Seagull S6 Review – Is This The Best Acoustic Guitar in Its Price Range?

From its wood materials, high-quality craftsmanship, and defined sound, no wonder the Seagull S6 tops other guitars in its price range. Whether you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert player, this guitar is one of the best value-for-money guitars you can buy.


In this Seagull S6 Original Acoustic guitar review, we are going to take a look into this guitar’s features and why it is one of the best guitars in its price range.

Unlike most other guitars which are mass produced from China and are made from the same guitar materials such as spruce, this is one is differently unique.

A Quick Review on Seagull S6

Top, Back, and Side Materials Contributes to Overall Unique Tone

The Seagull S6 features a solid cedar top that is pressure tested, and wild cherry for the back and sides. These selected wood materials contributes to the overall uniqueness in tone that the Seagull S6 provides.

Neck Width, Bridge, and Fretboard Materials Makes Playing Easy

When it comes to playability, beginners and intermediate players alike will find this guitar perfect. The silver maple neck is shortened to a 28.4″ scale, and the rosewood fretboard material makes moving from low to high notes easily.

The bridge tusq nut and compensated provides a better intonation, while the tapered headstock keeps the tuning intact. These features make this guitar really worthwhile for any beginner.

An Overall Killer Look

Lastly, it boasts a semi-gloss lacquer finish which makes it look awesome.

The Seagull S6 is a clear definition of a perfect guitar. It’s made with high quality materials, pressure tested, and features a great balance of harmony of warm and crisps tone.

I think this is one of the best guitars you can buy in its price range. With all of these features, buying the Seagull S6 is really worth every penny.


Let’s get an in-depth review on the Seagull S6’s materials.

In-Depth Review on Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar

Top Material

Only two types of wood materials can be used to make acoustic guitars, solid or laminate.

Seeing that solid is the best, getting it on a beginner-level guitar and at the price at which a Seagull S6 Original goes for is an incredible advantage for this guitar.

Solid tops are a common characteristic for expensive guitars. Usually, acoustic guitars costing more than $400 are expected to have solid tops.

Solid tops are preferred on guitars as opposed to laminate because they are a single piece as opposed to the layered system that comes with their counterpart.

Laminate tops often compromise your resonance and tone. Settling for one would mean compromising your guitars sound.

In this end, does a solid top make a difference to a beginner? Read more about it here.

Back and Sides

Spruce and cedar are the most common types of wood used in manufacturing guitar backs and sides; not because one material is superior to the other but rather as an issue of preferences.

What matters most is the solid top, if you have that, any of these materials are recommended for your guitar’s back and sides.

Cedar is known to produce a full, Spanish-esque guitar sound.However, you can still get a better sound if your guitar’s back and sides are made from Spruce.

This material produces a far brighter and clearer sound compared to cedar and also project a direct and linear resonance.

The thing that makes the Seagull S6 Original use cedar is perhaps the fact that cedar can hide your mistakes when playing, making the guitar ideal for beginners.


Simple Look

The Seagull S6 Original has no cutaway thanks to its dreadnought shape and thin shoulders.

The headstock is also smaller so as to keep the strings tights and help you consistently stay in tune.

A simple look is suitable for any guitar as long as the sound is good and the Seagull S6 Original does not disappoint in that regard.

Saddle and Nut

Graph Tech manufactures the Compensated Tusq used for the Seagull S6. Playability and the tone of the guitar are also improved thanks to a saddle that slightly offsets particular strings.

Saddles (pieces of wood that hold the strings below the sound hole) are also a characteristic of high-end guitars so to find one on an entry-level instrument is rather commendable.

The nut (raised piece of wood on the Fretboard) helps position strings at different heights, so that string thickness and action do not make it hard to play.

Again, this is an excellent feature considering qualities are only found in high-end guitars.

Thick Neck and Small Head

A thick neck might prove an advantage for players with bigger hands, but it can also be a problem for those with slightly smaller hands.

The Seagull S6 is unlike many other guitars with a neck thicker than most.

Manufacturers say it’s a preference thing, but customers might shun it because it will be unplayable if they are unable to wrap their hands around the neck properly.

Compared to most guitars the Seagull S6 Original’s headstock is slightly smaller. However, the small head serves a great purpose in ensuring that the tuners stay in line with the nut so as to improve tuning stability.

Seagull S6 Specs

  • Top Material Type: Cedar
  • Neck Material Type: Maple
  • Fretboard Material Type : Rosewood
  • Back Material Type: Cherry
  • Sides Material Type: Rosewood
  • Nut Material Type: Tusk


I found two great deals at Amazon for this amazing acoustic guitar:

1. One that comes the guitar only.

2. One that comes with a hardshell case and guitar stand.

Other Variants to Choose

The original Seagull S6 comes in natural semi-gloss finish, but it also has other great variants which really looks awesome:

1. Limited Edition Red TennesseCheck it Here

2. Black Seagull S6 Acoustic GuitarCheck it Here


Seagull wanted to create a beginner’s guitar but ended up making one that even professional players would classify as more than an entry level guitar.

Yes, it is a great guitar, but minor issues such as neck size can make it hard for some players to enjoy this invention.

Admittedly, the Seagull S6’s biggest advantage is its price. This is considerably the best guitar in this price range.


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