10+ Greatest Bands That Start With X

Rock Bands That Start With X

Expressing your thoughts and emotions through music is a great way to be creative. 

There’s no doubt music artists around the world make compelling trends these days.

Bands are no exception. Great bands are well-known for their names and, of course, great songs.

One of the growing trends in music is the band name that starts with X.

In this post, we list the greatest bands that start with X, and who knows, one of these bands will be your next favorite.



The band consists of a self-taught group of friends from Brazil without formal training.

They started in 2012 and did not expect to gain popularity in the music industry since their goal was to have fun and make their audience happy.

Now, X-Empire is well-known for being one of the most influential bands in history.

Every album they make becomes one of the best-selling items.

Their music genre is heavy and grooves metal, while their lyrical themes include darkness, misanthropy, and human issues.

Turn on your radio, and you can hear their songs every day, such as Scars from the Past, My Darkest Days, Hard to Breathe, No Answers, and World in Grey.


X Raptor

Next on this list is none other than the X Raptor.

The band, formed in 2003, is well-known for making every event unforgettable, which shows their passion for music.

They play various genres, including Progressive Metal, and their music spreads awareness on environmental and other world issues.

As they raise such awareness to their listeners, they deserve to be on our list.

The band’s greatest songs include Hidden Mask of Existence, Disturbers of the Order, Unleash the Raptor, and Burning Hate.


X Ambassadors

The band X Ambassadors is well-known for playing various music genres such as rock, indie pop, and alternative.

The members are Sam Harris, Casey Harris, Adam Levin, and Russ Flynn.

Some of their famous songs include Unsteady (2015), Renegades (2015), and Home (2017).

They even released their albums, such as The Reason (2014), VHS (2015), Orion (2019), and The Beautiful Liar (2021).


X Hero

A rock band with inspirational and touching music, X Hero is among the most popular bands.

In 2013, Mark Simone created the band intending to move the hearts of every listener. 

Try listening to their songs, and you will notice how different they are from other bands. 

The music industry is proud of the group’s achievements and charity work.

They are great role models for future musical bands who dream of gaining fame and success in the world of music.


X Opus

X Opus is also on our list, and you will find out the reason.

It consists of talented and dedicated artists known for being risk-takers.

It started in the ’80s, and their music is well-known for having various styles.

With each member’s talent, efforts, passion, and love for the music, they released eight albums.

This metal band’s most popular tracks include On Top of the World, I’ll find the Truth, In the Heavens, I Will Fly, and Never Forgotten.


X Japan

One of the greatest rock bands that continue to capture the heart of listeners, X Japan deserves to be on our list.

Listeners enjoy their rock music with heavy metal and techno influences.

If you are a fan of these genres, you can add their songs to your playlist.

It started in the ’80s, and the band gained fame because of their great songs.

The band’s legacy and influence are also great. 

They received many awards and were nominated in 2016 for the 89th Academy Awards under the category Academy Award for Best Original Song.

Yoshiki (bandleader, pianist, keyboard player, and drummer), Toshi (lead vocalist, acoustic guitarist), Pata (rhythm guitarist, back vocalist), Heath (bass guitarist, back vocalist), and Sugizo (lead guitarist, violinist, back vocalist) are the present and active members of the group.

Some of their songs include Blue Blood (1989), Endless Rain (1989), and Rusty Nail (2007).



Another popular rock band that has been active since the ’70s is XIT.

The members include Tom Bee, Lee Herrerra, Mac Suazo, R.C. Garriss, and Michael Martinez.

They chose XIT as their band’s name with much thought, and it stands for “crossing of Indian Tribes.”

Most of their songs are about history and contemporary Native American issues.

Listen to their songs carefully, and you will know things they want to emphasize.

The Plight of the Redman (1972), Silent Warrior (1973), Without Reservation (2002), Wanted Alive (2009), and Forty Years (2011) are some of their greatest albums.



A punk rock band formed in 1986, X-Hells consists of a group of talented and passionate musicians with different musical backgrounds. 

They play various genres such as indie rock and psychedelic blues, which makes their music push boundaries.

The members of the band include Johnathan Williams, Glenn McClelland, Dean Ween, and Dave Dreiwitz.

X-Hell’s popular songs include If You Want Blood, Thunderstruck, You Shook Me All Night Long, and Touch Too Much.


X-Ray Spex

The band originated from London in 1976, and it consists of seven amazing musical artists.

Their music consists of alternative/indie, punk rock, and new wave.

The members are Poly Styrene (vocalist), Lora Logic and Rudi Thompson (saxophone players), Jak Airport (guitarist), Paul Dean (bass guitarist), Paul Hurding (acoustic drum kit player), and B.P Hurding.

They were active until 2008, but their songs are available up to the present.

You may listen to some of their great songs like The Day the World Turned Day-Glo, Identity, Obsessed with You, Good Time Girl, I Live Off You, and I Am a Cliche.

You can still listen to their music on Spotify, Deezer, and Youtube music.


X Blade

With three band members (Tony, Joe, and Phil), X Blade rose to fame in 2018.

They had their debut album after two years with the title Wings of Steel.

In 1957, four London-based teenagers played their own brand of music.

They also named their band X Blades and gained fame in Europe.

Others might have looked down on them because they were still young, but they proved their passion for music.

Their first album called Shocktime surprised the world and became an overnight bestseller.



XTC is also among the greatest rock bands that play various music genres such as art-rock, progressive pop, new wave, post-punk, and pop.

It became famous in the music world during the ’70s when listeners started to appreciate punk and new wave genres.

You might be a fan of Andy Partridge, Dave Gregory, Terry Chambers, and Colin Moulding, the members of the XTC rock band.

Listeners are moved by their songs and relate to them, such as The Good Things, Don’t Lose Your Temper, and I’m Bugged.

Though they are no longer active, you can listen to their songs on various online platforms.



The musical group Xasthur was formed in 1995 in the United States and active until 2010.

Scott Conner (vocalist), Christopher Hernandez (guitarist and vocalist), and Rachel Roomian (guitarist and vocalist) are the current members of the band.

It is popular among fans of depressive black metal, dark ambient, and neofolk genres.

The band’s lyrical themes include hate, Astral projections, Inquisition, despair, terror, darkness, depression, and suicide.

Fans could listen to their songs, such as Screaming at Forgotten Fears, Trauma will Always Linger, Beauty is Only Razor Deep, and Home is Nowhere.



Two friends (Matt and Bryan) founded X-Aisle in 2009.

At first, it was a cover band called The Boys Next Door.

Their first album was named Take the Ride (2011), and later on, they created more albums after changing their band name.

The band’s additional albums include No One Cares (2011), Believe (2014), Feelings (2015), and It’s All About Us (2017).

It has a significant impact on society and is one of the fan-favorite bands.



Xcarnation, formed in 2005, is well-known for its music style melodic heavy. 

The band consists of five musical artists, Kip Winger (vocalist and bassist), Pat Mastelotto (drummer), Reb Beach (guitarist and back vocalist), Cenk Eroglu (vocalist, guitarist, and keyboard player), and Rod Morgenstein (drummer).

Their popular album entitled Grounded consists of 13 songs.

You probably heard their songs such as Reason to Believe, Take a Deep Breath, Without You, Willing to Wait, and Lucky Day.



When X3N0X was formed in 2015, there were only three members – with George Wilfinger (vocalist), Frank Schiphorst (guitarist), and Romain Goulon (drummer) were the first members who worked together as one for every success of the band.

Later on, Alex Baillie and Julien Negro (bass player) joined the group.

Some of their greatest songs are Alien Alert and A Good Man in the Bad World.


Final Thoughts

Creating a name for a band or musical group is not as simple as you think.

The above list of the greatest bands that start with X includes their history and some of their famous songs.

Though not all of these bands are no longer active, you can still listen to their most popular songs on the radio and online platforms like Spotify and YouTube.

All of them have great contributions to the music industry.


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