Blueridge Guitars BR-160 Review 2024 – Great Vintage Sound?

Blueridge Guitars BR-160

Blueridge BR-160 isn’t only a well-designed dreadnought guitar but well-made with vintage class and quality in mind.

With excellent performance and a soft nature that produces clear notes, this guitar is refined enough to be played by any beginner or advanced player of any genre.

Vintage Voice and Sound

When the BR-160 is described as a vintage guitar, it isn’t only because of its looks.

When you combine both the solid Sitka spruce top and the Indian rosewood body, then the guitar would produce a sweet and mellow sound you can only describe as vintage warmth.

The guitar is pleasant to listen to, with wholesome and clear notes but still ensuring the volume and projection you need when playing.

The sound is a bit specific and classy but can still be a played for just about any genre.

Aspiring musicians and well-seasoned professionals will definitely appreciate what the BR-160 can do.

Unique Body and Neck

Blueridge wanted to celebrate the company’s history when they produced the BR-160.

The guitar comes with a dreadnought body and vintage design, combining some of the best woods and materials out there to produce a beautiful looking and sounding guitar.

You have a solid Sitka spruce top and Indian rosewood back and sides.

There is a white binding on top and a pickguard which shows the theme Blueridge wanted to show.

Also, it has a mahogany neck with the East Indian rosewood fretboard and custom inlays.

With its excellent craftsmanship and equally premium materials, the BR-160 goes above its price range.

High-Quality Hardware

When one looks into the hardware of the BR-160, you find first-class components.

There is a rosewood bridge and a bone compensated saddle to match the authenticity of the 40s guitars.

Additionally, the guitar’s nut is made of genuine bone with tuners made of nickel!

Blueridge definitely puts attention to detail here to show the vintage design and class.

As for its performance, the hardware is easy to work and play with, retaining intonation and tuning quite well.

It’s easy and comfortable to use and adjust according to your standards, which is what makes the BR-160 effortless to play with.

Amazing Gloss Finish

Besides the dreadnought body and excellent wood materials, the BR-160 also has the high gloss finish which has the mid and treble notes to project itself crisply.

But how is the gloss crucial to a guitar?

Its finish also helps accentuate bass notes to provide distinction and projection when played through fingerpicking, flat picking, or even strumming.

But it isn’t just about the sound.

The finish gives off an amazing look and image when used onstage or during performances.

Furthermore, the glossiness is not susceptible to scratching or blemishing, making it as strong as it sounds.

Exquisite Details For Class from Blueridge

The BR-160 has both great sounds and looks but it doesn’t come from the mediocre craftsmanship. Blueridge put effort and style with all the exquisite details.

All instruments from Blueridge are made from detailed research and created carefully in their factory, focusing on consistency and quality.

From the fretwork to inlay design, the guitar is made with a formula to sound just as vintage and beautiful as it looks.

That is why you are assured a terrific guitar to play anywhere from Blueridge.


  • Beautiful vintage design that will catch eyes
  • Full and balanced tone with the right amount of volume and projection
  • Built with all solid and quality woods for strength and durability
  • Captures both a pre-war look and sound to impress
  • Solid Sitka spruce top for the sounds to age and improve over time
  • The neck is small and great for smaller hands for comfort in playing
  • Plenty of quality tone that can be played with any genre or guitarists with whatever skill level
  • Has a deep bass and clear sound with excellent note definition and can reach high notes
  • Great price for its value and premium construction


  • The styles are a bit over the top and may not be for everyone
  • There is no case included and must be bought separately
  • Open back tuning machines and aged toner doesn’t look so good on the guitar
  • Fret material isn’t a bit too tough for durability


Choosing a guitar is a personal experience with all the features and factors to consider depending on you.

For me, the Blueridge BR-160 historic series acoustic guitar is one of the most impressive instruments of its kind.

From its clear and bright sound down to its impressive volume, it’s suitable to use for performances or recordings of any song and genre.

One can compare its sounds to guitars that come from a higher-end range bit without the expensive price tag.

Furthermore, it comes with a unique design and high-quality materials used, which demonstrates its value.

With a comfortable feel, good sounds, and solid construction, the Blueridge BR-160 is an excellent choice for the emerging musician or a professional guitarist.

Get it now on Amazon.

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