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7 Best Drums for Jazz 2021– The Ultimate Drum Set that Fuels Your Jamming


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EDITOR’S CHOICE: Playing jazz is amazing, but, it would be great to play this genre on jazz drum sets. Gammon Percussion SP5 BK is an affordable, versatile and a great drum set for jazz playing and probably the best drum for jazz. It has reliable and good sounding drums, compact in size and really excellent in playing jazz.

When you start drumming, you are just playing any music style and genre, or even your freestyle drumming techniques. However, as you develop your skills and master this craft, you will begin to seek drum sets that are fit for the kind of music you want to play.

Most drummers tend to end up playing jazz. Jazz drum sets are still like the common drum sets, but they are great in delivering clear and subtle sounds, on the low frequency beats this genre needs. And, so, it is really very important to be picky when it comes to selecting your new drum set for jazz drumming.

And oh, while reading this article, you might want to listen to some jams.

Here’s a compilation of some of the best jazz music played with drums.

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Top 7 Best Drums for Jazz 2021

Gammon Percussion SP5 BK Drum Set

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Beginners and even seasoned players usually consider the price when buying drums for jazz. And, if you are looking for the best, yet affordable drum set that is designed for jazz drumming, check out Gammon Percussion SP5 BK.

It’s a 5-piece set with reliable drums, good cymbals, and hardware – complete set to start drumming.


  • Very affordable; has everything a jazz musician needs to get started
  • Compact size and instruments can be easily replaced and upgraded


  • Drumheads are made of plastic, which give a different sound
  • Cymbals not that good and hardware is lightweight and unreliable


Yamaha Stage Custom Birch Drum Shell Pack

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If you are in need of a more versatile drum set that can play jazz well, then, it’s Yamaha Stage Custom Birch you need. Since it comes with birch shells, you can access jazz tones without a hassle. Plus, if you can adjust and tune the drums well, this 5-piece jazz set will surely be your best drum set ever.


  • Made from the best quality materials suitable for jazz drumming
  • Drums are very responsive, no delay and produce great sounds when accurately tuned


  • Neither hardware nor cymbals are included in the pack
  • Snare drum might be a problem because of the overtones


Pearl RS584CC707 Jazz Drum Set

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Looking for a classic look Jazz drum set with the great quality offered at a bargain price? If so, then, you need the 4-piece Jazz Style Pearl RS584CC707 Drum Set. It’s made of Poplar shells with great drums and hardware that can produce excellent sound quality perfect for jazz drumming.


  • Can play right out of the box, everything is quality
  • Compact, good for jamming and delivers powerful sound even in a bigger space


  • Comes with a smaller throne, which may not be good for bigger players
  • The floor tom drum and the kick drum requires tuning


Sonor Safari Drum SSE12 Drum Set

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The shells of the Sonor Safari Drum SSE12 are made from selected basswood that gives brighter and warmer sound. The toms of this set are durable that accommodate jazz drumming very well. The snare drum in this drum set is also worth mentioning as it delivers a stronger punch, making it a great drum set for various music genres, not just jazz.


  • Very space-efficient set up even when you add cymbals on the jazz drum set
  • Bass drum produces clean and clear tones, no noise or unwanted overtones


  • Stock heads need to be replaced, poor quality
  • No hardware included in the package or cymbals


Sonor SSE 13 Drum Shell Pack

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A very reliable and compact 4-piece drum set, Sonor SSE 13 is made of Poplar. This tonewood is known to deliver bright tones and can be adjusted to lower tuning for better jazz drumming. Unfortunately, you need to change the drumheads to achieve a better-sounding drum set for jazz.


  • This jazz drum set is compact, good for transport and fits into smaller spaces, like in your room
  • Delivers great sound quality on stage, feels like an expensive drum kit


  • Changing the heads for the snare and toms is best for a better sound quality
  • Doesn’t come with a snare drum, a drum throne or cymbals


PDP by DW 5-Piece Concept Drums

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Pacific Drums has a good reputation with drums and Pacific Drums PDCM2217PW is one of its drum sets that live up to its top-notch quality.

This 5-piece drum set is perfect for jazz drumming because of the great toms onboard. These are made with the combination of all-Maple or all-Birch shells so you know you got great sounding drums.


  • Drums got the great Remo heads, which are very reliable to produce quality sound
  • Has very reliable hardware (hoops mounting) to support even the most spirited player


  • Not affordable since this is not an entry-level jazz drum set
  • The bass drum might be too large for some


Gretsch CM1E826PWG Drum Shell Pack

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If you are longing to get the warm and roomy sound to play your favorite jazz music, then, the Gretsch CM1E826PWG could be your best pick. The 6-piece drum set is made of Maple shells so you know this is reliable and durable. It comes with toms, bass drum and snare drum perfect to play all music genres – from metal to jazz and everything in between.


  • Clean and reliable GTS Mounting system
  • Very easy to tune and play full, rich tones right out of the box


  • Like most of the shell pack, this one doesn’t come with hardware and cymbals as well

How to Choose the Best Drums for Jazz

Not all drum sets are made to play jazz. Hence, for jazz musicians and enthusiasts, it’s very important to have a drum set that can accommodate the genre that you play best.

Choosing the perfect jazz drum set is a little tricky. In this article, I will reveal the three factors that you should look into when selecting your drums for jazz.

Shells construction

One of the most important factors that affect the sound quality of jazz drums it the material used for the drum shells. Although there are so many tonewoods being used for drum, Maple is still the best.

Other tonewoods are good, especially if you can tune it lower. But, Maple is still the best without the need for any further tuning and configuration.

best jazz drums

Number of Drums

You really don’t need to stick to the four-piece drum used to playing jazz. You can opt to a five or a six-piece drum set, especially if you are playing other genres. But, whatever it is, make sure that everything you have onboard is really very helpful to you.

Plan to Play for Long?

If you are planning to stick to jazz drums for several years, then invest in something complete, upgradable, and a premium one. However, if you are a beginner and just being so overwhelmed with the thought of playing jazz, then it’s better to think twice.

Drum sets are not just toys you can buy now and disregard later, it’s worth a fortune that will soon bring fortune back to you.

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Knowing that you are geared towards playing jazz is a great leap in your career, especially if you’re going to play with the best drums for jazz. But, choosing the best requires not only your money, but a thorough evaluation of your needs and your dedication.

Once you’ve known your needs and your commitment to playing jazz, the seven best products above are reliable to help you master jazz drumming.

Get the Gammon Percussion SP5 BK here.

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