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5 Best Electronic Drum Pads for Beginners in 2021 [Buying Guide]


EDITOR’S CHOICE: From the stream of electronic drum pads in the market, one product stands out and can be dubbed as the best electronic drum pad, the Pyle Pro Tabletop. It comes with interesting features on board as well as built-in songs to play along. It’s compact, durable and can be connected to the computer for integration with music apps and software.

Electronic drum pads are portable drum sets made of small rubber pads.

On-the-go musicians, mainly benefit from these drum pads.

You can program these pads to play different sound samples and synthesizer sounds.

It’s originally called tabletop electronic drums, this is a percussion instrument.

As a percussion pad, touring musicians can have the luxury of playing an acoustic drum set in a very portable setup.

Players use drumsticks to trigger these pads to spice up their performances.

And, you can connect to MIDI, computer or other DAW for more versatility.

5 Best Portable Electronic Drum Pads for Beginners Reviewed in 2021

Choosing the best electronic drum might be challenging, especially for those who are still new to this technology. However, as a dedicated musician, I did the best research that I could to trim the options down. Hence, I came up with the five best electronic drum pads perfect for anyone, especially the touring musicians.

Pyle Pro Tabletop Portable Drums

We Recommend
Pyle Portable Drums, Tabletop Drum Set
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If you are looking for an electric drum pad that has a lot of preset kits onboard, the Pyle Pro Tabletop is the one you’re after. It comes with responsive and touch-sensitive pads like the real acoustic drums, producing sounds depending on how hard you hit the pad. There’s built-in record functionality, as well as preset songs that you can play along for practice.

  • Comes with recording functionality for better assessment of performance
  • Great sound quality and has many features onboard
  • Panel comes with a lot of buttons that are difficult to familiarize
  • Pedals may move around sometimes


 Alesis CompactKit 7 Electronic Table-Top Drum Kit

Also Great
Alesis CompactKit 7 - Tabletop Electric Drum Set
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Alesis CompactKit 7 comes with a lot of good things onboard and a great buy for its affordable price. It comes with around 45 preset kits, 265 drum/percussion sounds and can customize up to five user slots. The sound quality is excellent and you can connect it to a computer via USB, and a lot more functionalities to maximize the tool.

  • Can play by hand instead of drumsticks with the “Hand Percussion” mode
  • Great sensitivity and has more realistic sound quality
  • Bass double drum is very sensitive and triggers so often
  • Pedal is not that responsive


Yamaha DD65 Portable Digital Drum Kit

Yamaha DD-65 Portable Digital Drum Kit
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Yamaha is always geared towards quality, especially in electronic drum sets or electronic drum pads. With Yamaha DD65 you’ll have more pads to play, which are, of course very accurate and responsive. It has an intuitive panel that is very easy to operate and can even be connected to your phone and play your recordings or play along with the songs from your MP3.

  • Can connect to computer and phone and can use headphones for practicing silently
  • Has responsive pads that feel natural
  • It comes with a MIDI I/O, in which you’ll need a MIDI to USB converter to connect to the computer
  • Might be expensive compared to other electronic drum pad of the same capacity


 Pyle Electro (PTED06) Electronic Drum Kit

Pyle Electronic Drum Set Pad (PTED06)
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Offered with a lot of features, but still affordable, Pyle Electronic Drum Set Pad is the one you need. It’s loaded with a lot of preset kits, sample songs, and even 10 empty kits you can customize and play with. For self-learning, it has a built-in metronome and the useful learning mode to assist beginners to learn their craft in no time.

  • Vast collection of preset kits and onboard sounds you can play with
  • Learning mode helps users make the most out of it
  • Pedals tend to move around as you play


 Roland SPD-SX Sampling Percussion Pad

Roland SPD-SX Percussion Sampling Pad
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If you really want to overwhelm yourself with all the good things about electronic drum pads, go, buy a Roland SPD-SX percussion pad. It’s versatile as you can customize up to 9 empty kits, has around 900 preloaded drum/percussion sounds and you can enjoy its 2GB internal sample storage. It comes with two USB ports for importing samples from computer and DC In, MIDI In/Out and Audio In ports for extended connectivity.

  • Has internal sample storage of 2GB
  • Rubber pads are velocity-sensitive; durable and have excellent rebound
  • Doesn’t have hi-hat controller


How to Choose the Best Electronic Drum Pads

If you are a drummer on the go, it’s very important that you should know about electronic drum pads. Since you cannot carry around drum sets, you need to have handy, playable, and portable drum pads, that you can bring wherever you go.

However, picking just one from the countless options you have is really a headache. So, check out the following considerations:


The greatest aspect of the electronic drum pads is that it’s very portable, but, not all drum pads are handy. In addition, some drum pads have sacrificed playability with portability. So, look for the one you need and the one that can give you the balance between portability, playability and, of course, sound quality.

For Practice or Performance?

Another thing that you should be clear about is whether you’ll use the drum pads for practice alone or live performances. If you are using it for practice alone, you can just buy any pad for as long as they can have all the functionalities and basic features. However, if you plan to bring this to your next live performance, you should have some more thinking before buying just any electronic drum pad.

Know the Pads Limitation

Though there are a lot of benefits coming from these drum pads, there are also limitations. Not all electric drum pads are made equal, right? So, check out for the modules, preset kits, sample libraries, even the controls, knobs, and everything to have the one that you need.

Our Choice

We Recommend
Pyle Portable Drums, Tabletop Drum Set
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

As has been said, not all electronic drum pads are made with equal features and capacity. It’s the customers’ prerogative to have a look at every aspect of the drum pad before buying – portability, usability, and functionality. Whatever your needs are, you’ll never go wrong with our top pick for the best electronic drum pads, Pyle Pro Tabletop Portable Drums.


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