10 Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $500 in 2024 (Reviews)

best bookshelf speakers under 500

For any music enthusiast, a speaker is a must-have.

It doesn’t matter if you are playing the music or simply listening to it but owning a set of speakers is imperative.

Also popular as loudspeakers, this device converts electrical audio signals to acoustic audio signals emitted into a vast space or open area.

Today, speakers are no longer just the traditional strong black speakers that can make your walls vibrate in every note.

There are now more portable ones that you can bring anywhere.

Computer speakers have become a staple as you can connect them to your computer or phone, and they will generate sound.

If you want portability and convenience, then there are also Bluetooth speakers.

Although PC and Bluetooth speakers work, many will find their production of sound lacking. 

So, if you have limited space in your home but want an excellent sound quality of music, you need to invest in bookshelf speakers.

Despite having a deep relationship with music, the least you want is to further cramp your space with those massive and bulky speakers who need a dedicated area of their own.

Bookshelf speakers like the Acoustics 3021i  provide the perfect balance, and the good news is that they are aesthetically beautiful and double as an additional interior decoration in your condo or pad.

If you are not convinced yet with what you can get from a bookshelf speaker, then here’s the best news – there are bookshelf speakers below $500 that even you will be surprised when you crank it to total volume.

To get you started, here are 10 of the best bookshelf speakers under $500 on the market today.

The list includes a summative so you can decide better which one is best for you.

The Best Bookshelf Speakers Under $500

Acoustics 3021i Bookshelf Speakers

We Recommend
Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speaker Pair

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A massive win for tiny home living, this bookshelf speaker has an award-winning and impressive design since you can place it either on your shelf or let it stand – whichever setup works with your space and contemporary interiors.

This model is also an improved version of the previous ones. 

The cabinet size is increased by almost 25%, so you can expect a deeper and taller version to produce that impressive deeper bass and an overall enhanced scale sound.

It also comes with improved low-profile binding posts, so you can put your speakers close to your rear wall despite working with banana plugs.

The 3020i’s cone is formed with precision and is incorporated with a boosted rubber surround.

This provides an optimal balance between self-damping and rigidity so the speakers can accelerate sans the need to flex and produce echoes.

Overall, this is value for your money because it generates a widespread but even distribution of stereo, which you would enjoy.


  • Beautifully designed
  • Comes in four colors
  • Integrated point to point (P2P) bracing


  • Flimsy construction


Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers 

Also Great
Edifier R2000DB Powered Bluetooth Speakers

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This is all you need for your speaker at home.

It comes with an optical input, so you can get this connected to your digital connections.

You can use this for your television, TB ox, Blu-ray player, HTPC, receivers, gaming consoles, and computers.

At the same time, the Edifier R2000DB also lets you listen to excellent sounds using your phone, computer, or tablet since it has a Bluetooth connection.

This gives you a hassle-free, wireless experience since it is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS devices.

Thanks to its RCA and optical input, you can have more than one device connected at a time.

If you are not a fan of distortion, then this bookshelf speaker is your best bet.

It has a wooden enclosure that helps reduce acoustic resonance.

Distortion will also no longer be an issue thanks to the integrated Dynamic Range Control (DRC) and Digital Signal Processing (DSP).

This bookshelf speaker also has enhanced 25mm “Eagle Eye” tweeters that make even the smallest amount of sounds crystal clear.

And with its elegant gloss finish, you can make these speakers part of your interiors.


  • Bluetooth connection
  • Zero distortion
  • Comes with a wireless control


  • Not discoverable in all Bluetooth devices


Yamaha HS5 5-inch Powered Studio Monitor 

Yamaha HS5 Powered Studio Monitor

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For better-sounding sounds and recordings, the Yamaha Studio Monitor is the ultimate choice.

This comes with newly improved bi-amplified drivers and enclosures that are scientifically ported.

As a result of these enhancements, you can expect impressive accurateness and low coloration in your sound quality.

You will also appreciate Yamaha’s upgraded mounting system.  

This specific model has well-organized and almost scientific planning of screws paired with a mounting ring that zeroes down all the undesirable vibrations, including resonance.

Yamaha was keen on selecting their magnets to heighten compact low-end responses.

And with smooth contour designs used in its tweeter frames, the speakers further reduce the sound losses so you can hear all the high-frequency details precisely.

The tweeter frame is also designed extra thick to address any resonance issues that ultimately impact treble clearness.

The physical design alone can be guaranteed to provide a smooth and accurate response to your entire audio spectrum, which automatically means better sounding sounds and recordings for you.

You can also take the Yamaha Studio Monitor with you anywhere, anytime. 

Regardless if you are in the comforts of your control room or you are in a restricted remote truck, you can trust your Yamaha for all your monitoring needs.


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Impressive mounting system and frames
  • Accurate monitoring anywhere


  • None


Avatone Pro-Active MixCubes 5.25-inches Powered Studio Monitor 

Avantone Pro Active MixCube 5.25 Inches Powered Studio Monitor

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This full-range mini reference monitor is impressively reliable for its small size.

Compared to other speakers, this is a miniature one, but it can compete for side by side and win against the bigger models.

You can expect accurate mixes for this reference monitor. 

It is more than capable of letting you hear what and how your mixes sound like on computers, car stereos, ear pods, televisions, and even in an iPod docking station.

At only 6 ½ inches in height, it has a 5 ¼ inches integrated speaker.

Don’t be fooled by its size, though, because this is more than enough to produce excellent sounds ideal for reference mixing. 

The cabinets are also designed to be shielded, making it convenient and practical to put next to your computer monitor. 

You might be worried that these MixCubes will draw their power from your computer but don’t be.

These MixCubes have an active design which means that they have a built-in 60-watt amplifier, so they are powered independently from your computer.

If you need to be 100% sure that your mixes sound great on larger monitors, it is a must that you run it first in the Avatone Pro MixCubes.

This is where you can catch if your bass is too loud or not loud enough.

You can also make adjustments if you find some muddy instruments or vocals in your mix with this reference monitor.

If your mix sounds impressive in these small MixCubes, you can be sure that it will sound perfect when played anywhere else.


  • Integrated Mosfet amplified in every MixCube
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Active design


  • Ideal for low volume use only


Edifier S1000DB Audiophile Active Bookshelf  Speakers 

Edifier S1000DB Audiophile Active Bookshelf Speakers

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An upgrade from the other Edifier bookshelf speakers; this is your choice of bookshelf speakers if you are a gamer.

You can set this up for your consoles and PC gaming set-ups and enjoy your quests and missions with superb sound quality.

If you spend your time binge-watching, this can also be the ideal bookshelf speaker for you because you can also hook this up on your TV and have a cinema-like experience in your home.

The Edifier S1000DB is equipped with aptX Bluetooth 4.0.

This means that its highly advanced audio codec can produce your audio in a compressed manner without compromising the audio quality.

With its aptX 4.0 chipset, latency issues have become a thing of the past, and you can just enjoy the versatility of these speakers every time you use them for your movies and games.

The S1000Db provides a smooth and clean aesthetics with all its connections at the back panel.

The build quality of this speaker is impressive for its price because you can see how much attention to detail is invested in every knob and audio component.

It can also beautifully complement and blend into your current interiors because of this warm oaky design.


  • Integrated with aptX Bluetooth 4.0
  • Clear and accurate audio
  • Fair deal with its price


  • Heavyweight


Klipsch R-14M 4-Inch Reference Bookshelf  Speakers

Klipsch R-14M 4-Inch Reference Bookshelf Speakers

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The manufacturer itself should be enough for you to consider and purchase this bookshelf speaker.

A Klipsch speaker is not just a speaker but a piece of American audio history.

And the R-14 reference bookshelf speaker is packed with versatility and power that you will not be disappointed with.

You can count on this tiny-sized speaker to perform from its left, right, center, or surround so you can have all that audio distributed in your room without needing to own a massive and space-eating speaker.

This Klipsch model boasts the brand’s 90×90 Tractrix Horn technology combined with a tweeter made of aluminum.

The powerful combination creates a high-end response and more powerful dynamics.

As a result, you will always have the cleanest and most natural-sounding audio.

You can also expect audio with minimal to zero distortion thanks to the model’s Linear Travel Suspension and copper-spun and Injection-Molded Graphite woofer.

These technologies guarantee low-frequency response and reduced cone breakup.

You won’t have a hard time positioning this speaker in your fixtures because it is thoughtfully designed with a firing port, which is what you want for cabinets and drivers.

It provides you with the flexibility to work with your current interiors.


  • Strong and fuller sounds
  • Minimal to zero distortion
  • Crystal clear output


  • Passive speaker


Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf  Speaker 

Edifier R1280DB Powered Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers

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Another Edifier bookshelf speaker that you can’t miss is the wood grain R1280DB.

Upgraded to have all the newest features needed to become the modern speaker of choice, the R1280DB now includes new coaxial, optical, and wireless Bluetooth inputs so you can enjoy HD audio moving forward.

Even before using the Edifier, you will already love how it looks. 

It has the classic black look that will fit well with any interior, and it can complement your television, computer, record player, gaming console, and all other gadgets as if it was custom-made for them.

With its side panel controls, you can easily adjust the EQ to your preference, and the knobs are easy to use.

All you need is to twiddle the knobs to adjust your sound preference, and if you want easy access, you can just use the redesigned remote that comes with the speakers.

Since this is an upgrade, it also now includes new inputs aside from the RCA connections so you can use your coaxial and optical inputs and maximize the use of this speaker.

It also has a Bluetooth connection, so you can go about enjoying your sounds without the limitations of wires while at the same being able to use other devices like your smartphone and laptop.


  • Incorporated Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Coaxial and optical inputs included
  • Easy to set up


  • None


Mackie CR8-XBT 8-inch Multimedia Monitors 

You can’t get a better deal than the Mackie CR8-XBT because, aside from its fair price, it is also fully balanced with excellent presentation. 

You both get an active and passive product because this is equipped with a passive economic cabinet that you can readily tap and deliver the same function.

This monitor allows you to enjoy studio-quality sounds at your home’s convenience despite just using your computer.

An ideal choice for casual listening, gaming, and watching movies, you will love the convenient front-panel headphone output so you can have private listening sessions whenever you like.

With its built-in Bluetooth connection, you can even opt for a wireless audio experience.

This desktop monitor speaker has 8-inches drivers and includes a speaker and RCA cable.


  • Can be for private listening sessions
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Active and passive product


  • Relatively large


BL Control 5 175W Control Monitor 

JBL Professional Control 5 Compact Monitor Loudspeaker

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For a one-stop and all-in-one solution for your reference monitor needs, the answer is the BL Control 5.

This control monitor doesn’t mind your recording environment because it will consistently deliver powerful and smooth audio with an impressive bass response of up to 50Hz.

One of the main concerns about transportability is the delicateness of the monitors, but you don’t need to worry because this control series is designed for a smooth to rugged setup.

You don’t have to worry about the performance being affected when you are situated in tricky angles, tight corners, or other acoustically challenging areas because this control monitor will always give your superb performance.

What makes this convenient to bring with you is that there is no complicated installation process. 

It comes with different mounting systems, so you can easily position it in whatever and wherever setting you are in.

Made of polypropylene foam, this provides you versatility with its pleasing shape that can adjust and fit any environment.


  • Excellent bass
  • Portable and fits in almost all areas
  • Easy install


  • Not for big spaces


KRK ROKIT 5 G4 5-inch Powered Studio Monitor 

KRK RP5 Rokit 5 G4 Powered Studio Monitor Pair

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With its pro-grade design, the 4th generation Rokit studio monitor is bursting with features.

It comes with unyielding Kevlar drivers, which help in guaranteeing that produced sounds have low distortion. 

Being a top-seller, KRK Rokits has an augmented high-frequency waveguide that ensures a deep but sweet spot with impressive imaging.

It is everything you need to make the most out of your acoustic setup, complete with room correction and an LCD visual EQ – just to name a few of its features.

Control is also within your fingertips since you can download the KRK app either in Google Play or Apple Store and use your phone to control and adjust your setup as needed.

You can easily adjust the subwoofer levels, EQ settings, polarity settings, and crossover settings using your phone. 

It also has an onboard signal generator for easier calibration with your system.

Made with high-grade materials, you can expect the KRK Rokit to deliver that balanced but high-quality audio without causing you ear fatigue.


  • Low resonance
  • Downloadable KRK app
  • Minimal to zero distortion


  • Some popping and clicking noises now and then 


Buying Guide

When buying the best bookshelf speakers, you have to ensure that despite only having a budget of $500 and even less that you look into the following dependencies:

Your music preference

Do you prefer your music in medium levels only because you like it that way or because you are in between two apartment units?

If you want music blasting with your walls vibrating with every beat, this is not for you.

Frequency Response

This is measured in Hertz, and it is the tone range that the speakers can produce.

If you want a fuller sound for your speakers, then check the frequency response of the make and model.

Speaker Sensitivity

For limited space, go for a sensitivity rating of 85 and above so you can make the most out of the sounds of your speakers.

Speaker sensitivity is the efficiency of power converted to volume, and it dictates how long your speakers can be.

Connectivity Options

Today, you don’t want to be further restricted with wires, so it would be a good idea to get a bookshelf speaker that has Bluetooth connectivity.

Ease of Use and Access

Speakers don’t need to be complicated, so the more user-friendly it is, the better.

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We Recommend
Q Acoustics 3020i Bookshelf Speaker Pair

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Getting any of the ten listed best bookshelf speakers is already an excellent deal for you.

But if you must drill down to the best of the best, you can’t go wrong with any Acoustics 3021i speakers. 

These speakers are built with high-technology and superb features for ultimate customer convenience and comfort. 

They are designed with compact spaces in mind, and despite the smaller build, the materials and efficiency are not compromised.

Go shop now for these bookshelf speakers for a price that’s less than $500 today!


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