10 Best FREE Apps to Listen to Music Without Wifi 2022

Best FREE Apps to Listen to Music Without Wifi

Music is an essential part of the day to a lot of people; they listen to it in the shower, on the way to work, while studying, while doing chores, and even when they’re about to go to sleep.

Many music apps these days rely on an internet connection to be able to stream and play music from different artists, music stations, and more.

However, there are apps for both Android and iOS softwares that have a download feature, allowing you to be able to listen to music you like anywhere and anytime, even without an internet connection!

Some of these apps are Spotify, Google Play Music, Apple Music, SoundCloud, Youtube Music, and they can be found on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store!

However, some of these apps also require a subscription fee to be able to use them to their full potential, including the download feature which allows you to listen to your favorite music offline.

This article explores 10 free apps that allow users listen to their favorite music offline anytime, anywhere!



Spotify is a music application that you can download on virtually any device, allowing you to listen to music from any of them whenever you need to!

Playing music or listening to podcasts can easily be achieved by simply searching for the artist or podcaster and hitting play, and if you like to explore artists with similar music, you can also choose to play an artist’s music radio to discover more!

Downloading music requires you to subscribe to Spotify Premium, allowing you to not only download music, but also listen to it ad-free, play a specific song you like, and be able to skip as many songs as you like!

You can still listen to music on Spotify for free, but it will play advertisements in between songs, won’t allow you to download music, and won’t let you choose a specific song.


Apple Music

Apple Music

Apple Music is an application developed by Apple Inc. for music streaming, but unlike Spotify, it does not come with a free option, as you would need to subscribe to be able to listen to music.

Included in the subscription is the ability to download music and playlists, as well as have access to over 75 million songs and live radios.

Apple Music also allows you to watch music videos released by artists, as well as curated playlists for similar songs to the one in the music video.



live x live

LivexLive is a music, radio, and live streaming app that allows you to not only listen to music, radio stations, and podcasts, but also watch premium livestreams of concerts and festivals.

LivexLive is similar to Spotify in that it has a free feature, where you can listen to music, radio stations, and podcasts without having to subscribe to their Premium, but the free feature is limited as ads will be played in between songs and the download feature is unavailable.



sound cloud

SoundCloud is one of the largest music platforms in the world, allowing artists from different places and of varying races to both listen to others and upload their own content.

SoundCloud has a free feature, where you can listen to any artist on it you like, but it is also important to note that only a few big-time musicians are on the platform.

Currently, the download feature is only available in some countries and regions, such as Australia, Italy, Belgium, and more through the company’s “SoundCloud Go” subscription.




Deezer is a music-streaming application and is home to millions of tracks, podcasts, and a couple of radio stations.

Deezer has a free feature where you can listen to music online only, with ads and a limited number of skips.

The subscription to its premium features requires you to spend money monthly, but allows you to listen with no ads, download your favorite tracks, and have an unlimited number of skips.




Audiomack is a music platform for artists and listeners; a place where you can not only listen to and download music, but also upload your own and earn money from it!

The download feature of the app is limited to some songs only, as the creator has the choice to let you download their music or not.


YouTube Music

Youtube Music

YouTube Music is a music app developed by YouTube that allows you to easily find albums, live performances, remixes, and other tracks even just by searching some of its lyrics!

The app has an offline feature that allows you to download tracks and playlists you like so you can listen to it anywhere and anytime!




Pandora is one of the leading music-streaming platforms in the international market, allowing you to have a highly-personalized listening experience on any of your devices.

The download feature is available on through their subscription, be it Pandora Plus, Pandora Premium, or Pandora Family.

Currently, Pandora is only available in some states of the US only, as certain radio operation laws have prohibited the app from operating in other countries.


Amazon Music

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a music-streaming app developed by Amazon, and is currently playing 75 million songs and podcasts for anyone to listen to.

Amazon Music is similar to Spotify as it has a free feature, where you can stream tracks and podcasts on any device with the app online.

However, to be able to download songs and listen to them ad-free and with an unlimited number of skips, you’ll have to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited to be able to use all of the app’s features.




CloudBeats is a music app that allows you to store your music files in the cloud, through Google Drive, DropBox, or other cloud services.

You can easily download the files you saved in the cloud to listen to them offline, and CloudBeats also offers a radio feature where you can listen to certain stations online.

Unlike the other apps, you will have to download your own music and upload it to CloudBeats to be able to listen to them, as the app can play .mp3, .m4a, and FLAC formats.


The Bottomline

Many apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store allow you to download and listen to music offline.

Though some of these apps require payment to be able to listen to high-quality music offline, it’s not asking for so much if you really love to listen to music.


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