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5 Best Digital Piano For Kids [Top Picks Reviewed in 2021]

Every kid has their own dreams, and as parents, supporting them is the best we can do. That’s why for your aspiring little pianist, getting the best digital piano for kids is necessary. If you want to be in the know and find out what the top choices for the best digital piano for kids are, then read on!

5 Best Digital Piano For Beginner Kids 2021

Casio Privia PX-160

We Recommend
Casio Privia PX-160
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If you’re hoping to buy the best digital piano for kids, consider the Casio Privia PX-160BK as your top choice. As a successor to the very well-known PX-150, it is without a doubt that the PX-160BK will do its job very well, too. With several upgrades in its features and sound quality, the PX-160BK will continue to bring the Casio goodness to the public.

Included to its new and enhanced features are the redesigned speaker system and new slot for external connections like an external speaker.

Featuring 88 keys, the PX-160BK contains 18 authentic piano tones, Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard, and a multi-dimensional AiR sound generation. Available in black, champagne, and gold-colored finish, the PX-160BK is not just all about giving the best sound, it’s also about being eye-catching, too.

Aside from the mentioned new features of the PX-160BK, it also has dual headphone outputs on its front, so you’ll have a more comfortable time listening to your music.

  • Has realistic sounds
  • Connection options are working properly
  • Lightweight piano with great action
  • When played at speed, key sensitivity is low


Yamaha P Series P35B

Also great
Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano
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When it comes to delivering the best sound without giving a fake piano vibe, best believe that Yamaha does its job well. By playing the Yamaha P35B, you’ll feel the authenticity of it and realness of your music every time you press its keys. With its advanced features and great style, you’d be surprised that it does not break the bank.

Considered as a great choice for the best digital piano for kids, the P35B makes sure your kids get the learning they deserve with its full set of graded hammer action keys with the best sounds you’ll ever hear.

It features an Advanced Wave Memory sampling technology and dual-mode so you’ll have no problem layering two voices. With its built-in 12W speaker system, the P35 amplifies your music so your room is filled with good music.

You don’t have to worry if you decide to bring it on your family road trip as the P35B is compact and lightweight. Your kids will have no problem lifting it.

  • Simple design
  • Worth the price
  • Compact piano
  • Some notes won’t sound when its keys are pressed


Alesis Recital Beginner Digital Piano

Alesis Recital – 88 Key Digital Electric Piano
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To ensure proper learning for your kids, Alesis Recital Beginner Digital Piano is built specifically for the beginners who are planning to learn the piano the easiest way. Included on our best digital piano for kids list, the Recital will give your kids an idea of what it’s like to play a traditional piano.

With 88 full-sized semi-weighted keys, the Recital features great functionality your kids will enjoy even for many years to come.

Built perfectly for every beginners, the Recital has a “Lesson Mode” which divides the keys into two zones, with the same pitch and voice. This feature gives the teacher and your kid the access to watch each other play without having to take turns. Loaded with 5 different voices (Acoustic Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Synth, and Bass), the Recital features a 20W built-in speakers to boost its sonic quality, stereo RCA outputs so you can smoothly connect it to a recorder, mixer, or any other sound system, and a stereo headphone if your kids like to enjoy the music to themselves.

  • Offers sufficient learning resources
  • Can be operated using batteries
  • Realistic tones
  • Does not come with any accessories


Hamzer 61-Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard

Hamzer 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano
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Another thing to consider as the best digital piano for kids is the Hamzer 61 Keys Digital Piano. Expect your kids to learn the piano quickly, as this one carries the sound, rhythms, and projection as a real and traditional piano, without being too confusing or complicating. This digital piano is exactly what every parent needs for their kids to learn the piano, and its features will tell you why.

Featuring 8 percussion, 100 timbre sounds, 12 demo songs, and 100 rhythms, this digital piano does not fall short in giving your kids various options. It also has dual mode so your kids and their teacher will have smooth piano lessons. It can also record and play back your recording, that way, you and their instructor can track your kid’s progress.

  • Great value for its price
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Power adapter is not included


Yamaha YPT255

Yamaha YPT255 61 Full Size Keyboard
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It is a known fact that Yamaha produces word-class musical instruments, and the Yamaha YPT255 is one great example. If you want to introduce piano-playing to your kids, might as well start with the best digital piano for kids, such as the YPT255. Boasting its Nine-Step Lesson feature, your kids are surely going to learn how to play the piano in no time.

With 385 high-quality instrument voices, 100 preset songs, and 100 styles to choose from, your kids will have endless choices. Featuring the Aux Line Input, the YPT255 transforms into a speaker system so your kids can enjoy their music or play along with it. This 61 full-sized-keyed digital piano comes with Samson HP30 headphones, Bolt-On X-Style Keyboard Stand, and power supply, which are practically everything your kids needs to start learning how to play the piano without the hassle.

  • Automatic turn-off feature
  • Lots of sound options
  • Great compact size
  • Low quality stand


Factors To Consider When Buying a Digital Piano For Kids

Before anything else, it’s important to know what we’re getting into. More importantly, parents should know what to get in order for their kids to get the best digital piano for kids.

If you don’t have any background on digital pianos for kids, it’s better to research the factors to consider first before choosing one and sealing the deal. Below are some of the things you have to check first, so you’ll get the best digital piano for them.

best digital piano for kids


In terms of keys, a digital piano has several types. Examples of different types of keys are weighted, semi-weighted, and the touch-sensitive keys. This depends on solely on the piano player.

If your kid wants to play a piano, then you should get a digital piano that has semi-weighted to weighted keys.

However, if your kid wants to play synthesizers, which basically is just an electronic keyboardthat generates or copies any kind of sound virtually, making it able to mimic the sound of a traditional instrument, such as a violin or piano, then a digital piano with touch sensitive keys will work just right for your kid.

Sound Quality and Other Sound Options

Mainly, we purchase the best digital piano for kids to play the piano sound.

But, having many different sound options are a delight, too. This lets your kid’s creativity run wild.

You have to remember that since your kid is just beginning to learn the piano, it’s important to get the one that sounds just like a real traditional piano. This way, he/she will have an idea of what the real deal is like.

Ease of Use

It matters if the digital piano you’re choosing can be used easily. Because it’s a digital piano for kids, its functions and features should not be complicated, as this will delay your kid’s progress.

kids digital piano

So, you have to make sure that the controls are simple and straightforward.

Each digital piano is made differently, so each will have its distinct functions and uniqueness. Some might have the ability to connect to your smartphones, or have an app that can be connected to your piano so your kid can play along with the songs.

To get your money’s worth, choose the best digital piano for kids that has the right and up-front functions and does its job well. A couple of added features only serve as a bonus.


A lot of digital pianos in the market are sold with different necessary accessories. This makes each lesson very convenient, since every need of your kid is already supplied.

Examples of accessories that serve helpful purposes are a piano’s stand, pedal, and a stool or bench. Some manufacturers might even consider including a high quality pair of headphones.

Our Choice

We Recommend
Casio Privia PX-160
We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

Your kid deserves to play the best digital piano for kids, especially if it’s his/her first one. That’s why your best option for this is the Casio Privia PX-160BK. It has 88 keys enhanced features from its older brother, PX-150. Featuring an AiR Sound Source and Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard, the PX-160BK brings authenticity.

Users love it because it has incredibly realistic sounds, and great action while being lightweight and compact. However, some find that the PX-160BK’s key sensitivity is low especially if you play songs that have fast tempo.


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