Korg SP-280 Review (2024) – A Digital Piano Worth Buying?

korg sp280 review
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Korg SP280BK 88-Key Digital Piano
When looking into something affordable and compact, then the Korg SP280 is an excellent choice. Known as one of the dependable manufacturers of digital pianos, the SP280 is a massive improvement from its predecessors, impressing users with its excellent features at an affordable price. We get into its features in the next sections.
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The Korg SP280 is a digital stage piano, an upgrade from the popular Korg SP250. It provides the excellent sounds and easy portability- weighing only about 40 pounds. With the many sounds and easy-to-control settings, there’s a reason why it’s an excellent piano for either at-home practices or small gigs.


Fantastic Feel with Weighted Hammer Action Keys

The Korg SP-280 comes with the Natural Weighted Hammer Action keys, so you have a similar playing experience just like an acoustic piano but not as authentic as compared to other digital pianos. The lower register has a heavy action and would begin to respond lightly in the upper registers.

There is also a key touch control function so you can adjust the playing touch, giving you more control over the audio dynamics. However, there are some complaints about this function, as it doesn’t necessarily change the hardness setting but more so on its intensity, meaning you’ll have to play harder.


Quality Sound and Speakers

There are 30 different tones and voices found in the Korg SP-280, with the concert piano, grand, and acoustic tones producing the best sounds. The piano also comes with a collection of demo songs, showing the best sounds on the SP-280 and another 20 songs showcasing the piano’s full capabilities. You can use the piano for music during gatherings.


Another thing you’ll find commendable about the Korg SP280 is its speakers, which are 22 watts each. With this power, they are substantial sound producers, which can be adequate to be heard even during the quiet or moderately noisy areas.


Ability to Connect

One of the things one would appreciate about the Korg SP280 is its connectivity. While it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity abilities, it does have the standard MIDI in and out connectors. One will be able to connect their smart devices by using a MIDI to USB converter. That way, you can transfer performance data effortlessly to your computers.

Also, the Line-In and Line-Out Jack gives you the ability to connect audio devices to the piano so that you can listen to music through the piano’s speakers. That makes it a great use during parties or to quickly set it up during live performances.

Built-In Metronome for Beginners

The Korg SP-280 comes with a built-in metronome, which is a useful tool for those who have just begun practicing how to play the piano. With the metronome, you can adjust the tempo, volume, and the time signature you prefer.

Also, the built-in metronome has the accent feature, so it has a bell sound to alert you to its accent.

Besides the metronome, it comes with a host of controls that’s easy to access, with a variety of sounds to choose from made for any small gig.


Portable Design and Efficient Power Consumption

When you look into the SP280’s sleek design, it seems flawless and can match any home decor or when performing on stage. The back of the piano would blend both style and function, so you won’t have to hide it behind any instruments when on stage or when placing it somewhere in your house.

Also, it’s portable, more so compared to other digital pianos available. It weighs about 40 pounds, with the stand included. Furthermore, it takes up less space than other digital pianos, so it looks less cluttered but with the stand supporting it well, just like all Korg piano stands would.


  • Contemporary and modern design to suit any home
  • Control panel buttons are laid out and easy to access
  • Variety of instrument sounds to choose from for versatility
  • Excellent sound quality for its price


  • The action is a bit sluggish and not as responsive compared to other digital pianos
  • Some complaints of sound quality lessening as time goes on
  • The sounds are just average other than the organ jazz



At such a competitive price and great features, it still has some cons.

While I appreciate its weighed hammer action keys, the hardness settings are more so of an intensity adjustment. When you do set it to become harder, the keyboard isn’t heavier.

You’ll just need to play harder. With that being said, it doesn’t feel as authentic.

Furthermore, the quality of the manufacturer isn’t as strong as other Korg digital pianos. Some of the notes on the keyboard will start making mechanical noises over time.

But for its price, these drawbacks aren’t a huge issue, as long as you take care of the piano, it will last for an extended period.


My Verdict

Editor's Pick
Korg SP280BK 88-Key Digital Piano

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Once you try out the Korg SP280, you’ll be impressed with the specs it has to offer for its price. It comes with the features one needs to begin practicing how to play the piano. And with its compact size, it can be used to travel anywhere, whether it’s for traveling to a different home or for gigs.

While it does have its drawbacks, it still is worth the investment, coming at a competitive price and the many different controls that are easy to access.

All in all, if you’re looking for something to begin practicing your piano skills, then you can start with this model.

Get the Korg SP280 here.

Value for Money
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