How Musicians Can Stay Healthy During Covid-19

How Musicians Can Stay Healthy During Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has made our lives screeching to a halt. And while all of us are deeply affected by this global health concern, musicians and other artists bear most of the brunt. Musicians live to perform and entertain. With the audience relegated to their homes and music venues closed due to safety concerns, it is not unusual for musicians and other artists to feel less than healthy. If you’re a musician feeling the same way, here are some ways you can improve your health and stay healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Keep those Muscles and Joints Engaged


Performing in front of a live audience can be an excellent form of exercise. Running up and down the stage while performing a guitar solo or even electrifying the crowd with a chest-thumping drum beat can surely improve one’s physical health.

Staying at home because of the pandemic can rob musicians of this important aspect of their existence. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can still stay in good shape even though you’re in a lockdown.

Ordinary household chores can still be excellent forms of exercise. Washing your car can burn about 250 calories an hour. Mopping the floor requires about 200 calories. There are many household activities that can serve as a form of exercise.

The important thing here is that you get to use your muscles and move your joints. You will need these when the pandemic is all over and you’re back right on the stage.

Maintain a Well-Balanced Diet


The problem with being in a pandemic is that you will have faulty eating habits and incorrect diets. It is possible that you will be left with not that many food choices because of limited supply. Your favorite meat shop or the vegetable stand around the block may still be closed.

You may also have an unlimited supply of food. Unfortunately, you may tend to overeat because of nothing else to do. You might be tempted to stay glued in front of the TV with several bowls of chips on the table.

Make a conscious effort to consume a well-balanced diet. You don’t have to eat meat every day. There are many protein substitutes that are equally delicious. Try fish and poultry or even plant proteins. Vegetables are a must as they contain antioxidants that can help improve your ability to ward off the Covid-19 virus. So too are fruits. Always include whole grains, legumes, and dairy in your diet. Good nutrition ensures the optimum functioning of your body.

You will be more than ready when the lockdown has already been lifted and we’re all back to our normal lives.

Stay Connected


Performing regular exercises and eating a balanced diet are two of the most important activities that can help maintain physical health. However, you will also have to keep your sanity.

This can be very tricky during a pandemic. Almost everyone is anxious. There is fear that they might be the next person who needed to be induced into a coma and inserted with a large breathing tube down his throat. The Covid-19 figures aren’t helping either. With the death toll steadily rising with an exponential increase in Covid-19 cases, it is easy to become anxious and fearful.

You don’t have to shoulder this alone. Sometimes, all you need is a listening ear and a reassuring voice to know that you will be okay. And while the pandemic has eliminated physical presence in our way of interacting with others, you can still communicate and stay connected with your loved ones via online means.

Have a video chat with your neighbors instead of talking over the fence. Join a group chat with your bandmates or school buddies to keep you sane amidst the insanity that is the Covid-19 pandemic.

Collaborate with Fellow Musicians Online


One of the most effective ways for musicians to stay healthy during the pandemic is by making music with other like-minded artists.

You don’t need to go to a studio to collaborate and play together. You can always set up a video conference and do your thing. It would be a lot like pre-pandemic collaborations. The only difference is that you don’t get to collaborate face-to-face.

Collaborating with fellow musicians allows you to keep your sanity. You get to use your brain in the creation of music. Staying focused on what you are creating also keeps you away from feeling anxious and uncertain.

Creating music not only addresses your mental and emotional health. It can also improve your physical health. You get to play your instrument to keep you fit.

Connect with Your Fans… Online


The music you created can be a wonderful instrument for connecting with your fans. You can create your own YouTube channel or even perform your music straight from your official website.

Now, don’t expect to hear any rousing applause or even loud cheers when you perform. It is a sad fact of pandemic life that we all must learn to accept. The absence of auditory or visual feedback from your fans can dampen your spirit to perform.

It doesn’t have to. Your fans can still post their comments on your webpage or even in your video channel. Reading awesome comments from fans is a lot better than listening to what they are shouting at you during a live performance. You can read those encouraging words over and over.

Of course, the downside is that there might be some fans who are not impressed by your work. The positive thing about this is that you can take their criticism and turn it into something constructive. You can then create a more meaningful music that appeals to all your fans. Now, that’s a great way to keep you healthy during these trying times.

In Conclusion

Musicians who want to stay healthy during the Covid-19 pandemic should engage in light to moderate forms of exercise. It is also crucial to maintain good nutrition, while also staying connected with everyone else. Collaborating with others and sharing new music with fans can also help keep musicians healthy during Covid-19.

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