Electric VS Acoustic Guitar – Which is Better?

Electric and acoustic guitars are two different types of guitar with different playability and sound quality. So, the question of which is better is answerable by the players himself. Both are great if you play the right music genre they are designed to handle.

Playing an Electric Guitar

It seems so cool holding an electric guitar, especially if you’re playing the songs of your guitar idols. However, being cool doesn’t mean it’s better to play.

What makes an electric guitar better for you is when you want to play rock, funk or metal. If you have imagined yourself to be the next Eddie Van Halen or Jennifer Batten, you should have an electric guitar. Even if the world tells you to get started with an acoustic guitar if you enjoy distorted and amplified sound, an electric guitar is better than an acoustic.

Electric guitar has electronics and pickups onboard, which make it easier to get an amplified sound. However, you can’t achieve it unless you’ll use an amp. Also, it has volume and tone controls, plus you’ll get even more options through the amp you’ll use.

Playing an Acoustic Guitar

If you enjoy the songs from Ed Sheeran or you have all the songs from Taylor Swift, you might want to get an acoustic guitar. If you want to play pop, country, and blues the best choice of guitar for you is the acoustic guitar.

Playing an acoustic guitar is straightforward, no need to connect it to an amp unless you play in front of the crowd. It utilizes the vibrations of the strings that are caused by strumming and plucking them. It’s indeed a better choice for those who are still experimenting with what type of music style they want to play.


Many people say that electric guitars are easier to play. And, yes they are. They have smooth and slimmer neck with very low action for easier fretting. The strings are thinner, too, and seem to be closer to each other. Hence, playing an electric guitar is much easier.

Acoustic guitars, on the other hand, have a thicker neck and use thicker strings. Though some acoustic guitars have low action, they are not as low as electric guitars. An effort to push down the strings is still needed and your fingers need to toughen up.

In terms of playability, the electric guitar is better. However, this will not always translate to easier learning. In the end, it still boils down to the preference of the player.


Both guitars are usually made of wood. Different guitars use different tonewoods including mahogany, spruce, cedar, maple, and rosewood. And each tonewood has unique tonal characteristics.

So, while electric and acoustic guitar differs in sound, they also differ with the sound quality considering the tonal qualities of the tonewood used. But in general, acoustic guitars have a more balanced tone, calm and soothing. On the other hand, electric guitars have bright and amplified sounds.

Acoustic guitars are a better choice for playing country, bluegrass and pop, while electric can play almost anything, except for classical and folk music. These styles are best played by a classical or nylon-string guitar.


There’s no point comparing two different things that are made for a different purpose. However, if you want to know which is better, check yourself first. Know your music aspirations and what are the kinds of music you want to play.

If you want to get a loud sound and want to crack up your amp, you should get an electric. However, if your tendency is more towards playing country or blues, an acoustic guitar is better. Whether you prefer one over the other, the best guitar should also better your skills.

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