What is the Best Way to Teach Yourself Guitar?

What is the Best Way to Teach Yourself Guitar

Quick Answer: It varies from player to player. One needs to have a guitar tutor, while others learn best by studying along through guitar lessons online. Either way, it’s very important to have discipline and daily practice. Nothing beats constant practice to “toughen up” your fingers and solidify your playing techniques.

Here are Some Known Methods

There are several ways to teach yourself guitar. You can hire a local guitar teacher and have him teach you everything about the guitar. Maybe, spend a few hundred dollars before becoming a good guitarist. Honestly, it’s quite expensive compared to the other two methods.

Do you know YouTube? It’s Google’s video-streaming platform with over 5 billion videos. Among this number are thousands of guitar video tutorials. You’ll get everything from buying your first acoustic guitar, setting up your guitar to playing it. It’s a convenient way to learn guitar yourself.

Lastly, take advantage of online guitar sites and guitar apps. If you visit App Store or Play Store, you can see a few results about learning guitar — chords, tabs, scales and more. Guitar lessons are also offered online by popular sites like GuitarTricks, Fender Play, JamPlay, Justin Guitar, and more. These websites have tailored lessons for beginners and advanced players.

Comparing Online Vs. Guitar Tutor

Having a great guitar tutor by your side to guide you all the way is irreplaceable. No mobile app or YouTube channel can tap your back for your success and scold you for your reluctance. However, it’s also worth noting that having one tends to be more expensive.

With a guitar tutor, you’ll spend a few hundred dollars to learn their guitar styles and all. And, if you want to learn something new or expand your horizon, you need to find another tutor, who costs another thousand dollars.

Now, for online methods. Some of them are free and some have monthly and yearly subscriptions. Although at first, you may think that a yearly plan is more expensive than having a guitar tutor, it’s cheaper in the long run. Furthermore, you have access to different guitar lessons and can connect to hundreds of famous guitarists around the world.

With just a one-time payment (either monthly or yearly), you can learn everything ‘guitar’ under the sun. You can access tons of learning materials from different guitar experts. Moreover, it’s convenient and you’ll have full control of your time and your progress.

So, Is Learning Online Better?

In terms of resources, convenience, and cost, studying online is better. You can jump from one website to another to supplement your learning. If you want to learn for free, check out guitar tutorials on YouTube. However, there’s a downside to this. It’s unstructured and the number of videos might be overwhelming.

Mobile apps and websites, on the other hand, offers a more professional way of helping you learn guitar yourself. You’ll get access to the best guitar lessons, plus feedback from the popular guitarists. One negative thing about this is that they are not free and may need you to spend a lot of money.

Tips from the Experts

If you insist on learning the guitar yourself, it’s very important to get the guitar that you love. Start with the basic chords, learn tablature, and strumming patterns. It’s not enough to learn just chords, use them to play the song you love. And, lastly, practice, practice, practice.


Teaching yourself guitar is exciting, but, nothing can replace the support of a guitar expert. If you are dedicated to learning guitar, you can check video tutorials from YouTube or more structured learning from paid online guitar sites. However, constant practice will surely make you perfect, even though you have either a guitar tutor or online guitar lessons.


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