing techniques.

Since there are so many products in the market, it will take forever for you to search and pick the right one. As passionate musicians, we help beginners and aspiring fellow music enthusiasts out there to get the ultimate music gear.

That’s why we came up with this list to narrow down your choices and help you get what you need. Also, we include a buying guide towards the end of the article, so you’ll be guided the next time you seek any music gear.

The Best Beginner Digital Piano Review

Korg SP170s

We Recommend
Korg SP170s - 88 - Key Digital Piano in Black
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An 88-key piano is what we always dream of having, but with real acoustic piano, it’ll be very bulky, not to mention, expensive. So, Korg gives us the Korg SP170s, a full-scale digital piano that offers more versatility than an acoustic piano. It has a simple design, a very comfortable keyboard, but has a satisfying sound quality.

It features a convenient play button to recall the main piano sound and the Sound button to access any of the 10 internal sounds. These 10 sounds include electric pianos, organs, strings, harpsichord and more. We especially love the concert grand piano sample sounds that capture even the minutest nuance of the player’s touch.

  • Like a real piano, you can play soft and loud
  • Simple to use without any annoying sound effects
  • Sleek look and design, with weighted action
  • Heavy, you won’t easily move it around
  • Some keys in the middle have a horrible noise


Casio PX-770

Also Great
Casio PX760 BK Privia Digital Home Piano
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Casio is a great brand when it comes to the digital piano. Its renowned Privia family of digital pianos offers the affordable Casio PX-770 that promises a grand piano experience. This slim instrument with a modern design has impressive features that allow you to have an expressive performance.

The AiR engine offers highly accurate grand piano sample sounds, while Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard provides the natural feel for unmatched speed and accuracy. It has a Duet mode that splits the piano for two players to play. It can be connected to your Mac or PC via USB or connect to your mobile phone through the free Chordana Play app.

  • Weighted keys feel like a real acoustic piano
  • Compact and doesn’t take up too much space
  • Can play silently using earphones
  • The loudest setting is just ‘louder’
  • USB port seems small, you need an adaptor or special cord to connect your devices
  • The last two octaves are not working properly


Roland FP-30

Roland FP-30 88-key Portable Digital Keyboard
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Superior connectivity, great piano sounds, and responsive piano keys all rolled into one on the Roland FP-30. Packed with rich sounds from Roland’s renowned SuperNatural Piano sound engine, you’ll get a maximum of 128 voices. Its compact and lightweight design makes it highly portable to be used anywhere.

This 88-note keyboard offers authentic piano touch to help you achieve an expressive playing experience. It has Dual mode and Split mode functions with a wide selection of sounds like organ, strings, voices, drums and more. With Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports, there’s just too much potential we see on this digital piano.

  • Weighted keys and portable, a perfect student digital piano
  • Great quality build with wonderful action
  • Creates realistic sounds, especially on the low keys
  • Takes time to memorize different commands
  • Speakers are facing downwards, which affect the volume
  • No Line Out or MIDI jacks


Yamaha P45

Yamaha P45, 88-Key Digital Piano
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Yamaha is a very popular brand for beginner digital pianos. It’s the best among the rest because it offers a wide variety of products that are just perfect for everyone’s playing needs. It’s Yamaha P45 digital piano is an 88-note keyboard designed to be lightweight for beginner piano students.

It features Yamaha’s GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) weighted action to emulate the response of an acoustic piano. This has 64-note polyphony so players can enjoy playing multiple passages simultaneously. Minimal buttons help beginners focus on playing, plus it has USB to HOST port to easily connect to external devices.

  • The piano feels and sounds like a real thing
  • Tone options like an organ, synth are good to gig, as well
  • Single-button operation is preferred by a lot of players
  • Stopped working after several months of using
  • Keys are touch-sensitive, but the volume differs from an acoustic piano
  • Still bulky and heavy compared to others


Korg LP380

Korg LP380-88 - Key Digital Piano, Black
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The Korg LP380 might be the most expensive digital piano on the list, but there are a lot of beginners who gamble for this. Why? Korg isn’t just a great brand, but it has stood the test of time with over 50 years of experience making a wide variety of electronic music instruments.

This slim 88-note acoustic piano has a special place in every musician’s heart because of it many functions onboard, including dynamic piano sounds. It includes three pedals that support realistic half-pedaling on damper and soft pedals for authentic playing experience. It supports MIDI to connect devices and maximize performance and communication between musical instruments and computers.

  • With the best amplification and nice sounds onboard
  • Layer mode, Partner mode, and other functions are very useful
  • Nice feel because of the weighted keys
  • When the volume is high, there seems to be a slight distortion
  • Lacks dynamic response and probably defective action
  • The wood for the Black model seems to be cheap


Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series

Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series Piano
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Another Yamaha digital piano, the Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series very popular with modern pianists. It offers the convenience of an electric piano without sacrificing the natural feel and response of the acoustic piano. This is an 88-note keyboard with keys featuring Yamaha’s GHS weighted action which is heavier in the low keys and lighter as you move up.

The Arius digital piano is best for beginners to build the correct finger technique that can be used to play an acoustic piano. It has three pedals — stereo sustain, damper resonance, and half-damper pedal — to provide a more realistic sound and performance. The special matte black keys allow you to play longer without the slippery feel since it’s designed to absorb moisture even for an extended playing period.

  • Wood and construction are outstanding
  • Great sound, easy to use and to put together
  • Doesn’t take too much space — a good add-on to the living room
  • Pitch setting was off during transport, needs fixing
  • Some quality control issues, which are just minor


LAGRIMA Digital Piano

LAGRIMA 88 Keys Electric Keyboard Piano
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One word to describe the LAGRIMA Digital Piano is versatile. This 88-note standard piano is the one you need if you are looking for a digital piano for beginners. The best part, it doesn’t cost you a fortune.

As a brand known for its quality musical instruments, LAGRIMA digital piano has tons of professional features you won’t expect from such an affordable gear. You’ll get multi-track functions including reverb, chorus, Tempo control, teaching function, transpose, and more. You can either practice silently using headphones or play wildly using the built-in stereo speakers.

  • You can share your sound from the multiple functions onboard
  • Has weighted keys to have an acoustic piano feel
  • Keys seem hard to press down, they are a bit stiff
  • Might have some issues after playing for several months


Yamaha P125

YAMAHA P125 Digital Piano
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Minimalist design yet offers you incredible performance, Yamaha P125 is something worth checking out. It’s a compact, 88-key weighted piano packed with features like Split mode, USB to Host connectivity to connect to your smart devices. Its design allows you to stay focused on building your skills, rather than playing around with loads of effects.

Yamaha fitted the P125 with the pure CF sound engine to help the player reproduces the widely acclaimed tones of the Yamaha 9′ CFIIIS Concert Grand piano. The two-way speaker system provides rich stereo sounds. Plus, with the free Smart Pianist app, you can select voices, rhythms, and other effects on your mobile devices.

  • Has the outstanding feel and touch like a real piano
  • The keyboard sounds great with nice key action
  • User-friendly and easy to operate, even on-stage
  • Glossy keyboard keys, not a choice for everyone
  • Some users complained about the sticking and poor keys


Casio CTK-2550

Casio CTK-2550 61-Key Portable Keyboard
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Since the first eight products are all standard digital pianos, the last two are an alternative option for beginners. The Casio CTK-2550 is a 61-key portable keyboard that allows you to do more than the 88-key piano. Featuring over 400 high-quality tones, 150 built-in rhythms, and lesson functions, you can enjoy this digital piano at a price everyone can afford.

If you want to produce dance music, you can do so without hassle using the CTK-2550. Through the Dance Music mode, you can create your music and easily connect it to your mobile phone using the Chordana Play app. The three-step learning helps you track your progress and allows you to learn at your own pace.

  • Portability is great, especially for this fully-loaded digital piano
  • Piano sounds are good, unexpected from such a cheap product
  • Great size with comfortable keys
  • The included stand isn’t sturdy at all, but still supports the piano
  • Plugging the headphones to the piano is problematic


Joy JK-63M

Joymusic 61key (Jk-63M-Kit)
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The Joy JK-63M is a 61-key keyboard you can purchase for less than $100. Unlike those expensive competitors, this one has an LED display that allows you to see the current functions and effects used. It’s packed with 255 timbres, 255 rhythms and 50 demo songs to give you more colorful playing experience.

It has multiple patterns and functions to better your performance and more control over your sounds. This feature-packed digital piano has mic jack, audio in, output jack and so on for more connectivity. It comes with everything you need to start learning, without the need to spend too much.

  • Easy to set up and does the job
  • Headphone jack is a bonus for silent playing
  • With hundreds of sounds you can play along
  • Keys are not weighted with no pedals
  • Some keys play twice, even if you hit them only once


How to Choose the Best Beginner Digital Piano?

As promised, we include a quick and simple buying guide on how to choose the best digital pianos for beginners. Although shopping for a beginner piano isn’t easy, there’s a way to ease the burden. Here are four things you should put in mind before you invest in a digital piano.

best digital piano for begginer

Why a Digital Piano?

Even though you have decided to go for a digital piano, but still doubtful, here are a few things to know why should you choose it over an acoustic piano. For beginners, you don’t need to spend too much on your first gear. Or, as much as you want to, acoustic pianos are way more expensive than digital piano, so we think the latter is a wiser choice for beginners.

Aside from the price, it’s also more portable, more versatile in terms of volume and controls, and recording capacity. Additionally, you can easily connect to computers and other recording equipment, explained The Hub. You can also benefit from the teaching and learning tools onboard or in a compatible mobile app.

What Features You Need to Have?

Of course, if you want to be a professional pianist someday, you have to ensure you’ll get the most out of your digital piano. Aside from the advantages mentioned above, get a digital piano with a metronome, higher polyphony, MIDI recording, audio recording, Lesson functions, and the Dual/Split functions. You might think you don’t need them, but as a beginner, these are just a few things that will help you.

best digital piano for begginers

How Much Budget?

You don’t need to invest so much. That’s why you opt for a digital piano. A budget of around $200-$500 can give you a decent digital piano.

However, just take note that if you lose your appetite for piano and you want to sell it, digital piano depreciates faster than an acoustic piano. So, make sure that when you buy one, you’re going to use it for a long time. Otherwise, you’ll never get back what you’ve invested.

Where Do You Buy?

With the internet, you have the choice to purchase your digital piano online. However, for complete beginners, we advise you to visit a brick-and-mortar store near you. Not only that you get to see the actual product, but you can also test them yourself.

Aside from the questions above, if you want to learn more recommendations and words of wisdom from other piano players, here is a nice YouTube video. It mentions some good digital pianos, which are also on this list. You also have to consider the solid cabinet, quality piano tone, and more.


Our Top Pick

We Recommend
Korg SP170s - 88 - Key Digital Piano in Black
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

We love all the products that we have on this list because they are unique and have something interesting. After shortlisting the list, we couldn’t decide between Korg SP170s and LAGRIMA Digital Piano as they are both great pianos. However, after one more evaluation, it’s now clear that our choice for the best digital pianos for beginners is the Korg SP170s.

LAGRIMA is more affordable than Korg, but it lacks a vital characteristic — durability. It has tons of effects onboard, which could benefit aspiring pianists, but if it won’t work after a few months, everything is useless.

So, not only we are thinking about the affordable piano for beginners, but something they can grow old with and the one that can help them master their skills. And, from the list, it’s very obvious that only Korg SP170s can do that. Simple and easy to use with a realistic response of the keys, the out-and-out digital piano that helps you focus on building your talent as a pianist.


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