5 Best Beginner French Horns – Top Reviews in 2023

Best Beginner French Horn Guide

Trying to take up the French horn for your band, or just want to learn how to play this strong sounded instrument?

Getting the best beginner French horn may be quite daunting for the first-timer though, so read on as I show you the five best ones!

How to Choose the Best Beginner French Horn

Like mentioned, it’s unite confusing choosing a proper horn for you especially if you’re still a beginner! Here are the helpful factors to consider when doing so:

Beginner Horn Size

It’s best to find something that comes at a smaller size for both children and beginner adults. This helps them learn the correct breathing and posture when playing. Full-size French horns are also good, though F or Bb French horns are most recommended first. 

Its Mouthpiece

A mouthpiece for French horns makes or breaks the sound and comfort quality of your French Horn. It should be comfortable and fit your mouth, while made of the good quality made to help produce better sounds.

Focus On Sound

Just like all instruments, sound quality should be prioritized. The French horn should be comfortable to play with while providing the adequate sound which plays in your sweet spot (though this depends on the genre you want to play and your personal preference).

5 Best Beginner French Horns (2023 Reviews)

After much research and consideration, these are the five best French Horns for beginners to purchase and try out now:

Mendini MFH-20 French Horn

We Recommend
Mendini MFH-20 French Horn

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Mendini is known for their excellent quality of instruments, with the MFH-20 French Horn being one of them. It has the complete package, including the mouthpiece, a hard case, polishing cloth, gloves, and even a tuner with a metronome to get started easily.

This is made of the yellow brass construction, crafted well and looks like it can hold up to at least a year of content usage. Plus, it has the 12″ bell, a .450″ bore and three solid rotors, which is suitable for beginners as it brings out the bold sound with good projection.

  • The French horn has the bold sound with great projection
  • It has an excellent finish with shiny appearance and solid construction
  • It comes with all the necessary accessories to begin playing as a beginner
  • There may be some issues with sticky keys
  • It comes without a water valve


Monel Rotors Bb/F Double French Horn

Also Great
Monel Rotors Bb/F 4 Keys Double French Horn

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Another good purchase goes to the Monel Rotors Bb/F Double French Horn. While it’s pricier than the usual ones I’ve tested, it offers the excellent quality adult beginners will appreciate. It has the good feel to it, making it playable for both beginners and intermediate players to appreciate.

The mouthpiece included is also wider, which is better for providing enough air. As long as it’s lubricated well and that you care for it, it can last for a long time. Two thumbs up!

  • It’s easy to use and play with good feel
  • Great construction for beginners and intermediate players
  • Has the adequate sound projection and tone for practice
  • There are some complaints of sticky keys and valves
  • It would be difficult to find replacement parts if needed


Queen Brass Mellophone French Horn

Queen Brass Mellophone French Horn

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What makes the Queen Brass Mellophone French Horn the best for beginners is its antique look and amazing quality. For its price, you won’t expect much, but this exceeds expectations and satisfies both student and instructor. It comes with a case and quality mouthpiece, playing in the key of Bb which is suitable for beginners.

It does have a few things to improve on, but for its price you can’t ask for anything more. This beginner trombone has what you need to enjoy learning, and can be used for the long run.

  • French horn has an antique look with a cool silver finish
  • It’s easy to carry around with a bag included
  • Has a great tone and excellent playability for a beginner French horn
  • The case has a weird smell
  • Spit valve on main tuning slide has a cork missing


Yamaha YHR-314II Student F French Horn

Yamaha YHR-314II Student F French Horn

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Now the Yamaha French Horn comes at a very expensive price for a beginner student, but it’s totally worth it for the qualities it brings. It’s lightweight and a single horn, making it easy to use and less complicated to learn for both young and older students. It also comes at the key of F single for good tones that match many music genres.

The French Horn includes an excellent mouthpiece, which improves both response and intonation. This instrument itself is easy to handle and learn from as well, with a better fit and being made of quality brass for less chances of corrosion.

  • Made from a reputable brand with excellent construction to last
  • Perfect for beginner students as a single horn with lightweight properties
  • Has great sound and better response when played
  • Comes at a very expensive price
  • Doesn’t include other accessories


Ammoon B/Bb French Horn

The ammoon French Horn comes at a slightly cheap to moderate price for beginner French horns, but it passes. It has all the necessary features without any frills, including the mouthpiece, cleaning cloth, casing, and gloves. The gloves aren’t that useful, though the rest have purpose and are made of the excellent materials that make it last as long as the instrument.

The brass gold lacquer projects the deep, rich sounds you would expect from a B/Bb Flat. The tuning slide of this single-row French horn is smooth and everything works even better than expected.

  • Deep and rich tone
  • Surpasses sound expectations
  • Excellent quality construction and included accessories
  • Has a decent mouthpiece that provides air for sound projection and control
  • Not made for performances
  • Better for practices and learning
  • Requires a lot of care and maintenance to keep it working for long


Wrapping It Up

Editor's Choice
Queen Brass Mellophone French Horn

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

After my tests and research, I believe that the Queen brass French horn is best. Moderately-priced but with all the necessary features a beginner French horn needs, it surpasses expectations from appearance to sound. It’s what makes it definitely worth the investment!

I hope this article on the best beginner French horn helped you out! So don’t wait any longer and check out any of these reviews now. If you have any questions or want to share your own experiences with these horns, then comment below. I’d love to hear what you have to think!


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