Squier Deluxe Stratocaster Review (2024)

Squier Deluxe Stratocaster Review
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Squier Deluxe Stratocaster Electric Guitar

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Squier Deluxe Stratocaster should be in the collection of every guitarist, especially for those looking for affordable ones. It has a great build and finishes, high-level electronics, and the best value for money. Above all, this is the best alternative you can get for an expensive Fender.

This guitar is a work of art. There’s nothing you can say with its quality and price. How did Squier manage to offer this great thing for only a few hundred dollars?

While the Fender version of the Stratocaster is still best, you can’t get it with just a few hundred dollars.

However, Squier Deluxe Strat brings you almost everything the Fender can give, even if you’re on a budget. What am I talking about?

Take a look at the following selling point of this Strat.


“Almost” Have Fender Workmanship

Its body is made of basswood. This is a cheap and abundant material. Even with cheap tonewood, it gives full and well-balanced sonic quality to the Strat.

This material is a soft wood, making it very easy to process and maximize the ease and comfort while playing with this guitar.

Squier Deluxe Strat body
Photos provided by FMIC

The urethane finish is the one that makes it looks like a real Fender.

You’ll get a C-shaped maple neck and fretboard makes this Squier seem like a Fender. The shape and the wood used on this Strat is also the very material and shaped found in Fender.

The neck comes with 9.5-inch radius and the fretboard comes with 22 medium jumbo frets with dot inlays. Again, this is similar to the real Fender.

Overall, the guitar is very resonant, which makes it the famous replica of the high-end. It gives the Fender tone like no other cheaper guitars can.


Superb Fit and Playability

Clean looking finish. The fit of the neck is great and tight, which make it very comfortable to play. The frets were nicely beveled allowing more comfort while playing it.

Instead of a glossy finish, Squier used a satin finish on the neck, which just feels so nice and smooth.

The finish at the back of the fretboard is great for slipping actions.

In addition, it’s lightweight enough allowing you to play for long hours, with nothing but a wonderful experience.


Seymour Duncan Designed Pickups

Squier Deluxe Strat headstock
Photos provided by FMIC

It has three Duncan Designed single-coil pickups, each one for the neck, bridge and middle positions.

Though these pups are just affordable, it comes with Alnico magnets that give a more balanced tone of the guitar. Each of these pickups is calibrated to produce a chimney and bright tone.

These pickups are controlled by one master volume control, two tone knobs (one for the middle and neck pickups) and the five-way selector.

The latter allows you to switch and use one or a combination of the pickups.

The pickups with Alnico magnets are considered a great advantage from those Strat without this configurations.


Fender Sound Quality

A Fender tone. No need some more explanations. But since it’s a Squier, let me tell you how it’s got a Fender sound quality.

Provides well-balanced sound and good mid-range tones. The maple wood provides more quality and brightness of the sounds it produced.

In addition, the versatility of the five-way pickup selector switch and the Duncan designed single-coil pickups gives access to more tonal quality.

All of the electronics and hardware are optimized to give the classic rock Fender sound. However, the deluxe Strat not only gives you rock, you can also play country classic, blues, jazz, pop and more.

The floating tremolo system gives great tuning stability for the Strat.

Squier Deluxe Strat
Photos provided by FMIC

Best Value for Money

If you compare the Standard and the Deluxe Strat, you’ll only get a small difference with the price. But, with the features, this guitar will surely blow you away.

You got everything you need – great build and great electronics, to highlight a few – from a great guitar.

So, if you are planning to invest on a Standard Strat, make some reconsideration. Perhaps, adding a few dollars to your savings can actually give you more return.

That is if you love to play a Fender-like guitar, but, who wouldn’t want to?


An Amazing Strat?

Indeed it is. It’s a recommendable guitar and it’s one of the most easily-modified guitars on the market. So, if you are looking for a guitar you can put your signature style on, this is the perfect Strat for you.


  • Amazing neck feel
  • Great material and craftsmanship
  • Beautiful fit and finish
  • Zero fret buzz
  • Great sustain


  • Substandard tuning pegs
  • Tremolo is a little wobbly



Speaking about a Fender quality, there’s no arguing about that. If it’s not the best guitar in the market, it’s one of the best.

However, the Squier Deluxe Strat might be too less to be called a Fender.

While its finish makes it more like a Fender, the basswood body is something that I’m worried about.

I might prefer the Fender American Standard Strat, though it’s priced a few dollars higher.

But, if you are looking for an upgradable Strat, this is good enough already.

So, you might as well consider this as an alternative to getting a customized Fender.

Just my personal point of view, though. So, just take this with a grain of salt.



Editor's Pick
Squier Deluxe Stratocaster Electric Guitar

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Every single description of the Deluxe Strat points out to a real Fender. Therefore, it’s needless to say that it looks and sounds like a Fender. It’s definitely a cheaper Fender.

You got reliable construction, great electronics, and sound quality. What else are you looking for in that cheaply priced guitar?

Squier Deluxe Strat guitar
Photos provided by FMIC

Aside from its versatility with the electronics, it’s also one of the guitars with “no sweat” to upgrade.

So, if you think the single-coil pickups are not working well for you, you may try the humbuckers.

Or, you might upgrade the tremolo.

For beginners who want a great deal of experimentation and customization, this guitar is great.

Intermediate guitarists can also benefit from the versatility of this guitar.

Do you agree with this review? Let me know by leaving your comments below.

Body and Neck
Sound Quality
Value for Money
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  1. I have a 2018 deluxe stratocaster in pearl white and a 2009 with hotrails these guitars are almost as well finished as my 1989 usa standard stratocaster. The 09 deluxe hr is wicked evil with lots of grunt and grind. The sustain is unending. The 2018 just oozes class. The duncan designed single coils are perfect for both crisp chiming clean or dirty it up a little to make some grungy noise. I wish I would have started with these two guitars.


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