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Yamaha APX500III Review (2022)

You have a lot going for when you invest in the Yamaha APX500III Thinline. Not only do you get the perfect resonance when strumming but you also have the decent hardware and versatile sound that players of all levels will appreciate.

While it isn’t the most exceptional, it does a job well done and will last for many performances.

The Yamaha APX500III Thinline Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar

New & Upgraded Version
Yamaha APX600 NA Thin Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar
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The Yamaha APX500III Thinline Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar fuses comfort, easy access, and incredible sound that one can use on-stage. With a lightweight body and solid construction, you get what you pay for and more. And because it comes from a reputable manufacturer known for their quality instruments, you can’t go wrong with this guitar.


  • Thinline body that’s lightweight and easy to play with
  • Excellent finish and solid construction for strength and durability
  • Fast action and no buzz heard while strumming
  • Easy to access controls for quick adjustments and is beginner-friendly
  • Good value for its sound and playability


  • Comes at a slightly higher price compared to other entry-level guitars
  • No auto shutoff for battery
  • Strumming the guitar makes it sound a bit hollow or thin
  • The package doesn’t come with any case or bag

Comfortable Playing Experience

The first thing one would notice about the Yamaha APX500III is its lightweight body. You’ll be surprised with the thin line design that makes it easy to hold and play for long performances without the bulkiness. Furthermore, the guitar also has a single cutaway that makes it easier to reach the guitar’s higher frets. But with that being said, you still get the full-size experience.

The next thing you’ll notice is its many colors to choose from. Though it comes in a variety of colors, you still get class and glossiness. It has a solid spruce top, nato back and sides, as well as a rosewood fretboard. Though the guitar isn’t made from the American workshop, I comment its craftsmanship.

Easy to Use for Beginners

The guitar is an electro-acoustic model that comes with the system-66 pickup system from Yamaha. It’s a straightforward preamp that’s easy for beginners to get used to, also coming with an under-saddle piezo pickup, the simple controls, and even a mid-range frequency control you can quickly adjust.

But that’s not the highlight of the guitar. What I’m impressed about it is its built-in digital tuner, which is easy to use and understand.

Because of all these features and the simple hardware, beginners and advanced players will have no trouble adjusting to the sound they want to achieve. From its body down to its electronics, you won’t have a problem.

Newer Models (Yamaha APX600)

Most usual complaints I see on the APX500 series is the lack of sound response, especially the bass.

New & Upgraded Version
Yamaha APX600 NA Thin Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Though the non-scalloped bracing is a good thing(it makes the guitar more durable), it also contributes to the guitar on having a “bland sound.” It’s really is bad when played on acoustic alone.

I think Yamaha have addressed this issue, making a way to improve bass response and overall sound quality(thanks to the new scalloped bracing pattern) on their new model, the Yamaha APX600 series. I gotta say, you have to check out this guitars!

Affordable Price For Its Solid Construction

If you have already done your research about prospective guitars, then you may have noticed that the Yamaha APX500III comes at a slightly higher price than others. Yes, compared to entry-level guitars, you will be shelling out a bit more over your budget. However, once you see and feel its construction, you know you are paying for quality.

The APX offers not just comfort (as mentioned), but also top-fret access and the perfect sound to play when on-stage. It also has a specially-designed non-scalloped X-type bracing, which would maximize the body’s resonance (which we will get into later).

Excellent Sound With Resonance

When playing acoustically, expect big projection and a lot of resonance thanks to its non-scalloped X-type bracing. It also has a recognizable sound hole that makes it have an apple low-end. You can say it has more bass than you would want but it has the clear and balanced sounds.

When you plug the guitar into an amp, you will get an even more extensive tonal range, and you can use it for just about any genre when you fiddle with the controls just right.


Lastly, whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or an advanced player, you will enjoy the Yamaha’s impressive specs. It also doesn’t matter where you will use it for, may it be for solo jamming sessions or on-stage performances. You will still get the fantastic sounds many will be amazed by.

The guitar is versatile when it comes to playing a variety of genres. Whether you play acoustic or metallic songs, the guitar will be able to deliver and performs excellently.

Additionally, you can use it for strumming or fingerpicking without much of the buzz.

However, do take note that strumming can make the sounds come off as a bit hollow.


New & Upgraded Version
Yamaha APX600 NA Thin Body Acoustic-Electric Guitar
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

The Yamaha APX500III comes with fantastic specs one wouldn’t expect from entry-level guitars. With easy-to-access controls and a lightweight body, beginners and advanced players will appreciate how easy it is to play with. Plus, it can be used for a variety of genres. Yes, it doesn’t have the best hardware nor does it come in a complete package, but its exceptional sound makes one forget about it.

In the end, is it worth the extra dollars to get a guitar like the Yamaha APX500III?

If you have the extra budget to invest in an excellently made guitar, then the Yamaha APX500III is the ideal choice. Regardless of how far you are in the world of music and guitar playing, you will be able to enjoy its full range and flexibility in what you play with. Add comfort and style to the package, and you will see the Yamaha’s worth and quality.


  1. As has been said, it’s a fine guitar for the money. Constrction is right on. No, it’s not a Martin or Taylor but you’re only spending 300 bucks, not $3000!
    Acoustically, the sound is a little weak, but after trying different strings and picks (yes, changing guitar picks can make a big difference in sound) I’ve found the optimum sound for this guitar.
    BTW, I do own Martin and Taylor guitars but this Yamaha has a place in the pecking order. It’s comfortable size makes it enjoyable to play when I’m “couching it”. I have the blue and it is a gorgeous color which gets many positive comments.

    Is it worth it? Well, at the time of my comments the APX500III has been replaced by the 600 series. If you can still find it I’d say, yes, pick one up. It’s a worthy guitar to enjoy!

  2. Bought mine in natural from Guitar Center a year and half ago. Loved the thin body, neck and ease of playing. Great sound plugged in, not as good as a dreadnought unplugged, but still not bad. Then the bad: preamp crapped out last month although guitar was cared for extremely well, no longer in warranty (1 year) and no replacement preamps available. Guitar Center does not service, will try to get to an authorized Yamaha servicer, but not likely to be economically repairable and may have to try and find a preamp to fit with minimal modifications to guitar body. Searched online and it’s apparently a common problem with the preamp. Very disappointed, should not have failed at this young age and not sure I will buy Yamaha again. I have several Ibanez acoustic electrics in this same price range (and some cheaper, no name) and the electronics on those are still going strong in some instances for 10 years.


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