9 Best Guitar Strap Locks in 2024 (Reviews)

Best Guitar Strap Locks

Beginner guitarists do not consider guitar strap locks essential accessories for their musical instruments.

However, I caution novice guitarists not to wait until their guitars are banged up or smashed up before they decide to buy a guitar strap lock.

As a seasoned guitarist doing the rounds at local pubs and gigs, I can say getting the best guitar strap locks is one of the most sensible things any guitarist can ever do.

Of the nine guitar strap locks I reviewed, the Dunlop SLS1031N Straplok is the best.

Not only is it a tried and tested system, but it is also hassle-free to install and use.

However, not everyone will agree with my choice, prompting me to include eight other guitar strap locks that are renowned in their respective categories.

Let us get going.

The Best Guitar Strap Locks

Dunlop SLS1031N Straplok with Dual-Design Strap Retainer System

We Recommend
Dunlop SLS1031N Straplok Dual Design Strap Retainer System

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The Dunlop SLS1031N Straplok is one of the most reliable systems one can ever have to secure a guitar strap.

Not only is it more affordable than similar systems, but it also has a proven two-piece accessory for securing the strap to the guitar.

Featuring a strap lock button and nickel-plated locking pin, this guitar strap lock effortlessly swaps out existing strap buttons.

However, one may have to drill through the existing strap pin in the event that the screw is too large for the hole.

Using the lock is as hassle-free as pushing the strap pins into the screwed-on buttons while releasing the lock is as effortless as pressing the pin’s end.

This guitar strap lock is perfect for people with several instruments, but then only uses one guitar strap, ensuring pain-free switching between guitars.

Dunlop also release-tested each locking system to 800 pounds, giving guitarists the peace of mind they need every time they play their instruments.


  • Reliable guitar strap locking system
  • Easy to change between guitars
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Easy to use


  • Strap lock screw may not fit all guitar strap pin holes


Schaller S-Locks Strap Locks

Also Great
Schaller S-Locks Security Strap Locks

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There are many reasons why Schaller S-Locks Security Strap Locks command a higher price than the competition.

For starters, almost every seasoned and professional guitarist has this hardware securing their electric and bass instruments every time they take to the stage or simply jamming with friends.

The high-quality manufacturing process is evident in the lock’s thoughtful design and its use of only premium-quality hardened steel.

Like many German brands, this guitar strap fastener comes with a level of manufacturing and engineering so precise that there is no questioning its quality.

Guitarists love its low-profile design, allowing them to showcase their rig without getting too concerned about the guitar’s looks.

The guitar strap lock features a threaded ring and a locking screw, ensuring a more secure fit even if one uses a thick guitar strap.

Using it is as hassle-free as sliding the two components into a horseshoe-resembling device.

Snapping it into place is reassuring because there is an audible click that many guitarists consider the sound of security.


  • Low-profile design
  • Works with thick guitar straps
  • Easy to use
  • High-quality manufacturing


  • Only sold as a set, not as individual components


Ernie Ball PO4601 Super Locks

Ernie Ball Super Locks

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If one wants his guitar to stand out from the crowd, I recommend the Ernie Ball PO4601 Super Locks.

After all, Ernie Ball has always been known for its loud-and-proud designs and exceptional craftsmanship.

This guitar strap retaining system has one of the smoothest, yet most secure locking mechanisms one can ever install in a guitar and strap.

Unlike other locks, this product features a two-sided lock-release mechanism, preventing accidental unlocking and saving the guitar from costly drops.

While there are two sides to press, the product’s ingenious design allows for sweat-free locking.

Installing it in a guitar is also effortless because one can swap out the existing lock button pin for the product’s lock button.

Available in gold, nickel, and black, these guitar strap locks are perfect for guitarists who want to differentiate themselves from other artists.

The release knob’s top has the iconic Ernie Ball logo, making for an excellent statement at the party scene.


  • Locking mechanism operates smoothly
  • Secure locking mechanism
  • Effortless installation
  • Beautiful design in three color themes


  • No compatible strap lock buttons


Fender Strap Locks and Buttons 

Fender Strap Locks and Buttons

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Nothing beats an OEM product when replacing any broken or used guitar component, such as a strap button.

That is why Fender guitar owners will be glad to know that they can swap Fender Strap Locks and Buttons with their existing guitar strap-locking hardware.

While the locks do not look fancy, they are phenomenal in securing straps to Fender electric and bass guitars.

The best part about this product is their custom design, ensuring the correct fit to Fender axes.

Every set already includes locks, buttons, and mounting hardware that features felt washers for safeguarding a Fender guitar’s elegant, mirror-like finish.

And if one thinks these locks are expensive, one will be blown away that the product only costs half the price of other guitar strap locks.

Optimized for Fender guitars, these strap locks are effortless to use, ensuring everyone has a great time playing songs at the gig without fear of the instrument falling on the floor.


  • Designed specifically for Fender guitars
  • Guitar finish-safe integrated felt washers 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Smooth operation 


  • Chrome finish only


Grover GP800N Strap Lock

Grover Nickel Strap Lock (GP800N)

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The Grover GP800N is a reliable guitar strap lock for seasoned and beginner guitarists, offering installation ease and use at an affordable price.

This guitar strap lock is suitable for electric and bass guitars, regardless of the brand, make, and type.

It has a quick-release locking mechanism that people will love, allowing them to remove their guitar straps without breaking a sweat.

Installation is also a straightforward process since one can swap the old guitar strap button for this universal-design strap lock.

While effortless to install, some guitarists may have to widen their guitar’s existing holes to ensure the correct fit of the strap lock’s button pin.

Once installed, the guitar and strap is not going anywhere because of the lock’s superior fastening mechanism.

Many guitarists consider this guitar strap lock a more affordable alternative to a Schaller, without undermining its guitar strap-securing capability.


  • Simple yet elegant look
  • Quick-release locking mechanism
  • Easy to swap with existing guitar strap button
  • Suitable for electric and bass guitars


  • Screw may be too big for some guitar strap pin holes


D’Addario Universal Strap Lock 

D'Addario Accessories Universal Strap Lock System

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Many products that claim to be Grolsch-type guitar strap locks do not put extra effort into their design.

Not the D’Addario Universal Strap Lock.

This strap lock is one of the coolest accessories one can ever buy and install in a guitar, thanks to its unique top design that looks like the cap of Grolsch pale lagers.

The hardware features premium-quality steel, ensuring strength and durability that can outlast any guitar.

The locking pin and button secure into place inside a horseshoe-shaped piece, ensuring the guitar hangs securely on the player’s body and eliminating any danger of damaging the instrument due to accidental falls.

Installing this guitar strap lock is also as straightforward as other products, requiring only the swapping of the old guitar strap button with this unit. 

It would be best to secure the screw correctly to minimize wiggling, which can be unsettling when you are in the middle of a number.

Nevertheless, it makes for an excellent choice for those who want an extraordinary guitar strap lock. 


  • Unique Grolsch-type, beer bottle cap design
  • Robust hardware manufacturing
  • Hassle-free to lock and release
  • Pain-free installation


  • Tends to wiggle


Fender Infinity Strap Locks

Fender Infinity Locks - Chrome

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The Fender Infinity Strap Locks is the perfect guitar strap fastening system for avid fans of the brand.

Not only does it have a reliable construction, but this product also has an exciting design worthy of any true-blue Fender follower.

The eye-grabbing design features the company’s signature white “F” lettering in a black background and a choice of red, gold, chrome, or black locking hardware.

It is easy to appreciate this product’s locking mechanism that features two side buttons for effortless locking.

The same product elements also eliminate accidental lock disengagement, requiring a person to press both buttons to remove the strap from the guitar.

People will also love the 360-degree rotating head, ensuring they have their guitar straps in their ideal playing position.

The hardware is as robust as any other, using only high-quality steel to ensure extended service lifespan.

These guitar strap locks are perfect for anyone who owns a Fender or any other guitar brand.


  • Eye-grabbing design
  • Secure and easy-to-use locking mechanism
  • 360-degree rotatable design
  • Heavy-duty steel construction


  • May not fit some guitars


Ebony Black Rubber Guitar Strap Lock 

Ebony Black Rubber Guitar Strap Locks

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Guitarists who do not feel a need for an expensive guitar strap lock should consider this Rubber Guitar Strap Lock.

This pack of eight is one of the most economical guitar strap locks one can find; not to mention one of the easiest to install.

This locking system may look like an ordinary rubber washer, but it does a remarkable job of securing the guitar to the strap.

Installation is never worrisome because the rubber washer is pliant, facilitating effortless mounting by pushing it into an existing guitar strap button.

The rubber material has no designs or adornments, yet it is as rugged as one would expect from a US-manufactured product.

It also has a low-profile design, allowing guitarists to keep playing without wondering if their guitar strap lock is attracting unnecessary attention from the crowd.

While this strap lock is for budget-conscious folks, other guitarists may also find its simplicity and installation ease appealing.



  • Available only in black color


Fender Strap Blocks 

Fender Strap Blocks (2 Pair)

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The Fender Strap Blocks are another affordable option for guitarists who want a less complicated yet equally effective way to keep their guitar straps securely in place.

These guitar strap blocks work well with Fender and other guitar brands, allowing everyone to take advantage of the guitar strap locks’ secure design.

Guitarists can put these strap blocks in a Taylor, Gibson, Epiphone, Ibanez, and other brands without requiring any tool.

One only needs to stretch the flexible rubber disk over a guitar strap button, and they can start feeling more confident about their instrument’s security and safety.

Its reusable and universal design translates to versatile use, allowing people to use different guitars suitable to the music genre they play. 

Unlike other Grolsch-type guitar strap locks, this product features a Fender logo engraving to give it more personality.

These guitar strap locks are secure, effortless to install, and of good quality – traits that many seasoned guitarists will appreciate in a product that does not cost a fortune.


  • Universal and reusable design
  • Zero-tool installation
  • Fender logo engraving
  • Great bargain


  • Not ideal for thick guitar straps


Buying Guide

Buying a guitar strap lock entails looking at several things, including the type of instrument strap fastener, guitar type, materials, security, and installation ease, among others.

Guitar Strap Type

The simplest guitar strap lock type a guitarist can buy is a washer-type that fits into the instrument’s strap button and the guitar strap.

This guitar strap lock is affordable and hassle-free to install, requiring no modifications to the guitar.

Washer-type guitar strap locks are also inconspicuous, allowing anyone to feel more confident when carrying or playing their instrument. 

A more complex but more robust guitar strap lock is a two-piece fastener. 

A locking pin attaches to the guitar strap, while another piece mounts to the strap lock button.

Its unique design ensures better security, offering guitarists the peace of mind they need when handling, transporting, and playing their guitars.

Another advantage of a two-piece locking system is versatility, allowing the guitarist to switch between guitars using the same strap. 

Guitar Type

In general, electric and bass guitars already have integrated guitar strap buttons that facilitate hassle-free lock installation.

On the other hand, most acoustic guitars do not have a strap button, requiring the owner to make minor modifications to the instrument.

If the acoustic guitar has a strap button, it is often found behind the heel, making two-piece locks uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, acoustic-electric guitars typically have the strap button on the guitar cable input jack.


The most affordable guitar strap locks feature plastic or rubber materials, making them the preferred choice of newbie guitarists.

On the other hand, seasoned players will always go for metal locks, typically plated in chrome or nickel.

Metal locks are sturdier and more durable than plastic or rubber, although they require a fair amount of maintenance.


Some guitar strap locks do not secure well into their locking mechanisms, increasing the risk of guitar falls and damage.

That is why buyers should look at the locking mechanism to ensure improved security for their instruments.

Installation Ease

One-piece guitar strap locks are straightforward to install, requiring no modification to the musical instrument.

Most two-piece strap locks need some effort in installation, although everything depends on an existing strap button.


What are guitar strap locks?

Guitar strap locks secure an instrument strap to prevent the guitar from falling to the ground, avoiding potentially costly damage.

Are they necessary?

Professional and seasoned guitarists consider guitar strap locks essential to keeping their musical instruments safe during playing.

It is especially beneficial to guitarists who prefer playing their instruments standing instead of sitting.

However, if you prefer playing the guitar sitting on a stool, it is okay not to use a guitar strap lock as long as you have a firm grip on your instrument.

How do you install them on an acoustic guitar?

Check your acoustic guitar if it has a strap pin on the instrument’s tail end and neck heel, and replace them with the hardware from your guitar strap lock kit.

If your acoustic guitar does not have strap pins, you may not have a choice but to drill a hole in the tail block for installing the guitar strap lock button.

Electro-acoustic guitar owners can also install a strap lock adapter into their output jack.

This method requires no drilling or any other permanent guitar modification.


Editor’s Pick

We Recommend
Dunlop SLS1031N Straplok Dual Design Strap Retainer System

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Release-tested to 800 pounds and effortless to install, the Dunlop SLS1031N Straplok Dual Design Strap is our top pick. 

It has a reliable locking mechanism, a friendly price, and a straightforward design that facilitates pain-free swapping of guitars.

You can buy this guitar strap lock from leading online commerce platforms, including Amazon, Home Depot, and eBay.

One can also check music stores, both in-store and online, for fascinating deals on this guitar strap lock or any other product we tested and reviewed in this article.


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