10 Best Electric Guitars with Thin Necks 2024

Best Electric Guitars with Thin Necks

Intonation, tone production, and tuning accuracy are crucial factors when buying an electric guitar or any guitar for that matter.

However, people with small hands and stubby fingers should also consider the instrument’s playability.

After all, it would be challenging to wrap the fingers around the guitar’s neck if one decides to play barre and other complicated chords.

If the neck is too wide and thick for comfort, you will lose your enthusiasm and give up learning to play the guitar altogether.

That is why I am giving my 15 years’ worth of guitar-playing experience to offer you the best slim-neck guitars you can buy.

Of the ten guitars I reviewed, the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar comes out on top as the best electric guitar with a thin neck, because of its legendary styling, phenomenal electronics, cool looks, and big tone.

Of course, you might have a different taste or set of considerations than I do, but I highly recommend you consider getting this one.

Let us find out which of these slim string instruments you should bring home.

The Best Thin Neck Electric Guitars

Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar

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Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS
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Topping my list of the world’s best thin-neck electric guitars is the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar, a replica of the Nirvana frontman’s iconic heavily-modded guitar of the 1990s.

(It looks like a modified Les Paul for me.)

This guitar is perfect for small-handed guitarists and aspiring shredders because of its super-thin 1.65-inch rosewood neck with medium jumbo frets and a 9.5-inch fretboard radius.

Wrapping the hands around the neck should be a cinch, encouraging novice guitarists to persevere.

The guitar’s tonal qualities are also noteworthy.

It has a pair of DiMarzio humbuckers on the neck and bridge to give guitarists the kind of tone amplification they need for power plays and ear-splitting riffs.

Controlling the output is a breeze with two volume controls, a master tone, and a three-way toggle pickup switch.

The Jaguar’s solid alder body has a stunning three-color sunburst scheme, making a grunge artist out of any diehard Nirvana fan.

It also features an Adjust-O-Matic bridge, a lockable floating tremolo system, and Gotoh-sealed tuners for big tones.


  • Perfect for small-handed guitarists
  • Dual legendary pickups for exceptional tonal characteristics
  • Solid guitar body and neck
  • Stylish and classic look
  • Hardshell case


  • A bit pricey


Ibanez RG550 

Also Great
Ibanez RG550 Genesis Electric Guitar
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From the Land of the Rising Sun comes the RG550, Ibanez’s answer to the quintessential Strat for small-handed folks.

With its striking desert sun color scheme with black accents, this Ibanez slim-neck electric guitar is perfect for teens aspiring to become the next metal or rock legend.

It has a 25.5-inch scale length on its maple walnut neck with Ibanez’s proprietary Super Wizard neck shape.

The 16.9-inch radius complements the 1.692-inch nut width for exceptional playability.

The Ibanez RG550 features an edge locking tremolo bridge, a master volume, and a five-way pickup switch for exceptional controls.

Whereas most electric guitars only have humbucker pickups, this instrument features three: a V7 neck humbucker pickup, a V8 bridge humbucker pickup, and an S1 single-coil pickup in the middle.

The basswood lends the guitar exceptional tonal characteristics and lightweight properties, making it comfortable for small people to play.

With its classic Strat silhouette, playing this Ibanez slim guitar is as enjoyable and comfortable as anyone can imagine. After all, it is one of the world’s best electric guitars.


  • Slim neck
  • Warm tones
  • HSH triple pickup configuration
  • Classic Strat design
  • Great controls


  • Pickups can be tricky to tweak for beginners


Jackson Dinky JS22 DKA 

Jackson Dinky Arch Top JS22 Electric Guitar
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Who needs to spend a thousand dollars on the best electric guitar when you can get the Jackson Dinky JS22 DKA for a fraction of the price?

Although this guitar has a low price, there is nothing cheap about its construction, performance, and tonal qualities.

The 1-piece solid maple with a 1.6875-inch fret width and a 12 to 16-inch compound radius gives this guitar exceptional playing characteristics for small hands.

The JS22 has jumbo frets spread along its 25.5-inch scale length.

Fast playing is a cinch with its Speed neck shape, allowing teenagers and older children to start shredding the guitar.

It has a poplar construction with a glossy metallic blue polyurethane coating for a rock concert-ready look.

There is a Fulcrum tremolo bridge and a pair of high-output, high-gain Jackson pickups at the bridge and neck.

The guitar also features a pickup switch and controls for the master tone and volume, completing the thin-neck electric guitar’s electronics.


  • Narrow nut width
  • Easier to play
  • High-gain, high-output pickups
  • Classic Strat
  • Affordable


  • Not for advanced guitarists


Fender American Professional II Stratocaster 

Fender American Professional II Stratocaster
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You will never feel short-changed if you get the Fender American Professional II Stratocaster.

This slim guitar may not have the high-gain, high-output characteristics of humbucker-integrated instruments, but it can rock the house with its acoustic-like tonal characteristics.

Fender upgraded almost everything about the Stratocaster classic to make this playing guitar one of the best electric guitars for small-handed guitarists.

Although this guitar’s fret width is greater than the KC Jaguar, it remains comfortable to play for people with small hands.

The bolt-on maple neck with a deep C-shaped profile and Super Natural neck finish has a rosewood fretboard with 22 narrow frets and a 25.5-inch scale length.

It also features a two-point synchronized tremolo bridge and a solid alder with a dark knight polyurethane finish.

The guitar creates bright and warm sounds due to its triple single-coils, giving it a vintage acoustic-like tone in a sleek, ultra-modern design.

Teenagers and small adults will have the fun of their lives using this smaller sized guitar.


  • Extra-slim neck with satin finish
  • Seriously upgraded classic
  • Concert-ready triple single-coil pickups
  • Bright sound and exceptional sustain
  • Reliable controls


  • Price


Squier Classic Vibe ‘60s Custom Esquire

Squier Classic Vibe ‘60s Custom Esquire
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The Squier Classic Vibe ‘60s Custom Esquire is a blast from the past with some seriously upgraded features for the modern guitarist.

This Les Paul-like thin-neck guitar has a 21-fret, 25.5-inch scale, 1.65-inch-wide solid maple neck in a classic C profile for exceptional playability and optimum comfort.

The fingerboard features Indian laurel, which is soft on the finger pads without compromising string action and overall tone.

This slim-neck guitar has a lightweight yet resonant nato with the classic Custom Esquire shape of the 1960s (reminds me of a Les Paul).

Although it only has one Alnico pickup at the bridge, this Les Paul-style guitar is ready to conquer the concert stage with its phenomenal acoustic-like sound.

Its bridge deserves mention because of its vintage-style string-through design for greater stability.

Controlling the guitar’s components is also a breeze with a pickup switch, tone control, and master volume.


  • Comfortablebneck
  • Smooth response and playability
  • Warm and bright classic tone
  • Resonant with good sustain
  • Great intonation and tuning


  • Some might prefer humbuckers


Fender Player Jaguar 

Fender Player Jaguar Electric Guitar
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With a short scale length, a narrow nut width, a friendly price, and an ultra-modern C neck profile, the Fender Player Jaguar are undoubtedly one of the best thin-neck guitars you can buy.

Kudos to Fender for shortening its standard 25.5-inch fretboard by an inch, making it hassle-free for small guitarists to play the farthest fret near the nut.

The C-shaped back, medium jumbo frets, and 1.65-inch nut width contribute to the guitar’s lightning-quick playing characteristics, ready to turn any novice guitarist into a world-class


While it only has an Alnico II pickup and an Alnico III humbucker, the Jaguar delivers a stunning sound with exceptional clarity and sustain.

There is a slide coil-split switch replacing the conventional toggle mechanism for better controls.

Its classic Jaguar shape comes with an alder tonewood, a six-saddle floating tremolo, and an eye-catching sunburst color scheme.


  • Fast and slim neck for small hands
  • Superb playability and comfort
  • Modern edge with a classic and vintage vibe
  • Exceptional sonic range
  • Great value


  • No hardshell case


ESP LTD James Hetfield Signature Snakebyte 

ESP LTD James Hetfield Signature Snakebyte
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Get ready to set the concert stage on fire with the ESP LTD James Hetfield Signature Snakebyte slim-neck guitar.

This musical instrument has high-performance features to complement its impressive looks and aggressive tonal characteristics.

Small guitarists will never have issues playing this Snakebyte because it has one of the slimmest necks in the world at 1.654 inches.

Its three-piece mahogany neck provides a stable platform for its 22 XJ frets across 24.75 inches of ebony fingerboard.

The electric guitar’s 13.7-inch fretboard radius also helps improve its playability for people with small hands.

The James Hetfield Signature Snakebyte comes with a Tune O Matic bridge, a pair of active humbuckers, a toggle pickup switch, and a set neck for increased guitar stability.

While some may not like the Snow White mahogany, it has sufficient luster to shine on any stage.


  • Stable and slim neck
  • Stunning and edgy look
  • Huge and warm tones
  • High-performance humbuckers
  • Stable tuning and reliable intonation


  • Plastic nut


Gibson SG Special 

Gibson SG Special
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If you are a Gibson fan, you will love the SG Special.

While it does not have a neck as slim as the Fender Jaguar, it is sufficiently narrow for super-fast guitar playing.

These musical instruments for smaller hands have 22 frets, a shorter scale length (24.75 inches), and a flatter fingerboard radius (1.695 inches).

The dimensions make it comfortable to play for people with stubby fingers and small hands.

It has a compensated wraparound bridge and vintage deluxe tuners to give the electric guitar an authentic sound.

The neck and bridge come with a classic P-90 pickup, delivering a warm, lean, and bright sound almost similar to an acoustic guitar.

The SG also features a solid mahogany body in sparkling burgundy, perfect for a bedazzling performance.

People with small hands will never complain about this small neck guitar because its sleek contour, lightweight characteristic, and SlimTaper neck contribute to a more comfortable and enjoyable guitar playing.


  • Fast and comfortable SlimTaper neck
  • Sleek and lightweight design
  • Bright, lean, and warm tones
  • Vintage sound with ultra-modern features
  • Excellent for playing 1960s-era rock and roll


  • Not for humbucker-lovers


Ibanez Steve Vai Signature JEM77 

Ibanez JEM77V Steve Vai Signature Electric Guitar
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There is no better choice for people ready to splurge on a thin-neck electric guitar than the Ibanez Steve Vai Signature JEM77.

The multi-Grammy Award winner collaborated with Ibanez to create one of the most astonishing electric guitars of all time.

With its epic rock tone, high-gain, and high-output performance, there is no mistaking the Ibanez Steve Vai JEM77 is out to conquer the world stage.

This Ibanez guitar has an ultra-fast maple walnut Wizard neck with a 15.7-inch radius and a 1.693-inch nut width.

Gliding the fingers from nut to bridge is a cinch with its maple fingerboard.

It has a locking nut for exceptional tuning stability and a revolutionary Edge Zero II bridge.

Two humbucker pickups sandwich the middle one-coil pickup, giving the thin neck guitar an epic rock tone.

The American basswood gives the Steve Vai Signature guitar a unique tone you will not hear from any other guitar.

Any guitar player with small hands will appreciate the sound, style, and play of this high-quality guitar.


  • Ultra-fast neck design
  • Performance-worthy design
  • Versatile tonal qualities
  • High-gain, high-output pickups
  • Deep, rich, and expansive vocal range


  • Tweaking the pickups can be tricky


Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitar 

Squier Mini Stratocaster Electric Guitar
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Are you looking for a smaller guitar with exceptional sound, a classic style, and easy to play?

The Squier Mini Strat is a great guitar for any guitar player with small hands.

It is a ¾ sized guitar with the sound of an acoustic guitar and the performance of a full-sized guitar.

Although the instrument is suitable for kids and teens, adults will find its design crucial in the guitar’s outstanding playability.

Moreover, it has a price tag that is hard to beat.

It is easy to dismiss this thin neck guitar because of its low price tag.

However, the only thing that separates it from a true Strat is its diminutive size.

The thin neck guitar still retains a Strat’s classic sounds and features, including three one-coil pickups.

The maple neck comes with a shorter scale length than full sized guitars.

It also has a 1.6-inch nut width, and a 9.5-inch Indian laurel fretboard radius.

The string-thru hardtail stabilizes the strings, while the blade pickup switch simplifies toggling between the controls.


  • Ideal for small people and guitarists with small hands
  • Classic Stratocaster design
  • Warm and bright tones
  • Stable tuning
  • Affordable


  • Laminated hardwood body


What to Look for in a Thin Neck Electric Guitar?

Electric guitars might look uncannily similar that choosing the right one can be headache-inducing and frustrating.

However, you can minimize the pain of choosing by looking understanding the following factors to consider when buying electric guitars for small hands.

Wood Material

Looking at the guitar neck, you have two choices: maple and mahogany.

Most of the guitars with thin necks I reviewed have a maple material because it is denser and sturdier than mahogany.

Maple’s exceptional Janka wood hardness score requires less frequent truss rod adjustments than you would with a mahogany neck.

It does not mean the solid mahogany neck does not have its advantages.

Mahogany is lighter than maple, making the guitar easier to play for small guitarists.

The electric guitar’s body can have alder, basswood, poplar, nato, or mahogany, although budget-friendly guitars can feature laminated hardwood.

These tonewoods have different weights that can impact overall comfort and playability.

I suggest trying out the guitar to determine which instrument you are more comfortable playing.

Neck Profile

If you cut the guitar neck crosswise, you will see its shape resembling C, V, or U.

A C-shaped guitar neck is almost similar to the U shape, except it has a rounded profile.

The U-shaped profile extends straight from the fretboard before rounding at the bottom.

On the other hand, a V-shaped profile has a more acute downward angle resembling a boat’s V-shaped hull.

The C-shaped profile is the most popular, comfortable, and easy to play, especially for guitar players with small hands.

The V profile is suitable for guitar players who cannot play their musical instruments without dangling their thumb over the fretboard’s edge.

Meanwhile, a U-shaped profile is perfect for large-handed guitarists because they can rest their thumb on the guitar neck’s side or back.


Neck Type

One of the essential factors to consider when buying electric guitars for small hands is the neck type.

Electric axes come in three neck types: bolt-on, neck-through, and set.

Bolt-on Necks – The guitar necks connect to the guitar body with bolts, allowing for effortless customization or replacement.

Set Necks – Electric guitars with set necks use extra-strength adhesive to secure the neck to the body, making them sturdier than instruments with bolt-on necks.

Neck-through – The sturdiest and most stable neck type is a neck-through design. These guitars have necks extending through the guitar body with wings securing them on the guitar’s sides.


Body Type

Like the guitar neck, electric guitars also come in three body types: solid, hollow, and semi-hollow.


Made from a single piece of solid tonewood, solid-body guitars provide exceptional sustain and feedback resistance.

These guitars are perfect for heavy metal and rock songs.

Examples of solid body electric guitars are the Stratocasters, Telecasters, Les Paul, Gibson SG, Flying V, and Offsets.

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Semi-hollow Body

You know a guitar has a semi-hollow body if you see small, exposed openings (think F-holes) on the guitar body.

Semi-hollow guitars have two solid wooden center blocks dividing the interior into two sound chambers.

These instruments are feedback-prone, although they are excellent in playing jazz and blues.

Hollow Body

These guitars look like semi-hollow guitars because they also have the F-holes on the guitar body.

However, they do not have the wood blocks forming the guitar’s interior spine.

These guitars are excellent for jazz and blues, although 1960s musicians also used them in rock and roll.


Are Thin Guitar Necks Good?

Thin guitar necks are exceptional for playing rock and metal songs because they allow rapid arpeggios and fascinating riffs.

These guitars are also excellent for people with small hands and stubby fingers.

A narrow guitar neck enables guitarists to wrap their hands and fingers around the backside and fretboard effortlessly.

Of course, the guitar’s tonal characteristics depend on its body type, tonewood, integrated electronics, and overall build quality.

What Type of Guitar Neck is Best for Small Hands?

The best electric guitars for small hands have thin and narrow necks.

Small-sized guitars (1/2 or ¾) are popular choices.

Although Fender’s slim electric guitars have a 1.65-inch nut width, their fretboards have a curvier profile with a 9.5-inch radius.

People with smaller hands should also be able to play guitars with a shorter scale length.

A fretboard radius greater than 12 inches is also ideal for people with smaller hands.


Which electric guitar has the slimmest neck?

Fender’s Curt Cobain Jaguar has the slimmest neck for a guitar with only 1.65 inches at the nut.

And then Squier introduced the Mini Strat with a nut width 0.05 inches slimmer than the Kurt Cobain Jaguar.

The thing you must know is that Squier is a Fender subsidiary, returning the distinction of the world’s slimmest guitar neck to the Jaguar.

Who makes the thinnest guitar neck?

Fender has been making guitars with thin necks since the 1960s, although I am confident they could have started as early as the late 1950s with their A-necks.

The A-neck guitars had a nut width of 1.5 inches, slimmer than the brand’s KC Jaguar.



We Recommend
Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Small-handed aspiring guitarists should never fret because there are thin-neck electric guitars available for them to enjoy.

Of the ten slim guitars I reviewed, the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar is tops.

This guitar has the rock legend’s signature Jaguar with a big tone, cool looks, exceptional electronics, and narrow neck perfect for stubby fingers and tiny hands.


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