How to Find a Music Video by Describing It

How to Find a Music Video by Describing It

Have you ever been in a frustrating situation where you are trying to remember a music video but can’t recall the name, the artist, or even the song? 

The more you try to remember, the more vivid the images and tune becomes, which becomes annoying and the good news is you can know a music video even without a name or artist as long as you can describe it.

We understand how this can happen to anybody like you are in the middle of a conversation about music videos, and you are dying to share one, but you can’t give an artist’s name but only bits and pieces of what you have watched. 

We’ve all been there, and the recommendations we’ve outlined today are all based on experience. 

Here are ten ways to effectively search for a music video just by describing it.


Do a YouTube Search

One of the most functional ways to find a music video simply by describing it is through YouTube.

And a YouTube search is not simply putting into a couple of keywords on the search bar and clicking on search but using the advanced search options of this entertainment platform.

You’ll be surprised that the search function of YouTube can be narrowed down to the duration of the music video, the video features, the type of video, and when the music video was uploaded to this sharing portal.

Usually, the filters would have a better chance of displaying that specific music video you are looking for when you turn on the “Duration” and “Features” categories.

youtube search


Put the Lyrics in Google

If you can recall several lyrics of the music video that you are searching for, it might be enough for Google to find it in the WWW. 

Searching using the music video’s lyrics is done like how you’d usually use Google to research and look for things, but in this case, it will be the lyrics that you enter in the search field, and Google will display all the relevant results.

google search for music video


Use Google’s Advanced Search

Like YouTube, Google also has its own Advanced Search where you can be more definite on your search keywords. 

Usually, this gives you a closer search result since you have the chance not just to use keywords but also filter it further based on the last time it was updated, the specific region it might have been published, and exact key phrases and numbers. 

What’s best here is, you can provide Google’s advanced search engine with particular examples so it would have a real-time basis of exactly what it’s searching for.


Ask Help from a Music or Song Naming Group

There are plenty of dedicated websites and groups that you can reach out to.

You can share a portion of the lyrics of the music video or even a summary of the music video’s storyline with the hopes that members of the community can recognize what you are talking about or, better yet, provide you with a link to that music video.

If the active members cannot provide you with answers, they can give you recommendations of advanced music programs to help you with your quest.


Let Social Media Work

Social media like Facebook and Instagram can be powerful platforms to help you find your music video.

You can post asking for help and include some of the lyrics, the storyline of the music video, or actors and actresses seen on the video, and all other details that you can share. 

Again, there is a possibility that one of the comments is the one that you need, or you can hope that your post gets shared so it reaches a broader audience.

Thus, you can have more people to help you.

social media apps


Post in Internet Forums

You can’t imagine the number of people who are willing to answer problems or find answers to random questions or surveys that are being posted online.

Reddit, for example, has more than 1 million active members, and this community can help you become closer to finding that particular music video.

All you need is to post in the forums and give as many details as you can, and you’ll be surprised with how informed and resourceful the members are.


Use the Artist’s Discography

If you remember the artist of the music video, then you are almost done with your search.

You can look up the artist in Google or Spotify, and you will see the list of movies, songs, and other works that they have done.


Use the Actor or Actress’ Portfolio

If you don’t know who sang the song in the music video, but you can recognize the actor or actress that did a cameo or starred in the video, then you are closer to your goal.

Similar to using an artist’s discography, search the performer’s name, and all the work of this person will be displayed for you to go through. 


Download a Song Identifier Application

This is an easier way to find a music video because all you need to do to search for the song is to hum the tune, and the app will try to find similar tunes that you gave.

In about 15 seconds, you will have your search results and once you have the title, finding the music video is as easy as 1-2-3.


Invest in Patience

You will remember more descriptions of the music video you are looking for sooner and later, and once you do, you can go back to the methods above, and for sure, you’ll be watching in no time that music video in question.

You might even remember the music video altogether after waiting and being patient.

When you can’t remember anything about a music video, and you can only recall descriptions and pieces about it, this doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to forget about it and move in.



There are real solutions and plenty of methods to try to find the specifics of that music video and all you need is patience, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Stop the frustration and start searching online so you can watch and download that music video you’ve been looking for. 

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