Fender CD100CE Review (2024) – 5 Reasons Why This Guitar is A Worthy Investment

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Fender CD-100CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

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In this Fender CD100CE review, we will discuss the reasons why we think this acoustic guitar is worthy of an investment.

Used by Famous Musicians

It has been used by famous musicians across all music genres ranging from folk to blues, rock, and bluegrass as both professionals and beginners.

It’s no wonder it is the most popular guitar with more than just a loud tone to showcase.

The shape of the guitar has been mimicked by many new manufacturers in the industry, but the feel and sound quality that the Fender CD-100CE possesses is second to none. One look at the price will have you thinking it’s a rip-off, but it is highly possible to purchase a guitar with such amazing quality at such a low price.

Budget Friendly Guitar

The fender cd-100ce is Just Perfect for any player looking for an acoustic guitar that is budget friendly.

It will attract anyone who knows the quality found in guitars made by Fender. The Fender CD-100CE has a full-sized dreadnought body shape with its back and sides made from laminated mahogany. This material is mostly found in high-end guitars and helps in ensuring that the sound is louder and the quality smoother.

Neto Neck & Great Fretboard

Also, a Nato neck leads to a laminated spruce top (another feature often found in expensive guitars). The guitar’s body is the complemented by a natural satin finish, which gives it a smooth texture to enhance comfort. The satin finish also helps maintain the Fender CD-100CE’s durability. Scalloped X bracing is also a feature common in high-end guitars.

The Fender CD-100CE reaps the benefits of having this feature, which include better volume levels and improved tonal response just to mention a few. For a beginner’s guitar, the Fender CD-100CE is adorned with features that keep professional musicians coming back for another strum off this beautiful masterpiece. It also benefits from a saddle which compensated the rosewood bridge for enhanced intonation.

At 25.3 inches, the Fretboard might have a shorter scale length compared to the usual 25.5 inches often used by Fender, but it affects the sound in no way. The Fender CD-100CE has a mother-of-pearl acrylic rosette and a black pickguard to not only add to its style but comfortability when playing as well. Similar to most guitars manufactured by Fender, the CD100 uses custom made Fender Dura-Tone Coated 80/20 Bronze Light Gauge strings.

No Upgrade Needed

Most entry level guitars require multiple changes to get them functioning properly. The saddle might need a replacement, or the strings might not be bringing out the perfect sound.

However, there is hardly a single thing that can be changed on the Fender CD-100CE to make it sound better since it is complete.

Musicians have expressed their satisfaction in this guitar’s ability to play consistently for hours without having to tune it repeatedly. However, the Fender CD-100CE has a high-end tuner that will help you set the perfect tone with little to no assistance. Also, it’s louder than most guitars thanks to its Fishman Isys 3 System with an Active On-Board Pre-Amp.

It also has straps, a feature that most guitar companies choose to ignore lately calling it old-fashioned. Straps help keep the guitar in place when you have to play while standing or sitting down in a position that doesn’t allow you to position the guitar on your lap comfortably enough to play consistently. Also, sometimes the music takes over, and a little support might be needed for your guitar as you jump or dance while you play.

Other Features

The neck profile on the Fender CD-100CE is simply amazing. The bindings and inlays might not be as fancy as seen on some guitars, but the neck is neither too thick to make playing hard nor too small to cause accidental pull-offs. Pull-offs can be highly irritating, considering most people using this guitar are beginners, the neck plays a vital role in ensuring they do not occur.

Fender set this guitar to medium/low action to make playing the Fender CD-100CE easy, but there is room for adjustments if you so desire. You can achieve this by using the bridge saddle. When it comes to the tone, the Fender CD-100CE is rich with options and is famed for having the clearest trebles.

Also, the midrange is quite unbelievable for an entry level guitar with a powerful bass that compliments the tonal package. These features make this guitar playable for any musical style as stated earlier on in this review. It might be plain looking, but if you are looking for a guitar with not only good value for money but excellent sound quality, then the Fender CD-100CE should be the ideal pick.


  • Because of its solid wood top, it produces a better sound than its cousins, Fender CD60 or CD60CE.
  • It has the additional bass and treble control
  • Pretty much built of high quality which is not typical for a Fender guitar


  • Because the back and sides are still laminated wood there is some loss of low end bass.
  • It is a stand-alone guitar and does not come with accessories
  • Has a buzzing sound

Fender CE100 CE Specs

  • Body shape: Dreadnought
  • Body Material: Laminated Mahogany
  • Body Construction: Single Cutaway/Acoustic
  • Body Type: Hollow body


Editor's Pick
Fender CD-100CE Acoustic-Electric Guitar

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

It may seem like a simple entry-level guitar, but the Fender CD-100CE has more to offer than a first look reveals. It is not just the sound quality that is amazing but the upgrades that have been made from its predecessors as well. The Fender CD-100CE is the perfect guitar for any music lover who wishes to learn how to play the instrument. Not to mention, it gives you good value for money since it’s guaranteed to serve you for a long time with minimal repairs or maintenance costs.

Body and Neck
Value for Money
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  1. Carlos,I am a guitarist with nearly 45 yrs experience I also am a luthier,part time with around 40 yrs experience.I recently had a customer bring this identical CD-100 to my shop for a set-up.After a tweak of the truss rod ,and some new strings this guitar was sounding great and playing extremely well with very low action,and NO BUZZ whatsoever.I would suggest you have a professional set up done before you review a guitar and proclaim that this model buzzes!That claim is misleading to say the least and I’m sure Fender bv would vfc agree that these guitars are not flawed in bv the audience way you claim!Further more,for as long as Fender has been manufacturing both electric and acoustic guitars you can earn well rest assured that they do not manufacture and release for sale,inferiorly designed and flawed instruments.That is fact that I happen to agree with 100%.I would suggest you be a bit more careful in your future reviews.Other than that, thank you,and I do enjoy your blog! Have a nice day!


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