5 Best Classical Guitars For Beginners in 2024 (reviews)

Best Classical Guitars For Beginners (2)

Does the world of guitar finally caught your attention? Well, there’s no doubt that it’s so easy to fall in love with this musical instrument.

I’m sure you are already now planning to purchase your first ever guitar, aren’t you?

Well, I have to warn you: when you are a beginner, making a choice can get tough.

There are plenty of options available on the market and they are all well-promoted, making it now difficult to tell apart which one is actually a good guitar and which one is a crappy one.

Don’t fret, I have made my research accurately and I will be listing down below the best nylon-string guitars for beginners. Are you ready to uncover all the secrets? Then please keep on reading below.

Here are our top picks for the best classical guitars for beginners in 2024

Cordoba Cadete Classical Guitar

We Recommend
Cordoba Cadete 3/4 Size Classical Acoustic Guitar

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This ¾ sized guitar is not just the best beginner classical guitar but is also a good travel companion; thanks to its small decent size. But don’t underestimate this guitar, I was quite surprised the first time I hear its sound – it was totally impressive.

Moreover, it has a solid Canadian cedar top and veneered mahogany back and sides. It has a top that is solid enough to achieve full volume and great sound. It also features nylon strings that are a little thick, so it will not be painful while you are getting into the groove.

And since it is not full-size, this makes it perfect for children too. Overall, I must say that this a very decent-sounding classical guitar with good construction and amazing tonewood for its price range. I’m sure you will enjoy the clarity and warm tone of this instrument.

  • Features full sound
  • Comes in an impressive hardware
  • It has amazing tonewood
  • I believe the strings could still be improved
  • It is a bit pricier compared to other ¾ models


Yamaha CGS102AA Classical Guitar

Also Great
Yamaha CGS102A Classical Guitar

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Yamaha is definitely a brand that I really love, they never fail to deliver exceptional performance when it comes to quality as well as affordability. The Yamaha CGS102AA, for instance, is a highly recommended classical guitar for beginner and even children as it provides all the basic necessities. Plus, it is very easy to play and comfortable to use.

Yamaha also knows how to go extra; this classical guitar for beginner bundle comes with a holder, Legacy picks, peg winder, capo and clip-on tuner. With these accessories, there’s no need to worry anymore about spending money and time researching for accessories that will be necessary along the way.

  • May sound flat a couple of hours after


Fender MC-1 Nylon String Guitar

Fender Beginner Acoustic Guitar MC-1 ¾ Nylon String – Natural

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Here’s another ¾ sized guitar that makes playing much easier for beginners. I find this classical beginner acoustic guitar by Fender to be such a beautiful instrument with its natural color satin finished body that features an Agathis top with back and sidesmade of laminated Sapele; these two materials combined together very well and can give out a sweet and warm tone.

Though it does not have the same sound as a full-sized, expensive model, for the price you are about to pay, you will definitely be getting a lot more than just a basic instrument. It does not sound small at all and you will see that the sound is not lacking. This guitar produces a warm sound and has great playability; an excellent step into getting in the guitar world without robbing a bank.

  • Can be easily played
  • It produces amazing sound, being a small guitar
  • It does not have the quality of tuners
  • It comes with a gig bag but it does not do a lot of protection


Yamaha C40 Classical Guitar

Yamaha CS40 II Nylon String Guitar

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This classical features Japanese rosewood materials on its body, specifically the finger board, while Indonesian mahogany has been used for its back and sides which add an elegant look and of course, support rich tones.

What I like most is that this guitar only weighs seven pounds, making it easy to carry and play; you can just easily place it on your knee. The chrome tuners also help in keeping the strings strung up the right way while adding a little classic and flashy look to the guitar.

  • It comes in a beautiful glossy finish
  • The tuner is super useful
  • Great quality sound for such an affordable price


  • It comes with a bag but it is think and does not have protective padding


Stagg C547 Classical Guitar

Stagg C547 4/4-Size Nylon String Classical Guitar

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Here’s another guitar that comes in pretty decent quality without putting a hole in your pocket. But what makes Stagg C547 different from the other classical guitars listed above is that it is actually a full-size classical guitar.

It also features mahogany which has been a go-to tonewood for decent sound. Its darker finish is also pretty nice, it makes the guitar look really sleek and decent while its strings are also surprisingly of good quality and are very easy to use for beginners; trust me, your fingers will never get sore from this.

Overall, this nylon-string guitar will serve as a good first step into the world of guitars and music, plus you can upgrade this in a couple of years.

  • It comes with impressive strings
  • It is comfortable to use
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • Hardware is just okay but not impressive enough
  • It gives out good sound but not the best one


Things You Need To Consider Before Buying a Classical Guitar for Beginners

Before you make a purchase, there are a few key features that you should keep in mind. These are:


Just like every guitar, classical guitars come in different sizes and shapes too. There are smaller classical guitars that may be suitable for children but may no longer be comfortable for adults. In the same way, there is also a wide neck of a full-size nylon-string guitar which could be too much for a child to learn on.

classical guitar for beginners

Generally, a classical guitar has scales that are about 25 inches in length on average while the guitar’s overall length is about 40 inches in most cases.

However, there are some companies that are now selling options that are a little bigger or smaller. Whatever size it is, you have to make sure that the guitar you are holding is easy to carry around.

But you have to remember that the size of the guitar can heavily influence the acoustic sounds it produces. Specifically, with larger classical guitars, they tend to give out deeper tones when played properly; this is because it comes with a larger sound hole that will especially make it much easier for the sounds to be played properly.

best classical guitar for beginners review

Nylon Strings

For a beginner like you, it is highly recommended that you opt for a nylon-string guitar. Though they don’t produce the same sound and feel completely different compared to steel strings, they come with various advantages. First and foremost, they are much easier to push down with your fingertips, which I must say is very helpful if you are just starting to get comfortable with your new musical instrument.

Tuning Machines Quality

There’s nothing more frustrated than a guitar that quickly gets out of tune. So to make sure you avoid this potential problem, don’t forget to test the tuning pegs and check if they run neatly without any slippage. Try to wind and unwind them, so you can see if there are any jumps or catches in the mechanism.

Take note that the tuning machines on a classical guitar are very different than those found on an electric or acoustic guitar. Classical guitars tend to easily slip, especially with those guitars that are of lesser quality, which could result into an out-of-tune guitar.


Projection is actually the ability for the sound of a classical guitar to maintain a strength of sound and making sure that its clarity and quality will never get distorted. It’s very important, isn’t it? Sad to say, there are a lot of people who often overlook this.

The best way to test a guitar’s projection is to either compare it with one that you know has good projection. However, if this is not possible, I recommend you bring along with you a friend who could listen to how it plays in an open space.


Our Choice

We Recommend
Cordoba Cadete 3/4 Size Classical Acoustic Guitar

We may earn commission from purchases made from our links, at no additional cost to you.

So there you have it, the best classical guitars for beginners. I suggest that you have a good browse of the models I have highlighted above; they all have something great to offer. But if I get to choose one, I would definitely pick Cordoba Cadete. I was really impressed with the full volume and great sound it can produce despite its small size.

How about you? Which among the above nylon-string guitars I’ve listed above do you think will best suit you? Share with me your thoughts in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you.


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