Drums 7 Best Cymbal Packs in Review

7 Best Cymbal Packs in 2021 Review


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Our top picks at a glance

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Among the thousands of cymbal packs out there, the Zildjian K Custom Hybrid outshines them all as the best cymbal pack. Based on research and testing, this cymbal pack is made with quality, built to last and designed to provide versatility to drummers to jump from one genre to another.

And, it’s more than worthy to hold up the title of being the best cymbal pack in the market.

best cymbal packs

Cymbals play a very important role in the whole drum set.

However, some drum sets, especially those expensive ones only focus on the snare, toms and bass drums, that cymbals are not included in the package.

Yet, you’ll definitely need to find one or cymbal pack as you begin to get serious with your drums.

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7 Best Cymbal Packs (2021 reviews)

Zildjian K Custom Hybrid

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Perhaps, one of the widely used cymbal packs by professional drummers: Zildjian K Custom Hybrid is designed to give brighter and splashier sounds. Each cymbal is made with complex craftsmanship to be able to become versatile, durable, and reliable. It’s expensive, as with other Zildjian cymbal pack, but you can never go wrong with this pack or with its manufacturer.


  • Delivers clean and clear sound across several genres
  • Durable and can handle, any type of music


  • Very expensive and not everyone can afford it

Sabian SBR Super Set

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If you are a choosy budget buyer who is looking for a good cymbal pack, but don’t want to spend too much, the Sabian SBR Performance pack is the best. Every cymbal in this pack is made of pure brass, which is durable and of quality.


  • Cheap, yet very reliable cymbal pack
  • Made from durable materials producing great sound


  • This might seem like a starter cymbal pack

Meinl HCS

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One of the finest cymbals on the market is the Meinl HCS cymbal pack. The cymbals are made with the premium quality brass alloy in Germany that gives utmost durability and makes your drumming skills stand out on stage. This may not be an affordable cymbal pack, but, rest assured it’s worthy of your hard-earned money.


  • One of the most durable cymbal packs on the market
  • Delivers remarkable performance, provides more character to your music


  • Not affordable, especially for beginners

Zildjian A Custom

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If you are a beginner who wants to get serious with your drums, Zildjian A cymbal pack may be very useful for you. It projects brighter and more interesting sound quality, ideal for playing rock, pop, fusion, etc. This is a superb selection that comes with the great quality and is built to last.


  • Brighter sound and very responsive
  • Great quality with perfect balance


  • Might be too loud for some music genre

Zildjian ZBT

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Zildjian is a great name in the cymbal industry, and you can expect as much from the affordable Zildjian ZBT cymbal pack. The cymbals are made with quality and are surely built to last. It’s very reliable and excels both in performance and functionality, a great add-on, especially to beginner’s drum set.


  • Premium quality, yet, affordable cymbal pack
  • Excellent performance, great for beginners


  • Not that durable, might not withstand heavy beating

Wuhan Wutbsu Western Style Cymbal Set

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Who wouldn’t want well-made, highly-polished and especially lathed cymbals that excel in performance and durability? Wuhan Wutbsu Western Style cymbal pack is made of that and offers so much more. Wuhan might not be as great as Sabian, but their cymbals are good and this pack delivers more value than its price tag.


  • Standard cymbal set designed to excel in performance
  • Great durability and best bang for the buck


  • Hi-hats might sound so thin

Dream Cymbals Ignition Box Set

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Dream is known for its high-quality cymbal packs and the Dream Ignition lives up to the legacy of its manufacturer. It’s made of high-quality bronze, hand-hammered and lathed to deliver the best-sounding cymbals. Although it may be a bit expensive for beginners, it offers greater return in the long run.


  • Made with quality material for better performance
  • Delivers excellent tones


  • Might be very expensive for beginners

How to Choose the Best Cymbal?

Yes, it’s very hard to choose a single cymbal pack that can give you what you need at the price that you can only afford. Even if you buy the cheapest or the most expensive packs, you are still haunted by the fact that you still need to choose which among them is the best.

Hence, I’ll give you some of the points to consider that can help you in making the right choice:


Extracting the best sounds of cymbals is not easy as you need to play and compare. So, take time to listen to the different tones of the cymbals to know which cymbal pack gives you the sound that you need.


Cymbals can dent and break, especially with incorrect strikes or too much hitting with your drumsticks. Thicker cymbals are durable, but they might produce sounds you don’t like or not the sound quality that you’d like.

The most reliable cymbal pack for now are the hand-hammered ones, but some might use the sheet cymbals, especially those who are on a budget.

millenium cymbal

Price and Brand

Cymbal packs are great add-on to drum sets, which may come a bit pricey.

However, there are brands that give quality cymbals at an affordable price and there are also brands that offer expensive and premium cymbals. Take time to study the brands and allocate time to consider how much money you are willing to invest in cymbal packs.

Our Top Cymbal Pack

It’s better to know what the experts are saying before buying a cymbal pack. Now that you know the things to consider as well as the top seven cymbal packs to choose from, you are on the right track.

And with Zildjian K Custom Hybrid , you really can’t go wrong adding it to complete your drum kit. The brand itself it known as the best in cymbal packs. Why hesitate?

Today’s Deals on our Top Cymbal Pack (2021 Reviews)

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