Drums 7 Best Drum Practice Pad for Beginners in

7 Best Drum Practice Pad for Beginners in 2021


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What’s the Best Drum Practice Pad for Beginners?

Quick Answer: Movement Drum Co.’s drum pad is the best practice pad for beginners. It’s a versatile practice drum pad perfect for starters who don’t want to get overwhelmed with playing the drum kit. It features a realistic top surface that immitates the feel and response of a snare drum.

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Looking for the best drum practice pad?

These are a great tool to help you practice anywhere without the risk of disturbing anyone with the sounds you make.

But with the many drum pads available, which is best?

Let’s find out here.

Here are the best drum practice pads for beginners

Movement Drum Co. Practice Pad

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The reason why the Movement Drum Co. is the best drum practice pad is because of its versatility. You can use it to practice for any type of drum kit and has the large area to cover. It has the realistic top cover and a conditioning surface for silence while you practice.


  • Has a dual surface for noise levels
  • Top surface feels real
  • Comes with three different playing surfaces


  • Laminate doesn’t last very long
  • A bit heavy


Evans Practice Pad

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Another awesome practice pad goes to the Evans Practice Pad. You’ll like how it comes with two sides to adjust your noise level. With strong rubber and neoprene gum sides, you are assured a quiet time practicing while it will last long.


  • Pad has two sides made of quality material
  • Stylish design and looks great
  • Doesn’t show any stick marks when used


  • The pad smells bad at first
  • The non-slip surface isn’t as effective as other pads


Vic Firth Practice Pad

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The best drum practice pad is the Vic Firth because of its simplicity and more affordable price. While it doesn’t have two sides, it comes with the basic features and authentic feel that makes it an effective tool to practice your drumming with. This is a recommended drum practice pad for those on a budget!


  • Non-skid base for better and quiet practice
  • Simple and affordable
  • Sturdy wood base


  • Only one side to practice on
  • Smaller than advertised


Peace Musical Co. Drum Pad

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If you want something affordable and in a good package, then I would suggest the Peace Musical Co. Drum Pad. You’ll like that it comes with drumsticks and educational exercises, which is perfect for the beginner still looking into investing a drum set. But professionals can take advantage of its sturdiness and quality padding as well!


  • Comes with drumsticks and practice exercises
  • Quiet and non-skid surface
  • Ideal for beginners and advanced drummers alike


  • More ideal for children
  • It’s smaller than expected


Remo RT-0008-00 Practice Pad

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If you want something both affordable and durable, then the Remo is the best drum practice pad to choose. It’s for both beginners and advanced drummers, with the solid frame and realistic features that make it grab to practice on. You can also mount it on a stand or any table with its rubber bottom.


  • Offers a good bounce and feel of real drums
  • Excellent mounting capabilities
  • Quiet to use anywhere


  • A bit noisier than gum rubber pads
  • Has no case


Offworld Percussion Invader V3 Practice Pad

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Though it comes at a slightly more expensive price, the Offworld Percussion Invader is the best drum practice pad for the professional drummer. It has the unique functions and the newly-formulated surface, making it one of the best pads to practice on.


  • Perfect feel and bounce
  • Quiet and can be used anywhere
  • Solid construction built to last


  • Very expensive price
  • Bottom of the pad is very sticky


The Drumeo P4 PRactice Pad

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Last but not the least, we have the Drumeo P4, another of the best drum practice pad available on the market. It’s a bit expensive, though comes with all the unique features you need that makes it worth the price. It has four different unique playing surfaces and simulates the feel of a real drum!


  • Different surfaces to play on
  • The unique texture that simulates real drums
  • Built to last for many quiet practices


  • Very expensive price
  • A bit sloppy construction


Why Invest in the Best Drum Practice Pad?

If you aren’t familiar with a drum practice pad yet, these are a tool to help reduce the noise you emit as you practice playing. It’s mostly used to limit your volume and can also help as a warmup before an intense training session.

The reason why practice pads are beneficial for drummers is mainly for its convenience. You are able to “take” the drum set anywhere without the need to always reassemble or disassemble it. You can practice anywhere and without the risk of making any noise.

These practice pads can be used anytime and anywhere, helping you practice better. However, they aren’t the same as the real drum set and are just best for practice, not for creating music.

Practice pads are suitable for those who like practicing drums without the need to assemble their drum set repeatedly, or for kids who want to try out drumming before their parents invest in the real drum kit for them.


Wrapping It Up

If you want something that eliminated any distractions and has you practice regardless of the place and time, then the best drum practice pad will do just the trick.

I hope that this purchasing guide on the best drum practice pad gave you an idea of the convenient tools you can use as a drummer. So don’t wait any longer and check out any of these pads out now!

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences on the best practice drum pad, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated!

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