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Yamaha P71 Review 2021

Editor's Pick
YAMAHA P71 88-Key Digital Piano
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Yamaha P71 Digital Piano – An Overview

For beginners and those who are very serious to progress to a pro pianist, but don’t want to spend much, Yamaha’s digital piano is perfect for you. And, one of the most suitable digital pianos you should have is the Yamaha P71.

Since it’s a Yamaha, you are assured of its quality – it’s built to last. It comes with great and realistic sound effects, easily playable keys, amazing action and sturdy build. Below are some of the stunning features of the digital piano that won’t let you stop until you become a star.


Compact and Lightweight

Even though this is offered at a lower price, Yamaha never sacrificed its brand reputation with poorly made instruments. Its design is simple, but very sturdy. It weighs around 25 pounds, which makes it handy and movable.

Yamaha P71 review
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P71 is quite compact and slim. It only measures 12 inches in depth, which makes it ideal for those who have space problems. It comes in two colors – black and white.


Smooth and Playable Keyboard

Like most of Yamaha’s keyboards, the P71 also has 88-weighted keys, which helps beginners train their fingers. Of course, this is not only for new pianists, but for anyone to train their fingers and make them stronger.

Hence, this will prepare your fingers for faster performances and arpeggios.

Though the keys are GHS weigthed, they don’t seem to be that heavy. You still have full control and it seems they are very smooth to touch and play. This gives you a realistic feel and a very surprising response.


Very Simple to Operate

You don’t need to go through thick user manuals or search over the internet to get to know the functions of each knob, button and control. This one only comes with very a simple volume fader and a function button.

You can have access to various settings by simply holding the “Function” button down and pressing the keys labeled for that function. Say, for example, you’ll change the voices or configure the metronome. You can simply press the button and press the key corresponding to the function you need to access.

Exciting Additional Features

It’s always a plus to get more exciting features. Not only will it seals the deal, it also makes you more versatile and enhances your skills faster. The more features your digital piano has, the quicker you can develop your own unique playing style, as a musician.

Though it’s very simple, you can still do a few tricks with it. It has a dual mode, recording feature and USB connectivity.

The dual mode allows you to combine two instruments and play them simultaneously. You can have strings on the left half side of the digital piano and, maybe piano on the right half side. With this mode, you can also play it with a partner.

Recording your practice sessions is great for learning and you can do it with this digital piano. You’ll also have the power to connect it to your phone or computer via USB port. Should you wish to transfer and edit your recording, these features are very helpful.

This digital piano comes with sound sampling feature. This one helps you achieve the great sounds of the original grand piano. It has 10 different voices, which allow you to explore and discover your creativity.

With all these features, you’ll be able to produce great sounds from its simple construction and limited effects.


Great Value for its Price

This is not just reasonably priced, this is already a bargain, but a great one. Even though you’ll only have to buy it for a few hundred, it’s already packed with tons of features. Might still be limited for some, but, for beginners, it’s all that they need to get started.


Perfect for Beginners

There is no other digital piano that is playable, portable and affordable as the Yamaha P71.

This is especially for those who just started their career as a pianist, but are sure to get an upgrade the moment they upgrade their skills. Being tagged as one of the cheapest digital pianos in the market, it’s sure is a great investment for those who want to play a digital piano, but don’t want to pay a lot.

  • Keys feel like a real acoustic piano
  • Volume get pretty high and pretty low, and the sound remains crystal clear
  • Best value for your money
  • Headphone jack is at the back, might be difficult to access
  • Limited functions and controls
  • Sustain pedal seems so cheap and doesn’t work all the time


This might not be great for you but…

Although it has all the basic components for you to play a digital piano, it still lacks more features.

It has limited add-on effects, voices, and functionality.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a digital piano that you can grow old with and play complicated music pieces, this might not be for you.

You need to have more advanced, and perhaps, a little more expensive digital piano. Yamaha P71 is somewhat purposefully designed to aid your rehearsals, though it might still do well in live performance, as well.



Editor's Pick
YAMAHA P71 88-Key Digital Piano
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

It’s a great digital piano for starters and pros who just want to play common classical music pieces from a simple digital piano. It’s complete and excellent when it comes to basic functionality.

Is it a real deal?

Definitely. For budget buyers, this is definitely the digital piano you need. It’s playable, easy to adjust and it’s really an excellent-sounding digital piano.


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