Mendini Drum Set Review 2024 (Full Size 5-PC, 16″ 5-PC, 16″ 3-PC, and 13″ 3-PC)

Mendini Drum Set Review
Editor's Pick
Mendini Junior Drum Set
For serious drummers who are looking for quality, yet affordable all-in-one drum set, Mendini Drum Set is the best pick. Designed specifically for entry-level and aspiring drummers, this drum set is durable, reliable, and very easy to play. Though made of cheaper laminated poplar shells, you can get good sound quality with deep resonance, warmth, and dynamics.
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Overview of the Brand

Mendini by Cecilio may not be as resounding as Yamaha, Pearl or Roland, but it has something on its drum sets that drummers should check out. Perhaps, you are not really familiar with this brand, as I am too, but, it offers great products that a lot of drummers are already enjoying for years.

This brief description will explain to you how and why seasoned players choose this brand over to the top brands in the market.

The Mendini drums are part of the Cecilio collection in California that offers high-end musical instruments. Aside from drums, Cecilio is also quite popular with brass and woodwind instruments. Mendini by Cecilio is now synonymous with quality drums offered at a very reasonable price.

mendini drum set

Again, one thing that sets Mendini drums from the rest in the overcrowded market is the price. Mendini by Cecilio drum sets are offered at affordable prices but promise so much more. All products from this brand are made with quality, durability and usability.

The Medini by Cecilio drum sets are complete and are offered in adults and junior sets. Each of the set comes in various sizes, colors, and styles. In this review, I will delve more on the adult drum set and three junior or kids drum set.


Mendini 5-Piece Adult Drum Set (at least 5 feet high)

The Mendini by Cecilio 5-piece drum set for adults is a full-size entry-level drum set. It has everything an adult beginner needs to start catching up with his drumming skills. It has great tom drums that are versatile enough and produce great sounds.

Build and Color Options

All of the drums are made with poplar basswood shells covered with durable PVC. The quality of construction is extremely good and flawless. It comes with seven stunning color finishes, including Metallic Black, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Silver, Gloss White, Metallic Wine Red, and Metallic Bright Red.

Features + Extras

The adult drum set comes with great instruments and a lot of extras, which include the following:

  • 22″ x 16″ bass drum
  • 12″ x 8″ and 13″ x 9″ tom toms
  • 14″ x 5.5″ matching snare drum
  • 16″ x 16″ floor tom
  • 5″ hi-hat (with double-braced stand and 16” crash cymbals)
  • Height-adjustable drum throne
  • Pair of wooden drumsticks
  • Double-braced snare and cymbals stand
  • Kick pedal (chain drive)
  • Setup Instructions


Sound Quality

The most interesting instrument in this set is the toms. They are great and produce awesome sound quality. Although the cymbals and hi-hat are a disappointment, they can be easily upgraded to, say, Meinl Cymbals. In addition, the kick drum might need upgrading as well, since you cannot get a clean bass sound with either soft or hard hits.

  • Good quality tom drums; good sounding ones
  • Drum sounds are okay, but might need to change the heads for even better sound
  • Cheaper drum set, given all the instruments and extras, included
  • Construction is of high quality
  • Finish is amazing, everything is stunning
  • Hardware might be of weaker quality
  • Cymbals might not work at times
  • Instructions may be fairly easy to follow, but setting everything up takes a while


Mendini 5-Piece Kids/Junior Drum Set (2.5 ft to 5 ft tall)

One good thing about the Mendini 5-piece junior drum set is that it has a configuration almost the same as that of an adult drum set. Hence, kids progressing from junior to full-sized drum sets shouldn’t have a problem adjusting. Apart from that, this drum set has also everything a child drummer needs to start playing.

Build and Color Options

The 5-piece junior drum set is made with a sturdy material (either wood or metal), which can’t be easily broken by kids. It has durable drum throne, replaceable heads, and height adjustable set up to accommodate every kid. It comes with six different color options including, Metallic Bright Red, Metallic Wine Red, Metallic Black, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green and Metallic Silver.

Features + Extras

Since this is a complete junior drum set, you can expect the following to be present:

  • 16″ x 11″ Bass drum and chain-driven pedal
  • 10” x 5” and 8” x 6” Tom Toms
  • 10″ x 6″ Matching Snare Drum
  • 12″ x 10″ Floor Tom
  • 8″ Hi-Hat (chain drive with stand)
  • 10” Crash cymbals (with bass drum mounted stand)
  • Height adjustable drum throne
  • Setup instructions


Sound Quality

Unlike the adult drum set, the 5-piece junior drum set is better when it comes to the sound quality of all drums. The toms and snare sound great, but the kick drum might be up for an upgrade if you want it to sound better. And, as for the cymbals, they may still sound crappy, but, at least, for the ears of kids, they’re great but needs upgrading, as well.

  • Toms and snare deliver great sound quality
  • The cheapest junior drum set you can buy in the market
  • It has everything you need (including pedal, stool, and drumsticks) to get you started; easy to assemble
  • Everything is height adjustable, great for growing kids
  • Both kick drum and cymbals provide low-quality sound and are best to be upgraded
  • Hardware is cheap, has a lot of buzzes and rattles


Mendini 3-Piece 16-inch Kids/Junior Drum Set (2.5ft to 5ft)

Like the 5-piece junior drum set, this 16-inch Mendini 3-piece only differs in the number of instruments onboard. The setup is perfect for kids to really enjoy playing, at the same time, mastering their drumming skills. It is a small setup, which children can easily outgrow with.

Build and Color Options

This fully functional drum set is made of solid material designed for smaller drummers. When it comes to the color options, you can choose from the following: Metallic Bright Red, Metallic Black, Metallic Purple, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, and Metallic Silver.

Features + Extras

Your kids will definitely enjoy the following instruments and accessories:

  • 16″ x 11″ Bass Drum (with 6 lugs per side and drum pedal)
  • 10″ x 6″ Hanging Tom (with 5 lugs per side)
  • 10″ x 5″ Snare (with 5 lugs on each side + stand)
  • 5″ Cymbal (with bass mounted holder)
  • Height-adjustable drum throne
  • Wooden drumsticks
  • Set up Instructions


Sound Quality

When it comes to the sounds of these drum sets, you shouldn’t be thinking of stellar quality. But, they do sound fine, which is perfect for kids to be motivated to make their own music.

  • Whole setup is very easy to assemble
  • The size is perfect for kids (up to 8 years old), everything is reachable
  • Sound quality is not that bad for kids training
  • The size might be smaller for kids 9 years old and up
  • Wooden sticks can cause dents to the snare drum
  • Harder to tighten down the snare drum and tom drums


Mendini 3-Piece 13-inch Kids/Junior Drum Set (3 to 8 yrs old)

When kids start to discover their capacities, they are more likely to strive for it even at a young age. Hence, if your child is interested in drumming, give him the 13-inch Mendini 3-piece drum set. This drum set is complete with every instrument and accessory your child needs for training, coordination and of course, helping him appreciate music at his age.

Build and Color Options

The small drums are made with reliable hardwood shells with triple-flanged hoops. Since the drums and cymbals are mounted off the bass drum, it’s space-efficient and compact. It’s available in five different color variations, including the Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Bright Red, Metallic Black and Metallic Purple.

Features + Extras

  • This 3-piece drum kit includes the following:
  • 13″ x 8″ Bass drum (with bass pedal)
  • 8″ x 6″ Mounted tom
  • 10″ x 4″ Mounted snare
  • 8″ Cymbal (with cymbal arm)
  • Height-adjustable drum throne
  • Wooden drumsticks
  • Set up Instructions


Sound Quality

Like any of the Mendini drum sets, only the toms and snare can produce quality sounds without any problem. The bass drum sounds boomy that might need upgrading to achieve powerful punch. The cymbals are okay, but still not the best ones.

  • Drums are not too big, nor too high, perfect for average kids
  • Set up is sturdy and stable, can tolerate even heavy beating
  • Drums are made with quality wooden structure
  • Supported by a very stable stand that wouldn’t easily wobble
  • Needs to be tuned constantly to keep the correct pitch
  • Cymbals and bass drum are not the best-sounding ones
  • Cymbals might crack with repeated use and harsh bang


What You Should Know About Mendini Drum Sets

The four Mendini drum sets have something in common – they have reliable construction and support. The hardware can withstand heavy beatings and harsh playing routines by the little ones. The sets are complete and have everything the drummer needs to start playing right outside the box.



Editor's Pick
Mendini Junior Drum Set

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Price-wise, you don’t have any problem with Mendini drums, as they are very affordable. But, do they give the best bang for the buck?

If you are looking for an entry-level drum set that can be a playing toy for your kids, these are great as they are durable and affordable. However, if you really wish your kids to learn to drum as they grow, these sets might too mediocre for them. You better start looking for other alternatives from competitors.

Value for Money
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