What Happened to LMFAO? The Iconic Duo Behind “Party Rock Anthem”

What Happened to LMFAO

Playlists were on fire whenever hit singles from LMFAO would blast from party speakers.

People in the party scene have listened to at least one song from them because no house party or event is complete without songs like “Party Rock Anthem” or “Sexy and I Know It” back in the early 2010s.

The hit electro-pop soundtracks would even dominate clubs until morning, and even on beach parties all over the world.

Their world domination lasted for years, and if you have been in the party scene from the early to late 2010s, you might have noticed how their songs slowly faded away from the speakers. 

If you are wondering what happened to the hit-making group, read on to find out.

What exactly happened to LMFAO?

LMFAO had been living its dreams of becoming hit stars in various performances and events ever since its debut.

One of their biggest performances was playing in the Superbowl back in 2012 with Madonna. But unfortunately, in the same year, the group announced an indefinite hiatus.

This break shook the duo’s fans to the core and since then, they have not been making music together. After the announcement, rumors went on about how one of them kept the other out of the loop, but there is no confirmation on this news.

Other reports from the same year revealed how they both grew tired of maintaining the act, and had to break up to prevent further disputes.

They now went on to have their separate ways,  and still made music on their own.

Four years after they broke up, allegations on the financial aspect sprouted but were still not confirmed by either party.

What is LMFAO?

LMFAO is a duo from Los Angeles consisting of an uncle and nephew tandem born last 2006.

The duo came on to the electronic dance music scene in 2008 with a hit single, and which was later on released together with a full album the next year.

Their name is thought to be the initialism of Laughing My Freaking Ass Off, as popularized in the era’s slang.

lmfao artist logo

LMFAO cited Madonna and Michael Jackson as their musical influences, and later on, the duo became a huge influence to hip hop groups and electronic dance music artists.

They have been featured on other artists and have done collaboration performances with David Guetta, Lauren Bennett, Kesha, Far Eastern Movement, and Snoop Dogg among others.


Who are the people in LMFAO?

As previously mentioned, LMFAO is a duo that consists of an uncle and nephew tandem.

Redfoo, the uncle in the duo, is the stage name for Stephen Kendal Gordy.

red foo
Red foo

He is a musical producer, singer, songwriter, DJ, and rapper who initiated a duo with his nephew.

In 1994, Redfoo worked with various artists with the likes of the rapper Ahmad, Figgkid, and The Blackeyed Peas.

Skyler Austen Gordy, also known as Sky Blu, closely became like his uncle who is musically inclined and became a singer, rapper, and songwriter.

sky blu
Sky Blu

Together, Redfoo and SkyBlu formed the duo LMFAO which slowly rose to fame for their electronic dance hits.


How did LMFAO become so popular?

It’s hard to make a name in the music industry without any connections.

Redfoo is the son of Berry Gordy Jr., who is the founder of an American record label called Motown Records.

Motown Records is under Universal Music Group and is known to produce soul music with its African-American origins.

In 2006, LMFAO was formed, but it was not until 2008 where they released the hit Party Rock EP and a full album in 2009.

A year after their first album release, LMFAO was featured in David Guetta’s song entitled Getting Over You which got international attention.

With their exposure in the limelight, they released the music video for Party Rock Anthem which changed their lives.

The song was an instant hit all over the globe and even had 2 billion Youtube views.

In the same year, the duo released their second album and went on a very successful Asian Tour with cities like Manila, Singapore, Taipei, and others.

They also released songs that defined the year’s party scene which includes Champagne Showers, Sexy and I Know It, and more.


Why listen to LMFAO today?

Even though there are brand new songs that hit up the party and clubbing scene today, LMFAO’s hit songs have been so iconic that even though you haven’t listened to them before, you will jive in and bounce with the rhythm of their songs.

House parties that throwback old songs surely feature LMFAO songs like “Sorry for Party Rocking”, “Shots”, “Party Rock Anthem”, and “Sexy and I Know It”, among others.

Listening to their songs gives off an upbeat vibe in the room, and surely brings memories of the fun times.

The beat and the lyrics of their songs are perfect to break out the silence in the room, no matter what activity or event you are having.


Where can you listen to LMFAO?

Even in modern times, you can still listen to songs that rocked the early 2010s from LMFAO.

There are various streaming platforms where you can dance to and rock with LMFAO like the old times.



Spotify has a collection of the duo’s discography way back in 2009.

The famous streaming platform also has a collection of their hit singles and albums that will bring back memories of the old party scene.


Youtube Music

You can also rock out to LMFAO in Youtube Music if you are the type to hang out with their songs while watching their videos.

Youtube Music also has the option that just lets you listen to their music alone.


Apple Music

LMFAO can also be heard through Apple Music’s vast collection of songs and albums.



It is impossible for Millennials to skip a song from LMFAO if it starts playing again.

LMFAO has been an icon in the electronic dance music industry, and their songs will live on despite how they now live their careers separately.

In an interview, Sky Blu clarified that beyond their musical and professional ties, they are family so it would be impossible for them to completely break up.

With the indefinite hiatus, it might be possible for them to get back together.

LMFAO left the EDM industry with iconic songs that shaped an era, but knowing how they live with their passion for music until now is enough to keep us hoping to see and hear them again.


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