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Yamaha FS800 Review (2021) – Small Acoustic Guitar, Big Sound

Editor’s Note: In this Yamaha FS800 review, we’ll take a look if this budget guitar is worth buying.

At the affordable price set, the Yamaha FS800 is ideal for any beginner guitarists, specifically for small players thanks to its small size. But it isn’t only limited to that, thanks to its many more unique features that make this guitar an original Yamaha.

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YAMAHA FS800 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar
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  • Ha a small body but still produces big and excellent sound
  • The guitar is well-made and finished with premium materials for an amazing appearance
  • Excellent craftsmanship for added durability to last for years of playing
  • Affordable price with great value and package compared to others of the similar price range


  • Concert sized acoustic guitar may be too small for some players
  • No strap button on the body’s neck side
  • No inlay or dot on the neck of the third fret

Small Body

The main (and only) difference between the FG and FS series is that the latter comes with a smaller body compared to the dreadnought. With the concert-sized guitar, you will be able to easily travel along with it thanks to its light weight and compact body.

Furthermore, the FS800 is smaller and thinner than models from the FG series, which makes it easy and more comfortable to play with. Plus, because it comes with a hardshell case, you are assured protection for your guitar whether you are on-the-go or storing it at home, making it the perfect model if you’re always traveling.


Because of its small body, the Yamaha FS800 is more ideal players with small hands. This is because players with short or smaller hands will find better comfort as they strum through the FS800’s tighter string spacing and shorter neck.

But with that being said, many other players, will still be able to enjoy the comfort of playing with the FS800. It has the versatile sound and feel that makes beginner and advanced guitarists alike enjoy strumming with it.


Because you are getting an original Yamaha FS800, always expect strength and durability that has the guitar last for almost a lifetime.

Its strength resonates from the lifespan down to its sound, which continues to stay comfortable without loss of bass or volume.

Excellent Tone and Sound

Another difference between the FS800 and FG800 is its sound, but not too distinct to make any complaints.

The FS800 is slightly warmer with a louder sound, compared to the FG800 who has more emphasis on bass and with more sustain. These differences are barely noticeable and the FS800 still continues to surprise with its loud projection even with its size.

When played, the FS800 has the authentic and well-balanced sounds that do not sacrifice its robust strength. Despite it having a thinner body, it still projects sound well and has the sweet tone for fingerpicking and recording.

Original Yamaha FS Series

Besides the size, there are only slight differences between the Yamaha FG800 and FS800. However, both are still of the excellent Yamaha quality we know and love.

Both acoustic guitars have the solid Sitka spruce top, the nato neck, and the rosewood sides for the amazing sounds and strength to last. You are assured that the guitar was made of the original Yamaha standard, coming with a complete package and excellent customer services to respond to any requests you may have.

You get the classic look and feel of a Yamaha guitar, a manufacturer well-known for their impressive acoustic guitars and other instruments.



Editor's Pick
YAMAHA FS800 Small Body Solid Top Acoustic Guitar
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

From its solid spruce top down to its classic tonewood combination for the authentic tone, the FS800 surpasses expectations for any skilled player.

While it does have a small size, it’s what makes it ideal for travelers and players with small frames alike. However, don’t let that limit you! With its premium qualities at an affordable price, the Yamaha FS800 makes for a great partner for your next performance.

With that being said, is the FS800 worth the investment?

While the size may be a limitation for some, small players, regardless of experience, can take advantage of the excellent materials and quality sound the acoustic guitar has to offer.

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