DJ 7 Best Drum Machines in (reviews)

7 Best Drum Machines in 2021 (reviews)


Drums are among the widely used musical instruments. But, a traveling musician doesn’t have the luxury of bringing the drum set by himself. Hence, the drum machines are made available.

Drum machine is a single device with functionalities of electronic drums that is trying to achieve the natural sound of acoustic guitar.

Hence, whether in practice or live performances, you don’t need a real drum anymore or an experienced drummer.

All you need is a reliable and versatile drum machine.

There are a lot of drum machines available, some of them are coming from great brands on the market, making it hard for us to choose the best.

However, allow me to share with you the seven best drum machines I’ve come up with after intensive research and tests. Here are the drum machines that top the list:

The best drum machines for guitarists & musicians in 2021

Korg Volca Beats Analog Drum Machine

Korg Volca Beats is a medium-sized and lightweight drum machine packed with a wide range of functionalities. It’s ideal for both professional and beginners as it delivers classic drum sounds and versatility. It’s a 16-step sequencer, synthesizer, rhythm machine and can even be connected to external sources or DAW via MIDI In.


  • Can be played anytime and anywhere with built-in speakers
  • Includes optional battery for extra power on-the-go


  • Not versatile and may not good for other music styles
  • Doesn’t come with all the important features of a drum machine


Alesis SR-18 Electronic Drum Machine

You might be looking for a drum machine that is packed with everything you need to play drums and more. Alesis SR18 comes with a lot of mind-blowing features including 500 drum sounds on board, 50 bass sounds, and 200 patterns (100 preset and 100 user patterns). Of course, what makes it more versatile is, you can connect it to your guitar and other instruments to play along.


  • Quite easy to use and has more options than other drum machines in this list
  • Have effects like reverb, EQ, and compression for unlimited possibilities


  • No USB port, limited connectivity


Arturia DrumBrute Drum Machine

If you are looking for an affordable drum machine that is as good as expensive ones, then, check out Arturia Drum Brute. It’ll treat you with classic drum sounds and is packed with 17 different drum/percussion sounds. It comes with 64-step and pattern sequencing that extends the possibilities, especially on stage performances.


  • Provides rapid firmware update, everytime there’s an update
  • One of the most versatile machines, especially on creating songs and patterns


  • Heavier than other drum machines, but still easy to store and carry
  • No recording feature available


Roland Aira TR-8

Looking for a monster machine that could be a perfect instrument for live performances? Roland Aira TR-8 should be your choice as it’s easy to program, has easy adjustable and easy to familiarize onboard controls that have only 16 kits in 11 different instruments. It’s a compact bundle, solid and very durable, perfect to carry around anywhere.


  • You have access to a variety of sounds, including electro and techno beats
  • Aside from good looks and arrangement, provides good audio quality


  • Might have difficulties trying to process sounds separately
  • Multiple analog outputs not available


Boss DR-880 Dr. Rhythm Drum Machine

Having a drum machine at hand, as you practice or add more effect to your music is really a very wise. Boss DR-880 includes features like 440 drum/percussion sounds, 40 bass sounds and around 1000 drum kits (500 preset and 500 user kits) that give you versatility. In addition, you can connect it directly to your guitar and add effects like EQ, compression and so on.


  • So much sound effects, patterns, and samples on board
  • You can connect it directly to any instrument or machine


  • You cannot load your own samples
  • Pads are just too small for some players


Elektron Machinedrum SPS

When you are looking for a great drum machine with great sounds, there is only one in the market and that is the Elektron Machinedrum SPS. It has immense functionality, which includes pattern mode, song mode, and you can maximize the use of the 16-sequencer track. You will enjoy every single function in this drum machine because they are all accessible in easy to use buttons and controls.


  • Got the really fast MIDI interface for quick file transfers
  • Real-time recording of loops and sound and delivers realistic sounds


  • Doesn’t have a USB port
  • The headphone port is at the back, which is inconvenient


Dave Smith Instruments Tempest Analog Drum Machine

Designed by two amazing instrument designers Dave Smith and Rogen Lin, Dave Smith Instruments Tempest is an anticipated drum machine. It is packed with controls and functions that are very easy to operate. You can record, edit, add tweaks, and effects to your drum mix in a breeze, which you can do even during live performances.


  • It offers both analog and digital feature, plus a great balance between them
  • Pads are very sensitive to pressure and volume, hence, achieving a more controlled dynamics


  • This is much more expensive than other drum machines
  • Can load your own music samples (hoping for firmware updates)

How to Choose the Best Drum Machine?

Drum machines are now becoming very affordable and the choices are becoming countless. So, it’s really hard to pinpoint a single drum machine in an instant. And, there is not only one great drum machine out there, since it still depends on the need and preferences of the players.

So, to keep your focus on buying the best drum machine that is really very useful to you, you need to check the following. Choosing the best instrument for you doesn’t only depend on the capacity of your pocket or how great the manufacturer is. There are more factors that you also need to consider:

Analog or Digital

You should be able to know whether you prefer an analog or digital drum machine. An analog machine uses its own hardware to synthesize the sound, while digital uses the computer. For a realistic sound, go for digital, but for authentic sound go for an analog drum machine.


While this may not be an issue for most people, but comfortability is still the key to achieving great music and performance. And, thus, it’s still important to consider whether the size of the machine and the pads are just the right size for the players. Is a bigger one good for you or a toned-down size would be perfect with your music and your style?


Since this is where most of the action take place, it should do its part well. Is it velocity and pressure sensitive or can it give dynamic variations to the beat it can produce? Is this comfortable to play with?

Of course, aside from these three, you also need to consider the price and the credibility of the brand. Yet, note that you also need to check extra features like editing, programming, memory, built-in effects, and so on.

Nothing beats a decisive move to check the pros and cons of each prospect product before buying one.

What is the best drum machine?

Alesis SR-18is our top choice for the best drum machine. It has a lot of surprising features on-board, more effects and built-in samples. In addition, it’s versatile enough to allow editing and great performance with this drum machine.

A drum machine is a necessity of every drummer, whether for practice or for touring purposes. Therefore, it’s important that you shouldn’t just jump into buying any drum machines in the market. Assessment of one’s need, budget, and checking one of the best drum machines on the list will help you find the right drum machine for you.

Get the Alesis SR-18 Drum Machine now.

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