What Happened to Firefly Guitars? Are They Gone Forever?

What Happened to Firefly Guitars

If you are here, you might have already heard about the quality of a Firefly guitar and would want to get your hands on one but to no avail because you cannot find a Firefly guitar anywhere.

Firefly Guitars have grown popular over the recent years for their guitars sold at a very affordable price.

They are the perfect guitar alternative for beginners or those who enjoy playing guitar as a hobby but do not have the budget and money for expensive guitars.

But what happened to Firefly Guitars?

You are probably wondering if they are still in the guitar market or they have stopped production.

No need to worry – Firefly guitars are still very much in the guitar community.

However, they became a bit hard to find.

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Firefly FF338 Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar
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What Exactly Happened to Firefly Guitars?

Let us get this out of the way – Firefly Guitars did not go out of business. Nothing happened except that the guitars Firefly sells became so in-demand that finding a firefly guitar today is difficult.

So, Moreover- What is Firefly Guitars?

Firefly Guitars are considered beginner-class guitars at a budget-friendly price point.

An excellent guitar depends on the quality of its materials, its craftsmanship, and the price tag.

The higher the quality is, the higher its price range will be.

Firefly Guitars was able to bridge the gap and successfully created cheaper alternative electric guitars but with uncompromised quality.

Firefly Guitars use high-quality materials with quality build and tone as any other high-end guitars.

The Firefly guitars are of a robust quality and can withstand minor knocks without damaging the guitar.

The paintwork on Firefly guitars is also impressive.

A Firefly electric guitar is available in golden colors, finished with some sparkles and a deep blue shade with different gradients of blue.

That is why a lot of guitar players would like to get their hands on the instrument.

Who makes Firefly Guitars?

As for who is making Firefly guitars, there is not much information on that (unfortunately).

What we know is that Firefly Guitars seems like an independent brand that mass-produces its instruments in China. The entire process happens in China which makes it price so cheap.

Firefly Guitars then sell them in the market through third-party vendors such as Amazon. Guitar Gardens also sells Firefly Guitars, but even there, the guitars are gone as soon as they’re out.

How did Firefly Guitars become so popular?

The popularity of Firefly Guitars all started with a Youtube review on Firefly FF338 made by popular Youtuber Guitar Max.

The video went viral in the guitar community, awed with its build, sound, and tone quality but most especially its price tag.

A good $139 for an electric guitar that creates great music. What more could one possibly ask?

Soon enough, everyone wants to get a hold of the affordable Firefly guitar. Amazon’s stocks of FF338 and Firefly Guitars sold out.

New limited shipments of Firefly guitars sell out immediately in the next few days.

A lot of other YouTubers went and reviewed the guitar as well, giving Firefly Guitars more traction.

The electric guitars became so popular that they are so hard to find because they immediately sell out.

Amazon would have them listed occasionally, but the stocks are limited, and the guitars are gone before you can click to buy them.

Why Choose Firefly Guitars Today?

Firefly Guitars are essentially the budget-friendly alternative, with the same features, build, and sound as the most popular and impressive guitar in the guitar industry.

The Firefly FF338, for example, is almost a direct replica of the Gibson ES 335.

Editor's Pick
Firefly FF338 Semi-Hollow Body Electric Guitar
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A Les Paul instrument is known for its excellent design, build quality, and sound quality.

The brand has been in the music scene for so long and is the standard for other instruments.

However, to get your hands on a Gibson ES 335, it will cost you around $3,000 of good money.

Classic Vintage Guitar
Gibson ES-335 Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Firefly FF338 has all the exquisite features from Gibson ES 335, but a Firefly Guitar has a more affordable price range.

From the Pearloid dot inlays and a rosewood fingerboard of the Gibson ES 335, the Firefly FF338 has it all.

It is almost as if you are playing the classic Gibson Les Paul instrument.

Why Choose a Semi-Hollow Body Guitar to Play?

Another reason why you should consider getting a Firefly Guitar is because of its semi-hollow body design.

A semi-hollow body guitar is more lightweight.

A Firefly guitar is easy to play and carry around with ease. It is designed to provide ease of use for experts and beginners alike.

A Semi-hollow body guitar also produces sounds that can also be unique to the ear. They create dynamic music that you can easily harmonize with the whole band.

You also have more control over its feedback and distortion.

And, of course, semi-hollow body guitars cost less compared to other guitars.

Read our guide on the best semi-hollow body guitars here.

Where Can You Buy Firefly Guitars?

Firefly guitars sell out fast, so you have to keep a constant eye out on the following sites if you want to buy a Firefly guitar.


Amazon is the primary distributor of Firefly Guitars.

They occasionally have an inventory of Firefly Guitars but are gone a few days later.

Guitars Garden

The only other website that carries Firefly Guitars is Guitars Garden.

Unlike Amazon, not a lot of people know Guitars Garden, so you can have a bit more luck in finding a Firefly guitar on this website.


Reverb almost always has a stock of Firefly guitars available.

However, the instruments can be a bit more pricey on this website compared to the original price of the guitar.

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So, what happened to Firefly Guitars?

Nothing happened.

The business is fine, and the instruments still exist in today’s market.

Its massive popularity just made it hard to find and get a hold of, with new stock selling out within a few days.

If you want to get your hands on that electric guitar, but you are on a budget, do not worry.

Just be patient and frequently keep your eye out on different sites for new stocks and listings.


  1. Guitarsgarden.com is the official retailer for firefly guitars, they have plenty for sale as we speak. They are alive and well with more guitars coming in stock in August. Get a website monitor so you will be notified, but buy quick some models sell out in 10 mins

  2. Bought my 338 from the non-Amazon seller of Fireflys. Purchased based on positive reviews and a desire to scratch the semi hollow itch inexpensively. I expected to make hardware upgrades and work on the frets but was optimistic about the finish and basic shell based on the many reviews. My ice tea sunburst had the usual expected bridge and rough fret issues but my surprise was the significant finish flaws on the back of the guitar. There were multiple obvious discolored scrapes in the finish under the clear coat and a 1 inch square area where someone had tried to sand out a flaw and never repaired the sanding scratches. These were not subtle flaws and indicate that there is absolutely no QC on these guitars coming out if the factory (or reselling returns). I contacted the seller who thanked me for the pictures and feedback and offered an $18 credit.

    While a credit is a great solution for minor hardware swaps that I had happily planned to do on my own it does nothing to resolve fairly major finish flaws. I don’t have any real recourse and will work with the guitar to have my Franken 335. Just want potential buyers to know that you are rolling the dice against mass production with little QC. I’d also suggest sticking with Amazon in hopes that you have some recourse if you have the bad luck I did…


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