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Kawai ES100 Review (2022)

Editor's Pick
Kawai ES100 Digital Piano
The Kawai ES100 digital piano has the authentic piano tones for a price that far less compared to other pianos of its class. There is a combination of both a top quality hammer key action and the 88-note piano sampling for that realistic piano experience. With the many unique sounds to choose from, its a versatile piano for all beginner and advanced pianists.
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The Kawai ES100 Digital Piano

Known as one of the finest keyboards from Kawai, the ES100 offers the sound quality and excellent hammer action that makes it feel like you’re playing with the real thing. It comes with all the useful features one needs to become a portable electronic piano for all types of use.


Advanced Hammer Action IV-F

The Kawai ES100 comes with the advanced hammer action IV-F, which would capture the feel of an acoustic grand piano. It has the innovative springless design which has the consistent motions, ensuring the natural and smooth experience.

Similar as to how piano hammers are heavy in the bass and lightens as you move at the treble ends, the Hammer Action would use various hammer weights which are graded for every playing range. Kawai really gives attention to detail, which offers stability as you play various pieces for the control and beautiful sound you need.


Harmonic Imaging Technology

As you begin playing with the Kawai ES100, you’ll be able to enjoy the stunning sounds similar to the handcrafted Kawai concert grand piano.

It has the 88 keys recorded and reproduced with the use of Kawai’s Harmonic Imaging Technology. This type of technology would recreate the dynamic range of a grand piano, so you have the measure of expressiveness from the bottom to top range.

Furthermore, it comes with a total of 19 sounds, from electric pianos, choir, or orchestral strings. You have all these sounds for versatility for just about any performance.

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Excellent Feature for the Budding Pianist

The Kawai ES100 digital piano has the three sing recorder so you’re able to record your performances to its internal memory. After that, you can even play it to hear your performance and progress. This is best for the budding pianist who wants to ensure that they are on the right track as they continue to practice.

Furthermore, the piano has the lesson greater which has beginners learn the piano with its collection of Alfred course books and Burmueller etudes. You can even practice both right and left-hand parts separately and adjust its tempos to master the passages.

It even comes with a built-in metronome that would offer a ton of variety of time signatures and adjustable tempos to practice better.

Good Connectivity with a Song Recorder

Like mentioned, the Kawai ES100 comes with a song recorder to help monitor your progress. It also comes with the MIDI In and Out jacks so you can connect to your computers or digital instruments. Besides that, you can also choose to use their headphone jacks so you can practice and play in peace.


Many Modes to Choose From

Like mentioned, there are many tones and sounds to choose from, with classical pianos, cocktail piano, liturgical piano, and pop piano. It also has a dual mode, so it would allow you to play two voices simultaneously. Split Mode would allow two voices to play on two halves on your keyboard. That way, the piano can be shared for group lessons or for one-on-one instructions.


  • An amazing instrument for pianists who need it for gigs
  • Great feel with a graded hammer action for an authentic feel
  • Fine and durable construction built to last
  • Has harmonic imaging technology which offers the stunning sound similar to a grand piano
  • A bit pricier compared to other digital pianos
  • Some complaints of having an output for single sustain pedals only
  • Speakers aren’t very powerful



The Kawai ES100 has a lot of impressive features that make it an excellent choice for any performer. However, it does have its drawbacks.

While there aren’t a lot of complaints about the piano, there is a price issue, as it’s a bit higher than most other digital keyboards. But it does come with the latest technology that makes it worth its price.

Another complaint from some reasons is its output, as it only has one for a single sustain pedal, though this is typical for most digital keyboards. Also, the speakers may not be as powerful, meaning it can be overpowered when playing it alongside instruments if played without an amp.

My Verdict

Editor's Pick
Kawai ES100 Digital Piano
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Now that you know all about the Kawai ES100, is it really worth the investment? We can say yes, as it comes with an excellent price for its value.

The Kawai ES100 is best suited for those who are looking for a stage piano or when you want the ultimate piano experience when practicing. For both performance and value, you get the best for its portability and sound quality. Complete with graded hammers and the sublime sound,

With its grand piano sound and variety of tones available, you have everything you need to perform on stage.


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