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5 Best Musical Instruments For Babies in 2022 (Parent’s Guide)

Exposing your little one to musical instruments as early as they can barely talk would be the first step if you want them to develop any musical skill.

One way to do this is through toy musical instruments. It serves a double purpose as they would also be having their play time and be entertained by the toy instruments.

best musical instruments for babies

Giving your kid a toy instrument gives numerous benefits. Getting the best musical instrument for babies is very important since these toys would have the best quality ensuring safety and harm-free.

Make every playtime fun and educational, while feeding him/her with fun learning, with some of the best ones in the market.

Here are the best musical instruments for babies

Xylophone for Kids by SMALL FISH

We Recommend
Xylophone for Toddlers and Kids
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Having this xylophone means providing your child with a toy instrument with lots of potential while having very fun and attractive design. Your baby won’t let go of this toy xylophone as it surely is exciting to play.

With its wooden base, multi-colored keys (marked from C to C notes), and non-toxic mallet, this xylophone is both safe and nearly replicates the real thing.

It’ll grow with your baby as it stays durable and in tune even after used for so many times. Alongside a xylophone is two other music cards and a diatonic harmonica, to widen the options of your baby.

Meeting the ASTM International Toy Safety Standard, SMALL FISH’s xylophone possesses excellent quality and brings safety. Because your baby’s safety is top priority, this toy is free of odor, BPA, lead, and phthalate. This toy is not a threat to your baby’s safety as it does not have any sharp edges, which makes it safe to bring around everywhere you desire.

SMALL FISH’s xylophone also makes an ultimate gift because it’s packaged well and comes with a heart-shape card. Inside the box is also some musical sheets which are great learning resources for you and your baby.

  • Solidly built
  • Mallets are made with non-toxic materials
  • Exceeds standards of ASTM International Toy Safety Standards
  • Comes with music sheets, harmonica, and a mesh storage bag
  • Only one octave


B. toys – B. Drumroll – Toy Drum Set

Also Great
B. toys - B. Drumroll -Toy Drum Set
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If you fancy a drummer child in the future, start early by giving your baby his/her first drum set. With its fun name, introduce your baby with one of the best musical instruments for babies. The B.Drumroll by B. will unleash the head-banging spirit inside of your baby. B.Drumroll is a toy drum set including seven percussion instruments.

Let your baby enjoy as he/she bangs the drum sticks to this toy set with its sturdy and durable construction. Because the B.Drumroll should withstand all the banging and whatnot, it’s only normal for it to have the best possible quality. The drum set includes a toy drum, shaka-shake egg, stick with castanets, tambourine, toy whistle, and two drumsticks. With its quirky and eye-catching design, it’s easy to keep your baby in one place!

The B.Drumroll is both BPA and Phthalate free, so you don’t have to worry about your child’s safety. What’s best about purchasing toys from B. is that a part of the sales go to WE.org. How amazing is that?

  • Easily transported
  • Truly entertaining
  • Ingenious design which allows all of its items to be stored properly
  • A bit overpriced


Kingseye Musical Mat, Piano Keyboard Carpet for Kids (Purple)

Kingseye Musical Mat, Piano Keyboard Carpet
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We’re done with xylophones and drums. Now, it’s time to trigger the little Mozart in your baby with the Keyboard Blanket by Kingseye. Joining the best musical instruments for babies, this keyboard blanket will surely be your baby’s favorite. With 8 piano keys and 6 animal sounds, you are sure to have a fun-filled day with your little one.

Created with a soft, non-woven fabric, this keyboard blanket is made durable and is made to tolerate your baby’s tapping or kicking. This keyboard mat is powered by three AAA batteries and has an easy-to-use and pretty straightforward interface. Because of its design, this mat is easy to store and travel with.

This keyboard mat does not just enhance your baby’s musical skills, but it also keeps him/her active and improves its hands and feet coordination skills through its constant movements to produce music.

  • Sizing and features geared towards infants/toddlers
  • Lightweight and easy to fold up and store
  • Energy saving mode shuts it off after a few minutes of inactivity
  • Too light which lets it move around a lot when kids use it


Toddler Musical Instruments Set 15 Pieces by Ehome

Toddler Musical Instruments Set 15 Pieces by Ehome
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Making sure your kid gets to learn a little bit of every musical instrument is important. That being said, you might want to turn to this Musical Instrument Set by Ehome containing 15 various useful toys. This would work great if you have more than one toddler, so they could join forces and form a little band!

This musical instrument set won’t be named as one of the best musical instruments for babies if it weren’t for its highly functional pieces which are non-toxic and completely safe. Your baby’s musical skills are not the only skills being honed here, since every music it creates will get them moving and grooving. However, note that there are pieces that are small enough to fit into your child’s mouth, so always keep them on your sight.

Since having 15 different musical instruments might be a handful, it comes with a cute backpack which keeps them stored and secure. That way, you can carry all the toys to the park or anywhere your child wants to.

  • Each piece is pretty sturdy
  • Very functional set
  • Set contains little pieces which might be a choking hazard


Piano Toy Keyboard for Kids with Microphone 24 Keys by BAOLI

Piano Toy Keyboard for Kids 24 Keys by BAOLI
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Last one on our list is the Piano Toy Keyboard by BAOLI. Providing great quality and functionality, this piano toy would be essential for your baby as he/she develops her musical and understanding abilities. It’s a 24-key piano toy that is powered by 4 AA batteries and includes a cable to connect to your phones or MP3.

The Piano toy has a colorful and fun-filled design (especially towards girls) and comes with a microphone so your baby can sing and dance to the music he/she is creating. Introducing your baby to the music world through toys such as this piano toy by BAOLI would result to great brain development and musical abilities. With its clear and loud sound that sounds almost like a real one, your baby would be highly entertained for a long while.

  • Light enough to carry around
  • Adorable design especially for girls
  • Sound is clear and loud
  • Might be too advanced for babies


Factors To Consider When Buying Musical Instruments For Babies

Before thinking of a certain instrument to buy, there are things to ponder on first. And this would affect your decision in buying your little one’s first musical instrument.

Right Age

The most important deciding factor is the baby’s age. So, you might want to ask what the right age is in giving your baby a toy instrument that would possibly be used every day.

You have to remember that the younger your baby is, the less serious the instruments need to be. This means that the toys can have less functions, because the main goal is to let your baby be entertained and just to have a fun playtime.

Since we’re talking about babies, it’s best to give them instruments like are toy drums, toy pianos, xylophone, and the like.

Aside from giving your little one a toy to play with, you can also watch this video for them to have a fun learning about the names of musical instruments.

Instrument Size and Weight

Aside from the baby’s age, another important factor to consider is the instruments’ size and weight. Depending on what instrument you decide to buy, it needs to be in the appropriate size and weight. Too big and it would be too heavy for your baby; too small and it would be a choking hazard.

Another result that would stem out from having the wrong size and weight is your baby could be frustrated by it. The low brass instruments and some larger woodwind instruments are difficult for a child because of their weight and the reach required to handle them.

Is Gender a Factor?

Musical instruments playing gender roles is just a myth. There is not a single toy instrument that says, “This is just for the boys.” or “This works best when used by a girl.” We live in an age where people tend to be more open-minded than the previous generations.

Forget this stereotype and let your baby play what they want to play. As early as now, let your kid know that it’s okay to play various musical instruments.


What is the Best Musical Instrument for Babies?

We Recommend
Xylophone for Toddlers and Kids
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

To ensure your little one has a fun playtime, it’s a great choice to have the best instruments for babies on this list which is the Xylophone by SMALL FISH.

With its wooden base, multi-colored keys (marked from C to C notes), and non-toxic mallet, this xylophone is both safe and nearly replicates the real thing. It also comes with two other music cards and a diatonic harmonica.

Perfectly safe for your baby, this xylophone toy is BPA, Phthalate, and odor free, and users love that about this toy. However, parents complain that it only has one octave. But, we’re talking about babies, does it really matter?

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