Roland TD-11KV Review (2024) – Extremely Bang for the Buck e-Drums

Roland TD-11KV Review

This is one of the most compact electronic drum sets that Roland offers at a fairly reasonable price. The TD-11KV is suitable for anyone despite the skill level they have – beginners and professionals, alike. Since it’s a compact set, it’s lightweight and very space efficient – also ideal for those who are living in small apartments or might have a limited space in their homes.

Editor's Pick
Roland TD-11KV Electronic Drum Set
If you are looking for a great electronic drum set with large song library, reliable instruments, and very intuitive sound module, the strongRoland TD-11KV/strong is for you. It has all the features you need to master your skills, at the same time, helping you stand out on your first stage performance. It’s affordable, so there’s no way you won’t get this drum set.
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Intelligent Craftsmanship

This electronic drum set features mesh-head snare and toms. The cymbals are made very responsive, allowing natural swinging for a more natural playing experience. The kick pad is designed to give a great dynamic response, as well as edge triggering.

Roland TD-11KV electronic drum review

Since Roland had been in the industry for decades, they know that the stability of the whole drum setup can affect the performance of the drums. So, this drum set comes with a very solid stand. Aside from its durability, it also is very space-efficient and very stable.


What’s Inside the Box?

Roland puts up quality and reliable instruments in the package including:

  • V-pad snare pad
  • V-pad tom pads
  • Crash cymbal (dual-triggered)
  • Ride cymbal (three-way trigger – bell, bow, and edge)
  • Kick pad
  • Hi-hat pad with a controller

It’s almost perfect, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a kick pedal and drum throne, but it doesn’t come with a drum stand. Its total weight is around 48 lbs, which is less likely a lightweight set up.

Unmatched Sound Quality and Versatility

As mentioned, every single instrument is designed to be able to deliver and replicate the natural response and sound of an acoustic drum set. So, each pad is very responsive and versatile. To mention one, the FD-8 Hi-Hat controller provides smooth transitioning and a more realistic response.

Overwhelming Sound Module Features

TD-11KV features the SuperNatural TD-11 drum sound module that makes drumming more exciting. It has a special practice mode, which allows you to quickly record and play your recordings easily. In addition, the coach mode function can help you develop more professional drumming skills even if you are still new to playing drums.

The module offers around 50 preset drum kits with around 190 sounds on board. In addition, you can also adjust the tuning, muffling, buzzing and other effects to create your own custom drum sounds. Hence, the possibilities are endless and you will surely be excited about how great and exciting music experimentation can go.

The LCD screen display makes everything easy to access. You can easily see and navigate through the settings, songs and onboard features for better integration and mixing. It’s very user-friendly and beginners can learn it immediately without sweat.


Reliable Connectivity Options

Roland really knows what every customer needs – USB connectivity feature. This is very helpful in connecting the set to the computer and to maximize the use of music software to edit and add more effects to your music. You can also use this feature to back up your files and play them back in .MP3 and .WAV formats.

  • Drums are made with high-quality materials; very durable
  • Three-zone cymbals play like actual and real cymbals
  • Mesh head toms and the snare have better response with lower noise level
  • No bass pedal, which you really need to buy one
  • Hi-hat might be sounding better with a physical stand, which, unfortunately not included in the package.
  • Might be quite expensive compared to other drum sets with equal features


It’s indeed a great set, but…

No doubt, this is another great drum set from Roland. However, beginning drummers shouldn’t be too rash to buying this one without checking the pros and cons. This is a very expensive drum kit for beginners.

However, if I am to recommend a drum kit for beginners, you should try the real acoustic drum set, like the Pearl Roadshow, which is much cheaper. But, if you think an electronic drum set is better than the one I suggested, it’s up to you. In any way, we have different needs and preferences.



Editor's Pick
Roland TD-11KV Electronic Drum Set

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Overall, this compact electronic drum set is all you need to play like a pro. It’s a very good investment. This set gives you everything you need in a drum set without breaking the bank.

But, is this really worth it?

Honestly, this might not be the cheapest electronic drum set, as this is also not the cheapest in this drum line, but I’m talking about the best quality for its price. If you are just looking for the cheapest drum set, surely this one is out of the list. But, if you are looking for a quality, yet affordable electronic drum set, this one tops the list.


Recommended First Drum Set for Beginners

If you are a beginner who is looking to invest in a new set of drums, TD-11KV is highly recommended. It provides different modes – practice, training and teaching – which you can maximize in order to learn everything in an instant. In addition, you cannot easily outgrow with it since it has also professional features that can give you endless experimentation possibilities with your music.

Value for Money
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