Rubato Guitars Launches “Rubato Lassie” carbon-fibre electric guitar

rubato guitars full body
credits: Rubato Guitars

Rubato Guitars, a custom guitar manufacturer based in Johannesburge, South Africa, launches their first guitar model, the Rubato Lassie.

Behind the brand are two father-and-son engineers, Roger and Oliver Lambson.

Few innovations of their own have to be made to develop a world-class, well-crafted, well-designed modern electric guitar. All of these, to give them the utmost playing experience that suit them best.

Thus, the Rubato Lassie

rubato guitars lassie
credits: Rubato Guitars

The result is the Rubato Lassie – a stunning, single carbon-fibre monocoque electric guitar. The structure itself gives the guitar a strong and rigid feel, with “virtually no bend” in the neck, and its conductive properties effectively eliminates any unwanted noise. A common feature in most carbon fiber guitars (which is really GOOD IMO), it also is highly-resistant to temperature changes and humidity, so I believe the right term for this, as Rubato says, “there’s no danger of warping.”

For an electric guitar, it’s also a very light one – weighing at only 2.5kgs (5.5lbs.).

“For this first model – the Rubato Lassie – we’ve deliberately limited ourselves to a few key features that can make the biggest difference to the music we produce and have worked on getting them absolutely right,” Lambson says.

“It’s not intended to replace the much-loved guitars we’ve spent a lifetime playing but it’s a very special addition to our collection … and we hope the global guitar fraternity will soon feel the same way.”

Here’s the Rubato Lassie in action..


Here at GuitarJunky, we’re thrilled to have this guitar reviewed and featured on the site.

If you’re like us, don’t worry. It’s currently in production (first limited edition batch of Rubato Guitars), and it’s on its way very soon, ready to be shipped around the globe.

You definitely should watch out for that review we’re going to post here.

As for the price, it’s currently listed at $3,970.98. The order form allows you to choose an action setup, which as follows: Super Low(1.2mm), Regular Low(1.6mm), Medium(2.0mm), High(2.4mm), or your preferred specifications.

You can also choose your preferred gauge of strings from Super Light (9-42) to Heavy (12-54), or otherwise specify on your own.

You can Order the Rubato Lassie here.

And for more details about the guitar, visit Rubato Guitars.


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