Roland TD-4KP Review (2024) – A Cheap & Portable V-Drums

Roland TD-4KP Review
Roland TD-4KP Portable Electronic V-Drum Set
Drummers nowadays seem to be always on-the-go because of all the gigging and some regular weekend performances in hotels or restaurants. Hence, they need the Roland TD-4KP electronic drum set that is very handy and lightweight. Not only that, it has everything a drummer needs to be ready all the time whenever and wherever an opportunity knocks for them to play, whether in the streets or on stage.
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Roland TD-4KP Portable Electronic Drum Set

Roland TD-4KP is the ultimate electronic drum set for musicians who are always on-the-go and for those who are struggling with space in their homes or studios. In addition to its portability, it’s also made with top-notch quality, hence, it’s trusted by professionals around the world. Check out its amazing features from my in-depth review of this drum set.

Durable Build

Since it’s made to be very portable, Roland makes it very durable, especially for traveling and transporting. Hence, some of the drums in this set have cushiony rubber surfaces to make it durable, while maintaining great sound quality. In addition, the surfaces provide the natural feel and accurate response, thereby, giving you the feeling of playing a real acoustic drum set.

roland td-4kp electronic drum set review
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The durable and integrated stand of the set up plays a great role in making this drum set very portable. When folding the whole setup, you can simply rotate and fold everything down, without disassembling anything. And, when you want to play again, just unfold and set every pad in position – very easy.


Guaranteed Sound Quality

Since this a Roland V-drum, it’s a guarantee that you get a great sound from the electronic drum set. You’ll have access to the natural sound and crispier tone from the toms, bass drum, snare and, of course, from the cymbals. You can even create a wonderful track if you know how to maximize all the elements in this portable drum kit.

Elements Just Right for Every Gigger

The 5-set Roland comes with reliable drums that you can play all day without any problem. These include the following:

  • Kick Drum Pad
  • Three tom pads
  • Snare drum pad
  • Hi-hat and FD-8 Hi-Hat Controller
  • Crash cymbal pad
  • Ride cymbal pad

Unfortunately, you still got to get your own kick pedal and drum throne as these are not included in the package. However, you can still play the whole set without these, but, it’ll be great playing with them, of course.


Portability and Versatility

The whole drum set only weighs approximately around 27 lbs. You can easily fold the whole set up and put in a carrying case, where you can easily move it around. And, when you are now ready to play again, you can simply unfold the whole set-up and get started in a few minutes.

What makes it versatile is the coaching feature, plus the sound module of this drum set. The coaching feature helps you progress and build up your drum skills with graded performances and other activities. This is made more exciting with the sound module that can make you extra creative and a more versatile player.


Additional Impressive Features

The V-Drum TD-4 module makes this drum kit interesting. It has around 25 preset drum kits and 125 sounds in which you can manipulate different effects like tuning, dampening, and ambiance, etc. Unfortunately, there are no songs on-board ready to be played along, however, you can access songs from external sources like your smartphones.

Speaking of connectivity, there’s a 1/8” and 1/4” headphone connector, where you can connect to external sources for more songs and recordings. It also comes with quick recording functionality that lets you record your music in just one hit of a button.

  • Very portable and lightweight
  • Has great response and pads really provide a natural feel
  • Folding and unfolding the set up is very easy
  • Still, less playable, because it’s geared towards being so portable


Might be a great deal, but it’s just…

Sometimes, aside from the portability, drummers are really looking for an electronic drum set with great “playability,” of course. And, this drum set just wasn’t able to achieve the balance between these two.

Electronic drum sets are simply an alternative for more expensive acoustic drum sets specifically for practice. And, so, Roland should have carefully balanced playability, versatility, and portability. However, for beginners and small-time drummers, this electronic drum set is a good start.

Just take my words with a pinch of salt. This is my opinion based on my own preferences and playing level and, we might be different. So, my opinion shouldn’t be affecting yours in any way.



Editor Pick
Roland TD-4KP Portable Electronic V-Drum Set

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

If we’ll just talk about portable electronic drum sets, this one is highly recommendable. It’s exceptionally portable, but also playable. It can play like real acoustic drum sets.

But, is this recommended for every drummer?

Honestly, it’s recommended for everyone primarily for practice and home use. Beginners may use this on their gigs and a few performances. However, for seasoned players who are playing to a larger crowd, this portable drum kit might not be fitting, instead, a real acoustic drum set should be used.


Indeed, A Complete, Yet Handy Drum Set

Where can you find a great electronic drum set that has everything you need that allows you to play just anywhere you want to? Roland TD-4KP is capable of that. On top of it is its affordability and exciting onboard features. So, if you are looking for one complete drum set that is very handy for gigs, check out this drum set.

Value for Money
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