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Kawai ES110 Review (2021) – Is This Digital Piano Worth It?


Quick Review: If you’re looking for something that can go well with both the home and stage performances, then the Kawai ES110 Digital Piano is an excellent choice. It comes with a host of features and only weighs a mere 27 pounds, making it one of the lightest and transport-friendly pianos available on the market.

The Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano

One of the most recent additions to the ES portable piano series, the Kawai ES110 doesn’t fail to offer the travel-friendly features and quality sounds for performers and beginners alike. From its popularity and the realistic sound and feel, the ES110 will not disappoint and comes at an affordable price everyone will admire.


Responsive Compact Action

When you have a digital piano, you’ll want to make sure that it feels just like the real acoustic piano. With the ES110, you have just that with the Responsive Hammer Compact action mechanism. This mechanism would use the similar principles as the higher-end Hammer-III action, but this one is more compact to be ideal for the ES110.

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The RHC uses plastic-key actions, utilizing the two-sensor technology where small hammers are used when creating a mechanical movement that feels similar to acoustic pianos. Also, the hammers are graded, meaning the low-register keys feel heavier and become lighter as you move up the piano.


Designed for Portability

One of the first things you’ll appreciate about the ES110 is its portable design built for portability and to fit in smaller places. It still has the similar appearance of its predecessor, the Kawai ES100. Coming with the simple and stylish design, it has the portability that can fit in small spaces, ideal for either small dormitories or apartments.

The ES110 can be placed on tables or desks, and while not convenient, is still entirely possible. It’s also great to use when traveling for gigs or if you’d like to use it on the road. It doesn’t come with a stand but that can be bought separately.

kawai es110 digital piano review

Classic Kawai Grand Piano Sound

Kawai uses their original Harmonic Imaging sound source with all of their 88 keys, using piano sampling from their concert grand pianos. This implies that each of the ES110’s keys is sampled individually, which would preserve the unique tonal characteristics.

It sounds similar to that of a concert grand piano, recreating the nuances thanks to Kawai using various recording methods and equipment. This goes for all the sounds they have to offer, with 19 built-in instrument sounds available to customize the music according to what you want for concerts and practice.

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Extra Features for Both Beginner and Advanced Pianists

Another impressive thing about the ES110 is that it comes with a host of features that make it worth more than what you pay for.

For starters, it comes with a dual mode that allows you to play two different instruments that sound alike when you press one key. Also, it has a split mode where you can play different instrument sounds when playing with either your left or right hand.

Another feature is its MIDI recorder and the lesson function, which are both important and beneficial for beginners who are still learning various pieces.


Quality Speakers For Its Price

The Kawai ES110 uses a speaker system that consists of 7W amp speakers, which have been improved since the ES100. You won’t expect the similar sound system like before, as this time it is much more decent and offers a clearer, richer should, which is almost indistinguishable than that of an acoustic piano.

It isn’t as loud as the acoustic piano sound, however, it is quite convincing. They are loud enough to play in a room for small gigs or performances in the living room, though. And when you use headphones with it, the experience is made even better.

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  • Compact and lightweight, perfect for traveling and moving during gigs
  • Great value for a digital piano with a host of practical features
  • Easy to connect via Bluetooth and settings can be adjusted through smart devices
  • Does have internal recorder which allows you to record up to three songs
  • Doesn’t have any USB ports but has Bluetooth connectivity
  • No built-in recorder for multi-track recording
  • Not much variety on the sounds and tones



The ES110 comes with a host of great features and specs many will appreciate, but there are still a few things that it needs to improve on.

For starters, there are limited sound options, which may not be suitable for those who need something versatile for their performances. Also, they don’t have the USB ports, although they have the Bluetooth MIDI connectivity, which is something more users appreciate.

Also, it doesn’t have the built-in recorder and a display, though you are able to control the piano’s settings through connected Apple devices, which would compensate for the lack of a display.


My Verdict

After reading up on all the ES110’s specs and drawbacks, is this the digital piano for you?

If you’re looking for something suitable for your gigs and to travel with wherever you go, then Kawai ES110 is an excellent choice. Only weighing less than 30 pounds and with the various tones and settings to customize the sound you need for performances, pianists can take advantage of what this piano has to offer.

While it doesn’t have a built-in recorder or USB ports, it still comes with Bluetooth connectivity, which is made even better and can connect to your Apple devices to navigate through the Kawai’s settings.

All in all, it has technology and portability in mind, making it worth the investment.

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